Nancy Pelosi Tells Assembled Democrats to Look 'Onward to Victory'

House Democratic Leader Contrasts her Party With Republicans: "Our convention is different, and so is our mission."
9:52 | 07/29/16

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Transcript for Nancy Pelosi Tells Assembled Democrats to Look 'Onward to Victory'
Good evening. It is my honor to stand before you. Two night as a proud member of the progressive California delegation. And suing knowledge my Dell it's time now Maryland roots. Listings stand big boy you. As the leader of the house Democrat. A caulking is honored to served. With our partner. Senate leader Harry Reid. Our friend. Vice president Joseph Biden. And when one of the greatest presidents in our history. President Barack Obama. You get here we pass the Affordable Care Act. Together we passed the Lilly Ledbetter and the youth that reinvestment and recovery and Dodd-Frank and maybe he'll don't ask don't town. None of this would have been possible. Without the calories of our house Democrat. We are talking is proud that we looked like 21 century America. Bit over fifty stands win. People of color. And he LG BT community member. What a contrast. Do the restricted club that met in convention in Cleveland last week. Aaron king day king is different. And so is our nation. We come to public service. And to this convention. Not do you trumpet darkness. But to fight I hope quite a way forward to. Bush called for our country a bright light parade we come here. Comforted that we are approaching. He met a milestone. In our nation's history. The elect king of the first. Woman president ugly in I had day. Clint Henry thank you. He knows at this moment is not just about. One woman's achievements. There. It hit it out what that electing a woman president who me put it achieving the dream city hopes and aspirations. Of every woman every daughter every son. Every family. All across Atlantans they generations. To come. This moment is at Napa landmark progress. Resident Hillary Clinton will they cheat their families everywhere. Yearning for a better life. A better chance. In a better America. Hillary Clinton has it gave him. Rooted deeply. Deeply held values. He had been CN you went strain. That screens throughout north profoundly. That contrast profoundly. From her opponent. Bluster. He would take kids that strategic thinking. At Boeing narrowing from her knowledge and her experience. And he had that connection too hard working American families. For its in her lifetime. Of leadership and service. Two others. Leader hip and public service. Our our cause in our calling as Democrats. Here is our commitment to the American people for a stronger America. First. Domestic humor and nation but strong action to keep Americans safe. Fighting here at home and abroad and eliminating crisis. We must be strong and Smart. Not reckless and rat. At home safer communities demand parrots. Not cowardice in the face of the National Rifle Association. Where this may have been 91 Americans who are killed by gun violence each day. We must break the grip of the gun lobby on congress and he can't guns out of the hands of criminals. And terrorist. It's here on the no fly list then you belong on the no buy list. That is why Democrats. Led by a national icon our congressman John Lilly's. Hello Daryn star at 26 hours fit in in the capital. And we won't stop until congress. Heed the will of the American people and disarm. Pay. Secondly you know. Make America stronger we must secure are our future our economic future by investing in education. Innovation. An opportunity. Aaron parents did is to create more good jobs. And then making waves. With equal pay for equal work. And paid leave for every one. So that every family. Can turn their dream. Via home. Send their children to college. Retired with dignity. And never have to worry that their Social Security will be privatized. Medicare is guarantee. Will be taken away. And harried parents did. Is quality health care that builds on the affordable health care. Which now covers more than forty million more Americans. Very first stronger America we must secure our democracy. By removing barriers to voting. And draining bit Boise news mom but secret money in politics. Please Democrats believe that the future of America. Should be decided by the voices of the voters. Not the pocketbooks. Of the power won't. Not far from here. Act down his legs their lives. Their liberty and their sacred honor to create a democracy. A government of the many. Not a government of the money. So Hillary Clinton and house Democrats can't get in senate Democrats. Arts warrior to free our democracy. By overturning. Fitted fans unite them. Then. Only then can we make America. Truly fair. And only then can we had fairness. In a budget that should be a statement Deb our national values. That invests. In the future. Creates jobs reducing the deficit. And stories that everyone. Is paying their fair here. Growing economy that works for everyone. Not just that her lips you. We know what is on the line in what is if you live most important election of our lifetime. Has anybody ever said that to you before the most important election about life time. They get keep getting more important. For the future of the supreme glory for that they have a plan it. In pairs and Harold by climate change for the sake of immigration reform. For the promise of an America that it rewards hard work rather than rewarding those who exploit America's work paves. The women's reproductive rights equal right. Civil rights. And you do what is right for our service members of that hearing from military families. Who had given us so much. New books. Fans don't speak any campaign. There Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. And I tell you then they will win in November. A we will fight restored democratic majorities in the sand it and then the house. And I tell you days. We can do it. Are you ready to work for a Democrat of great democratic victory in November. Are you ready to make this ruling by a let me Hillary Clinton. President of the united day. I thought no. All right you victory. God bless you know. God bless our men and women in uniform. Guidelines generic thank you all very much time makes it.

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{"duration":"9:52","description":"House Democratic Leader Contrasts her Party With Republicans: \"Our convention is different, and so is our mission.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40976591","title":"Nancy Pelosi Tells Assembled Democrats to Look 'Onward to Victory'","url":"/Politics/video/nancy-pelosi-tells-assembled-democrats-onward-victory-40976591"}