Nebraska COVID cases increase as state eases restrictions

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts discusses his state’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.
3:46 | 05/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nebraska COVID cases increase as state eases restrictions
Well Nebraska has been easing her on a virus related restrictions since early may but the state is still seeing an increase in cases and now. The state has around 111000. Cases with more restriction set to expire at the end of the month. Here to discuss his State's handling of the cove in nineteen crisis is Nebraska governor Pete rickets. Governor Rick it's thanks for being with us right now in first just tell us why you decided to he is health restrictions. Even as we've continued to see an increase there. Well actually the rate of increase the number of cases Nebraska and falling for the last couple weeks. And what we really been focused on his preserving the health care system that's what's all the public health officials told Lusa a couple of months ago was. Really are bellwethers that make sure that we had hospital beds icu beds and that Reuters available for everyone would be one. We've been able to do that very successfully here or Nebraska. And one of the things they tolls a couple of months ago is a key leaders churches in place to law people's starting nor am. So we have to do is find that right balance to be able to stir loosening restrictions while still preserving health care system that's what we're seeking to dip. Yeah and speaking to that you announced that on June 1 you're gonna move into phase two of the eating those restrictions for most of the state meaning bars and movie theaters will be opening back up. Do you feel like this is the right speed to be moving in this direction. Yeah absolutely so we are taking this a step at a time we. Loosened restrictions starting may fourth we gave a couple weeks to see what kind deal would happen again I said are arboretum sections actually declining almost two weeks. And our hospital system is actually stable were keeping an eye on the hostels has a little while. But we feel that we can continue to loosen restrictions again just take this step at a time. We're doing a cautiously to make sure that we continue to have those hospital beds available but so far so good. Carry it here initiative test Nebraska he set it up to help Nebraska and give better access to Kobe nineteen test but there are residents out there who were voicing some frustrations. With the program they're claiming they've been unable to get a test even though they qualify others are questioning the accuracy. Of those tests what are you doing to address these complaints. Well. A first fall with regard to getting people to take a test that's a good thing right we've got a number of people who wanna get the tests and were ramping up their capability it would do that. And with regard to the accuracy you know the test of brass gathered technology that we're using are these. Polymerase chain reaction machines this is not new technology is what everybody is using their 95% accurate so loud there's there's no. Nothing different about these machines that would lead people who believe that it's less accurate than anything else that people are doing to test for crowbar. And governor five counties in your state have had outbreaks linked to nearby meat processing plants forty doing to both protect the employees at those facilities. And the surrounding communities. He actually working together with universe Nebraska medical center. While we've established our meat processors Colbert nineteen playbook it's. Really a book of best practices that really exceed what OSHA FCC if said. And the idea is to make his best practice what we're doing with all of our food processors we have calls our weekly with them to reinforce what they're doing we do. Site visits to be able to help them adjust what they're doing with regard to how people are daunting and Dotson PPE. What they're doing with sanitizing surfaces. Putting a Plexiglas between workstations plastic and much rooms air handling systems all of this to really create these best practices with the food plant step. Take what is admittedly a very difficult since no apartment. Q social distancing and do the best job we can't and making sure were preparing to spur of the virus. I know you've got a very big job on your hands are continuing to do it governor Pete rickets thank you so much for being with us today we appreciate your time. Great thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts discusses his state’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70838786","title":"Nebraska COVID cases increase as state eases restrictions","url":"/Politics/video/nebraska-covid-cases-increase-state-eases-restrictions-70838786"}