Hillary Clinton's Victory Speech in Nevada

The Democratic presidential candidate speaks of economic and educational reform following her win in the Nevada caucuses.
11:39 | 02/20/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Victory Speech in Nevada
You know I'd. Okay. You know I am so. So thrilled and so grateful to all. Of my supporters out there. Some may have doubted it spent we never doubt at each other. And I. Add this one's for you. I want to congratulate. Senator Sanders and a hard fought race here. At. I want to thank each and every one of you you turned out it every corner of this day with determination. And purpose. Hotel and casino workers who've never way back. Okay. And it ends with too much dad and small business owners who never got a lot that's not. And that thousands. Of man and women with kids to raise bills to pay. And dreams that won't died this is your campaign. And it had. Okay. Exit campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. We're gonna build ladders of opportunity in their place and every American. Can go as far as your hard work and take you. Add to that thousands of volunteers organizers who worked. Snow hard in this state. The more than 750000. People have gone to Hillary Clinton dot com. Okay. And contribute like you glad the vast majority giving less than 100 dollars. End to the millions of people across our country. Who are supporting our campaign thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I. Weak area we see you. We're incredibly grateful to do it because area and as together. We look at our country and seeing so much that isn't working away at Hewlett. We see grandparents spores to choose between. Pay rent and buy medicine because a prescription drug company it's increased. Prices 5000%. Overnight. We see African American families denied mortgages at nearly three times the rate of white families. We see small town. And rural communities. Hollowed out by lost jobs and lost well. We see a rising generation of young people. Coming up they imagining a world where opportunity scenes out of reach. And worst of all. We see children growing up in poverty or pain or fear. Here in Nevada. A break young girl told me house scared. Her parents could be deported. In South Carolina. I met kids trying to learn. In crumbling classrooms and neglected communities. And then there's Flint, Michigan. Where children were poisoned by toxic water. Just because their governor want to say a little money. Americans. Americans are right to be angry. But we're also hungry for real solution. Okay. In the can't name. You've heard a lot about Washington and Wall Street we all want to get secret unaccountable money out of politics that starts. Without lighting a new justice to the Supreme Court. And I. Okay. And. Mail products fact that ride at every citizen do vote. Not every corporation to by election. And we also agree that Wall Street can never be allowed to threaten main street again. No bank can be too big to fail no executive too powerful to jail but if we listen to the voices. Out went and Ferguson. If we help but our hearts to the families at whole country Indian Country. If we listen to the hopes and heartache. Of hard working people across America. It's clear there is so much more to be done. Accurate then we aren't a single issue country. Okay. And we need more than a plan for the big banks the middle class needs a graying. I'm leaning. A are. Any jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced the jobs that provide dignity and a future. We can't do it by unleashing the incubation. Of our entrepreneur doors and small businesses. We can do what with new investments in manufacturing. Infrastructure. And clean energy is actually hearing an adequate. Okay. I don't think I'm Andrea is going to be the clean energy superpower that when he first century. It's probably they're going to be China and Germany or ice and I want Antony up. You didn't a it. We just don't have to do more. To make it easier for parents to balance work and family. And to break down barriers that keep on many people on the side lines. The economy especially women. Don't you think we've waited blog at not it's time for each. And our. Ed not to think it's time to face on that reality systemic race at them. And Batman. And map out and left behind. That needs reforming our criminal justice system our immigration system. It's jarring that people with disabilities. Have the same opportunities to work at fully participate in arts. Levy. It needs to make sure that nothing holds you back not dad not discrimination. Not a deck stacked for those at the top. Now know why you get this done it alone not even the president of the United States. It's got to be the mission of our entire nation. I have never believed. In dividing America between us and them we are all in this together we all have to do our car. Okay. Now that they say this to the men and women who run. Our country's corporations. If you cheat your employees exploit. Consumers pollute our environment or rip off taxpayers. We're going to hold you accountable. But if you do the right things if you like best in your workers contribute your community's help bill. A better America we're gonna stand with you we're gonna go into the future together we need our jobs. Are topics. Editing. And I want to say this to all the young people out there I know what you're up against. If you left college. With a ton of loans. It's not enough just to make college more affordable. You need help right now with the debt you already ham. A that's why I have a plan. Accurate adjust rates and cap payments would never have paid more than had a hard. But I watch today I want you to think about this. It can't be just about what we're going to give you. An cast to be about like we're going to build together. Okay okay. Your generation is the most tolerant. And can act at our country has ever seen. In the day cat. We will propose new ways for more Americans to get involved in national service. And get back to our communities. Because every one Abbas has a role to play in building the future we want. Washington is never going to have all the answers but for every problem we face some Blair. Someone in America is solving. And weenie Jude beep heart. That exciting journey we can make together. We need a community activists who decides to run for school board. The entrepreneur or stage and build instead of leaving a home town that has seen better days. We need the millions that teachers and nurses police officers had prior prior. Get up everyday and duke I economic work. Make our country a safer fare better place. Each up not working together. Rallying together looking out at one another and lifting each other. Parent that basic truth about America it's something that. Illini had. And the beneficiaries. That we have tried to contribute. And you all we could continue. America can only live up to its potential. When each and every American has the chance to live up your potential to. So imagine. Imagine a tomorrow we're notes out. Rose up in the shadow of discrimination. Or under the Specter deportation. Okay. And every tile that every zip code gets the education he or she needs and deserves. I'm mad at tomorrow where every parent. Can't find a good job at every grandparent can in July a secure retirement. How. Where's Bob businesses thrive and big businesses play by the rules and get more back. To the country that has given them so much where hard work is honored families are supported. And communities are strong. With your help now is the tomorrow we will build our country so please join us go to Hillary Clinton dot become a part of his campaign. Or tax July 47246. Right now. Let's do this together. Now I'm high ahead. I. Okay. I am I I'm blankets and it's. I'm I'm I waited nexus bill that has made at Colorado but I am not that yeah. And.

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{"duration":"11:39","description":"The Democratic presidential candidate speaks of economic and educational reform following her win in the Nevada caucuses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37084952","title":"Hillary Clinton's Victory Speech in Nevada","url":"/Politics/video/nevada-caucus-results-hillary-clintons-full-speech-37084952"}