Nevada is more wide open then many think

FiveThirtyEight’s Clare Malone answers questions on which Democratic candidate has the most to lose.
3:09 | 02/22/20

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Transcript for Nevada is more wide open then many think
Our friends at 538 are talking about today in joining us now other senior political writer. Claire Malone OK first perfect piece into the accidental we're just talking about so let's start with Nevada. Weiss is going to be so hard to predict. Nevada is historically a really difficult state to poll in part because polling is a little bit knew there. It has a really transient population people are moving in and out of it wants to go work on the strip. And it's also people work out a lot of night shifts there are some polling calls might not get you know they might actually reach people. And then Latino voters are huge part chick live it stays democratic electorate. And they aren't less responsive to polling calls generally so it's just a little bit more of of a tough state and a lot of people in Nevada. We are familiar with the caucuses they might not know what's happening tomorrow whereas in Iowa. You know everyone knows that that the Cox's are happening so it's a really just different tenor even though it's a really important state this year. It's interesting deftly different tenor in I levers of Vegas right were so many people are up that you mentioned the transit popular dead and you know it's it's a go go go there are not necessarily paying attention to what's going on. You know political wise right. Now Elizabeth Warren boy did she she got a lot of good press lot of good play. And then you remission Joseph Biden as did Rachel Scott yes. Little anemic is is the word that that you are using how do you see these two you know. Going forward share. I mean these were two people that were once co front runners all right album at 530 and I think for them for both of them at Nevada is kind of do or die for Biden he's sort of said. Listen I do well in states that have lots of minority voters Nevada is the first test and if he doesn't do wealthy doesn't finish in I'd say. In a second or third place when he goes on a South Carolina you start to wonder. Well voters there start to lose faith in him and his movies electability argument. And then the other side you've got Warren who was obviously really super charged in the debate this week. And who really needs to make something happen sooner rather than later actually Nevada could be a potentially good state for her. She's from the west she built her entire career gotten. Bankruptcy in the housing crisis the housing crisis hit Nevada really hard. You know you could potentially see her with her story resonated with with some voters there. I'm and perhaps you know she's an alternative to Bernie Sanders to as racial saying the culinary union doesn't particularly like. His health care sticks right Lehman's woes with war in her back story have mean it would be very relatable to people in in Nevada and she has a pretty fascinating back story very much set a single mother I mean I think it's a state with a lot of working class people adrenaline marrying in the service unions there are a lot of women. Because the certain probably a lot of single mothers on I think they understand the struggle exactly and I do you think you should mention listener closing arguments in the debate. On Wednesday she said. You know I'm an outsider in politics actually I've I have been a politician as long as the other people on the stage which is true which I think we sometimes forget because how. How meteoric a rise was that Elizabeth Warren was you know. Fifteen years ago she wasn't politics which is kind of notable and and perhaps we'll will be an argument though resonate with with Nevada voters were tuning in. Clare Maloney great talking to you thanks for having we'll do it again GAAP OK great.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"FiveThirtyEight’s Clare Malone answers questions on which Democratic candidate has the most to lose.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69138726","title":"Nevada is more wide open then many think","url":"/Politics/video/nevada-wide-open-69138726"}