NH Student Reactions to the Republican Debate

ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks with students at St. Anselm's watch party to get their reactions on the GOP debate.
2:39 | 02/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NH Student Reactions to the Republican Debate
And welcome back up Devin Dwyer heard ABC news digital economy at a loss that we've been following this incredible debate tonight up in New Hampshire. And we go now to our trusted. Digital journalist covering this campaign Josh asked well he's been with the crowd at the students at Stanford University watching this debate jobs. Quite a reaction what are they say there. A lot of talk about the governor's staff and. 10 good these young ladies behind me you were saying from the relief and met Kristi. Three cape. Kristi is for. This would be. Greek there. And you also communities in the independent panels will be about that yeah well I tend to undergo more on people and not Exxon news. And listen and and I think definitely Chris Christie came out. Really strong and donkeys is well. They both did really well and gave both are very. Eloquent and their positions but also they boast that they can talk to different people and bring Democrats and Republicans together to solve these issues. And of course you came in already Kristi supporter manager guy do you. Yes I think Christie did fantastic so I added I also think they having and it was is an amazing experience and have all these political candidates here. It's awesome that future president Oxnard irritants such well they can be Elvis and I graduate college president the United States. And just Antioch. I showed you DeVon and on now how engage some of these students arts not just Republicans it's not just. Christie are key basic fans I've met a lot of trump supporters they kind of cleared out. They told. If it works tight and I tried to get them just days you can see sort of an empty hall but these are this is his left but. Also a Democrat Ayman we're talking right here and he's Sanders supporter but he. For you want to be involved in the process and watch your classmates tell me what you took away from tonight. Yet at what was said before. Case sick was amazing Christie had a really good night rubio who is supposedly like this up and coming guy not so much. Com and it's great to be here obviously the college you know to see everyone come through. Arm and obviously it's it's part of being a good citizen parting being a good American seeing what's going on getting involved in process and timing of the future. So some pretty engaged students here on the and Avant. Aren't that it ABC's Jack Haskell live before at eight anthem content them really are very engaged in that spirit there except where those from supporters and others hurt when look at these days the placing them out pretty quick if they didn't. Ignorance act.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell speaks with students at St. Anselm's watch party to get their reactions on the GOP debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36767565","title":"NH Student Reactions to the Republican Debate ","url":"/Politics/video/nh-student-reactions-republican-debate-36767565"}