The First Night of the Republican National Convention Closes

ABC News' Charli James and Walt Hickey visit the general admission area of the convention.
16:19 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for The First Night of the Republican National Convention Closes
Andrea on Charlie chain's hear when I'm 38 blockaded. And alliance from. Each has just ended and as you can see a lot of people aren't making their way Alex here at the upper deck. You. And and it seems like she's not only the movie or restaurant tonight this university at least a lot of. Yeah so all this area over the on this list of guest passes opponents who are either local or actually came along lay out to get here so. I guess it relive an axiom missing Amitabh of the few of them I think and around but Maloney absolutely here's Munich dropped. Let's see if we can get some reaction. Online and doesn't speak that often. She's only during a couple. And here and that's when Donald Trump. Did it seems eat during the campaign season during the primary season over a lot of people this is the first time that Allen ever heard her community. She had been working with this speech read a record number of weeks. And let's see we can talk to some people about reactions I'd expect out aria are willing. Collecting and Brian Brian Dooley and ignorant for me. And I don't think that knocking on. You hear as a guest silence guests or. What's the path here I'm. Gas accompanying the New Hampshire delegation. GOP committee. And what did you think about my money at tramps. Speech today. I've never seen her our. Partners speak before. So for me. I didn't know broader background. And as she explained her background. And how she came to this country became a citizen. Then it's set a foundation for the thinks she's talked about. And she described after her husband and her family very intimate ways she. She brought a lot of and passion and read his level of the country and yeah yeah and the family and she really personalized news. Like you a better sense of who she is. Through. And her did you I mean anything about more about Donald Trump from Hearst the city teach you anything new about them. Dark a lot about him as a person. You know. Pushy followed Rudy who talked about his. This characters a person. Both in terms of business community and and and frankly. She's sort of built on that. By talked about him as a as a person whose as a family person what he thinks how we feels. Yet his his vision and why he's doing what he's throwing error and that sort of inside look that only preps for him we would know. This person mention. And what do you think about all that craziness of the first dank. I think that. People are. Concern for the country and I think that people have come here. Have a sense of responsibility. What is. Why they came here then there and they're very serious about the the subjects that are being discussed. On the other hand. Having connected with like hundreds of them over the course of the day. I have found some of the most sincere. And an honest people from around the country type and I've been touched by the and the kindness and sincerity of people you'll. Me will enjoy their first imagined thanks so much for speaking yeah laundry that. I appreciate it thanks for speaking my pleasure isn't good luck and good. We're gonna try to find a couple are you gonna get some reaction from mountain. Handed over the long it. All right housing on folks. Well we are energized. And we are charged now to Sam. Texas Corpus Christi, Texas. Congressional district 27 represented by the great Blake fair and people. I can see here and Alton area against and heading into actually delegate just like got my ultimate down on the floor right now and so aside from whatever. So Texas said they dated it would evening at the seating arrangements. They're right I mean what can you do when you got this many people in the limited's. It's pretty good. So have even enjoying the city Cleveland had what do you think of the speeches nine then I loved him them as exciting that was. Everything that I've hoped and mark. And more immediate Davis David a particular S in the -- just not soon as the opening night of the night he would agree speeds what you think of the event overall. You know let me go back to back cap and lightness this means I liked hearing about her son I lost assignment and that really text and mean it. In rocky years. Voters and John Smith my millions of Rudy Giuliani he really it'll. Always does but that was pride Rudy Giuliani look. And he really easy to ignite the crowd in a lot of ways says it's other than Giuliani again. The mother who any of the politicians' tennis right with you tonight and we at the senators' top we have a couple of members of congress more to come anybody Kana. Let your fired teachers and maybe some time. You know what he's when he or anything. The guys firmly gods they were terrific we've heard him before. But it just brings that more importantly. How Hillary did not step up to the plate when she shouldn't. Nor did Barack Obama. If you can't protect your people in foreign service. Who will you put that. So don't back these Donald Trump tonight he came down to the press he did he was not as long winded as he typically it's. I think your account. And Avis. I think it was therefore. He'll collect more later. They've been preparing for awhile it seemed to go over very well crowd but only if monies. I wonder what. It really energized the crowd energized me Alan Tulsa. She did a terrific ago and it was from the heart. This isn't just manufacture. This is the real person and a review shows you a good and so I think of the real family trump. It's pretty remarkable. So as a delegate what you're looking for our two most over the rest of winning. And up. So and dancing we've and it isn't doing it yeah. They're. A family gathering. Equipment they were Texans that it looked at yeah. I think he's patient visits and we'll. Oh all right. We've got. This long we. You are given its nazism. Tennessee Alabama and Tennessee myself than happy to run into is public unless pellets and CN. Let's give them. And why and we were talking a little bit early air about her reactions and land on his speech you know it really enjoyed it I. Isn't press I really didn't know what to expect the candidates in the cat and she's given a speech at coming. Story. And I'm just. Mainly below normal introduction than an actual speech so I heard it carried. A speech at Nazi dad. And do it was last and do it with. The passion that I know O'Donnell time as. For everything repeats he says he wants to do for this country I was just totally blown away from her I loved it but it needs what kind of First Lady yeah. Definitely. I think she did she would bring a lot of guns. I guess. Kind of that your opinion. Hence. The White Mountain. And we I don't think they've never seen that probably. The next scene in the next Jackie Kennedy. Yes. And I had said that if she became First Lady she would on model herself after. Some of them are traditional First Lady like Jack. It is and Ryan isn't perfect this scene and humidity right in the event that position. Easily and I could see that happen. And I think the whole country will fall in love with just like they did with jagged. Can't help other statements they can't help but I'm not. He nodding your heads back Keyaron yeah it created certain highly. I heard tonight I can't tell you honey. She's just an Indian money pump. Yeah. You think that you learn anything new about Ericsson. I think gotten are again that she can't there just lease the lab line. He's just SPN com. It's not just as caring justice concern. Just lovely wonderful life and I think it snows it's Vietnam like deeply in love it that they're not. Just let it that there are real family. I was hoping to see parents paying as well well I beat you try to convince its governance or anywhere else protected there. Right now and they probably will see more of hand him. I guess he's more comfortable with and and it's very protective of that little boy. And I that's probably why don't you know it's. Maybe we'll see him come out on Thursday that it needs it. A lot of times the multifamily amounting may have been but we haven't seen them so. Outside of the speeds I do you have like a lot of buttons going on you tuning in trade and on that. I just like them hug I didn't like 1213 rallies. And try to get Frontline yeah times I get signatures. And I collect pins just because you never know you know later on and and then when my kids are older. And I'm betting odds are gonna say wow this is a tin McDonald's can't he has very Ers and his signature hair now I have a really close started out this weekend we that he came to Tennessee. Never came in Memphis before any it was after. The early betting any tainting the Red Line he said to me. Are you voting this Tuesday and I said no I ready story. Community looks for the can't expand his web site and he signed it. And that's what you gotta love about the man he is so personable. He doesn't make you feel like there theater here and he's up there yeah I want on my list and then when he's talking to you he's talking to. And that's my love that man. Having kids who a lot of them from some fans myself. I can say that he does spend a lot of time on the ground lines meaning that well. Well thank you so much guys and enjoy the convention it's only day one so they're so much mark. I think comments about what thank you again I'm in a pass on long. Has gone and we really. Wonderful folks in the sikar Adam against Colorado had a had a speaker tonight a senate candidate and you guys and really invigorated that night as recently that went down. You know we're very excited he is is the best period that we have for senate and I don't remember how long he's. Everything we want. It's outside it's night and picture name's Natalie. I'm an insane Aspen Colorado and I am so excited me here at me aren't you and I am especially excited. Aren't candidate there's an end Colorado's Darryl plant able to speak tonight. The red to the White House starts in Colorado he starts. When Darryl Glen. And he is gonna take it all the way he's gonna keep and I read it out at every. Turn and turn this country are now. I. Brotherhood in and I am amazed brings unique and the secretary of the Colorado Republican Party and also counting cherry lane respective county. We're really excited about like Darrell Glenn and his speeches that he gave today. He really that the remorse have been so many other votes were not there again Rudy seems to really connect to but it was really down venison and really and it resonated with a lot of folks in the crowd. You know what a story this thing how how did he get the evidence that the now when he percentage and I. He gets out absolutely he's the US senate candidate he has a background in the military music career military guy. I'm an apologetic and a colonel in the air monitoring and he was interns Wednesday. And that he served as. It's learning eats. Area Angeles area Colorado. It's easier delegation very pro trump I'm straight and remember I know that there's a group it's not necessarily have a primary in Colorado as when patent. Has the delegation looking when it comes to Flanagan and whether it was or the other candidates trump. Though leans more crews yeah. We're absolutely rallying around town and behind the it's about 9000 beating Miller and his client's rights Aaron telling ancient. Finally the Republican nominee and that is so you're lying around. It's really looking like its second week it's really looking like now the party certainly know that they're getting behind their nominee was a long campaign you can seat and he is a few echoes of the kind of gone on but I mean regardless seems like everybody's gonna get an unsound already eaten. There was a lot of energy tonight I had to agree it's an event here. Since. Any other speakers are really kind of player I mean efforts 124. You know I I like Maloney and I think that she's absolutely fantastic and she's a very classy woman and I'm excited to hear Miller. And that there are any speakers except maybe I'm Tom cotton of course Americans not immediately. We need to work. But I think we're gonna hear from a lot of really fantastic speakers Lawrence memorial most looking. Authorities I mean we've got a lot of folks coming in the town of course of the week. Anybody kind of its priority Indian Colorado folks who should have been I am. Most of the Colorado folks did speak today at night unless we have some surprise speakers and let him. We're civilian massacre caller on how wrong we don't really know the line up I have to see tonight it was you know very pleasantly surprised it was a fantastic lineup that's yeah yeah. Need not worry messages that I thinkers in Iraq you know America. Finally on the heads of Basilan and he's soliciting and it's understand what doesn't and upgrading. Things. All right I'm while taking here. Earthlings and thanks to seven. And I think that we can that we but what was your tennis and stuck in the folks that you had a chance to be. In it looks like they were very impressed with more on. Yeah weren't he had an entity on time in the spotlight. A lot of people this is the first time they never heard her knocking it seemed like it went over really well. An innocent home crowd I guess you could snag but I think people seemed impressed with there in the we're I kept hearing in every class in every flat out wrong. And good night at least not here in the infinitely. That you know that this speech went over real player and a solid. Place to be acting is anywhere else he just gonna get spin I think that again like the real issue here lately we technicolor adamant Texan at least at least some giant public. From Selig that's possibly from the cancer as those in South Carolina pretty universally Dele. And me. All right guys that's it for Ian Waltz here at the hero but stick with ABC news across all platforms we are bringing you everything. From the RNC. Whether it's on snap sat digital network. Stick with Andy Seidler everything. Republican Convention related thanks so much.

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