Nikki Haley resigns as Trump's ambassador to the UN

The former governor of South Carolina has been the U.S. ambassador to the UN since January 2017.
4:48 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Nikki Haley resigns as Trump's ambassador to the UN
This is an ABC news special report. Tom governments. Hey good morning we're following breaking news out of the White House this morning were ABC news has just learned president trump. Has just accepted the resignation of his UN ambassador Nikki Haley had to take place at the end of the year. Both the resignation and the timing coming as a complete surprise to both foreign policy officials and leaders across Washington. Ambassador Hayley known as someone who had a strong and respectful relationship with the president. She has said publicly in the past she was not afraid to let the president know when she disagreed with them. Recently in response to that anonymous op Ed in the New York Times she challenged the source. Say the president does not shut out his advisors and she and others have very open access to the president. Our senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has a read of what has just happened inside the Oval Office Cecilia. Yes I'm you know this just happened and reporters were not supposed to be in the Oval Office they were called in specifically for this and incite the president was there. With UN ambassador Nikki Haley so this is what we know the president says that she called him six months ago and told him that she wanted off of this job he says he's sorry to lose hurt seems like. That you know they they're still very much good France he says he can't say enough. About and Nikki Haley she will be leading as you mentioned at the end of the year reporters in the room asked Nikki Haley if she plans to run. In 2020 she's at she does not in fact she said she will support. President trapped in his reelection bid so this comes a huge surprise Tom and I which is why hit on the timing of this we still. Don't really know why she is leaving or what her or her explanation is for offering this resignation to the president today or six months ago he says he says this happened. Up but. Let's just mark what today is today is a day where president trump is supposed to be doing a victory lap. In the wake of his Supreme Court. Nominee Brad kava not being confirmed and sworn in yesterday by him right here in the White House. And and this is a day we're president of the supposed to be looking ahead to the mid term elections and rallying his base using that Kavanagh victory to rally the base instead here we are. What a surprising staff shake up. That seems it came from the president's own announcement. And in really just sort of a big question as to what really went on here behind the scenes top. In just a week after his or two weeks after his address to United's. Nations general assembly I wanna bring her chief anchor George Stephanopoulos now and George ambassador Hayley was was was someone who could talk to president. Very frankly she was not afraid to speak her mind at first they had somewhat of a rocky relationship during the campaign because she didn't endorse him. But quickly after. He wanted denominator to become UN ambassador and she played a significant role. She didn't she always towed the party line on foreign policy on the Iran sanctions. I'm North Korea can you are blind or more cricket and also selling the proposed deal that the president has that so much in Singapore local election. I'm Russia that it Nikki Haley only with the work harder public line on Russia and Vladimir Putin and president has been presidential ticket as you note. Nation would not let presidential during the campaign he Lucci did not endorse him until very late in the game she spoke out. Against his more intemperate comments don't spoke out at its lowest close language she spoke directly to the president about the comet smashing approved. Of those comments after short social little afraid to create some egyptians from the president. And even I could very careful that oil and the Coconut Creek the idea of running quickly off the table that'll let oh. Talking about a particularly if something with poor president trumpets a position where he Mikey he couldn't ride wasn't absolutely efficiently. Still very popular with Republican borders George thank you want to bring our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz Martha quickly houses can play around the world. What I think many of our allies look cute Nikki Haley to figure out what we're going in the white. Going on at the White House worked at a White House that states that car back caught. Report policies that IP Nikki Haley it's hardly but very strong board which. Of course saluting a woman's right now it's difficult core the White House is well it's here it's really quite astonishing because they're happy so leaks to the white. It did not want to change the subject right now but this really get come out of nowhere. Martha Raddatz in our entire team our thanks to you again if you're just tuning in right now UN ambassador Nikki Haley resigning the president announcing this just moments ago will happen. At the end of the year. And we're overturned out more regular programming for viewers in the west that's Good Morning America we'll have. More on the story throughout the day on our streaming service ABC news lot of course later on world news tonight I'm Tom Thomas thank you for watching. This has been a special. For me he's.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"The former governor of South Carolina has been the U.S. ambassador to the UN since January 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58383608","title":"Nikki Haley resigns as Trump's ambassador to the UN","url":"/Politics/video/nikki-haley-resign-trumps-ambassador-58383608"}