Nikki Haley resigns as US ambassador to the UN

President Trump accepts Haley's resignation; she will leave post at end of the year.
6:17 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Nikki Haley resigns as US ambassador to the UN
Start things up from Washington where the president has just accepted the resignation of the US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley recline is that the white house with the latest and wrecked. This is a surprise. A true shock in a town that seems to leak all over the place this one held. President trump just appearing in the Oval Office that alongside a Nikki Haley to say it. And that Elliott told him maybe six months ago that she was looking to take a break at the end of the year after six intense years as governor now two at the UN and that she'll be leaving her post. At the end of the year of course fevered speculation about what this could mean for her political future. A what it could mean you can see your getting into a whole lot of different roles going forward she seemed to tap that down talking about her. Honored working alongside president trump and her expectation that she will be campaigning for him. In 2002 point. Rick you know at this press conference and and they both gushed about each other Haley even gushed about. He vodka and Jared you know. President terms family so it doesn't seem like there is any negativity in a relationship she said she's not planning to run in 20/20 ish is planning to support the president. And still sort of alluded to defections in tend to be governor again so why stepped down. Well if you believe her account it is simply it is time to take a break she says she believes in term limits and it has been a long extended period of time she distinct finished an intense. A session at the UN general assembly. Last week it is curious timing just four weeks before the mid terms to have anything that rocks the bowl like this. You can speculate beyond that given that the president's. Issues with appealing to women voters to lose one of the most prominent women. In his administration one of the fiercest advocates of his policies. I someone who has been a very loyal souls are effort supporting a different candidate. During the primaries she was a Marco Rubio supporter but it is striking terms of the timing but it we're onshore learn a lot more in the coming hours and days but as of now the information out there is that she simply thought it was time to go and felt like this was the right moment to announce that she'll be stepping away from this job at the end of the year. How does this impact in the negotiations ongoing with Iran and North Korea has some of those countries where our diplomatic relations are crucial. Well I think what it was a wrinkle in all of this is that she has seen her. Her profile diminish somewhat with secretary of state Mike Pompeo as ascendancy is someone that's got. President trumps the year as well as the national security advisor John Bolton the president more comfortable with his foreign policy national security team that he appeared to be. Earlier in his administration. There's no doubt though that Nikki Haley was that was a key player on the world stage and whoever is this tapped to fill that role it's gonna have some very big is just felt as someone who was able to forcefully advocate. For that the trump position in some cases even violently breaking with president trump makes you middle she was a little more forceful. Then the president calling out human rights abuses for instance. Standing up for rush to cite another high profile example but I do think it the other negotiations have other leads that are that are part of them we'll have to see. How the adjustments are made because this is a time of relative stability. In the trump form. Of who might succeed Nikki Haley. I think there's all sorts of speculation you can put out there up to including perhaps up at bunker trump was talked about wanting to have that kind of a profile. I think we're gonna have to see the dust settle little bit before we can talk about. Other other arrangements I do think it was interest in the she ruled out a presidential run. In twenty funny people talked about her some of the could run for president maybe even replace Mike Pence on the ticket. If that was a decision that comes to it also being from South Carolina raises a whole host an intriguing possibilities involving senator Lindsey Graham. Who's been talked about could be the in going over to become attorney general and Rick president seems that seemed certain on firing Jeff Sessions. Looks like the investors figure analysis on a listen for second. It's not just and I want to pay that. The family in general the First Lady has been nothing but very very kind to me. I can't say enough good things about Jared Moffett Jarrett is sites. A hidden. Genius it no one understands I mean to reach the NAFTA deal places did. What I've done working with him on the Middle East peace it is so unbelievable. Time and apostles in just a great friend and they do a lot of things behind the scenes. I wish more people knew about because we're a better country because there and this administration how we just have to say. Certainly thank you my family Michael it's insane and I'm my two little ones I adore them. And to team US UN you know they sacrificed a lot and put a lot of time and energy into it but they have a lot of heart and really wanted to make America proud and so without. I'm not leaving until the end of the year my goal is that we make sure that everything is in deflation. I'm for the next ambassador to come in but. It's a great day in the United States and I'm proud to have been part of the team now. I don't have anything set out where I'm gonna go I think that the main thing was. I was governor for six years and we've dealt with the hurricane thousand year flood of church shooting a school shooting it was a lot and then to comment. And these two years of shut eye and North Korea it's been eight years of intense. Time and I'm a believer in term limits I think you have to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and call someone else to do the job so thank you for. And I will say this. For all of you that are gonna ask about when he when he. No I'm not running for 20/20 I can't top issue will be doing it's okay for this one so. I look forward to supporting trust. Nikki Haley bidding farewell to her post come the end of the year. And making it very clear she is not running its what it's funny though Rick Klein in DC we have heard that. From future candidates before what's your final take way from this what what happens from here. Well this certainly rocks that the the foreign policy and that is the the broader this cabinet of president tropic critical time at a time where they need to show civility with the elections only a month away with so many. Big balls in the air I think if not for the timing you could take this at face document it has a lot of intrigue concerning. That's a fact this came out of nowhere again just four weeks before the mid term elections having to be a lot more alarm in the the days and hours to come. I had recline their from DC or political director we appreciate Rick thanks.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"President Trump accepts Haley's resignation; she will leave post at end of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58384655","title":"Nikki Haley resigns as US ambassador to the UN","url":"/Politics/video/nikki-haley-resigns-us-ambassador-58384655"}