Haley resigns as US ambassador to UN while Kavanaugh starts on the bench

Haley resigns; Kavanaugh begins Supreme Court; Trump to rally in Iowa; last day for voter registration ahead of midterms in multiple states.
18:33 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Haley resigns as US ambassador to UN while Kavanaugh starts on the bench
Welcome to the briefing room I'm Kenneth vote inside our Washington bureau for ABC news alongside with my colleague Johnny. For whole Vick right here has been a big day here in Washington and with another big departure from the trump administration. The US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. Has resigned president from making the announcement from the Oval Office with Hayley by his side this morning the big questions. What happen. What's next who's next to take over that crucial pose and what does that all mean for the US interest around the world to help me break it down today. Johnny along with my colleagues content Alder is an Alley Rogen are at the on Capitol Hill because we've got other big news as well what the first day of Brent Cavanaugh. On the High Court and we you're just four weeks away. From that all important November mid term election just in case. You have it hurts. Four weeks but first back to Nikki Haley let's get right back to Catherine folders at the White House Catherine this apart repeals. Why differ from the others we've seen within the top administration because we see the Prague we thought the president really go out of its way there to raise Nikki Haley and the work she's done. Yeah in this let us all right after we reported that. The resignation was gonna happen we were all thinking why exactly. Is he calling reporters the White House pool into the Oval Office to make this announcement this is a first for him he. He called her a good friend and she says she just wanted to take. A break from this but look she's been a trusted member. Of his administration she's been known and not sit waffle on any feathers she's been also fierce supporter of the president's America first agenda but. She also hasn't been shy it's to be critical to bring your concerns directly to the president the most recent. Seeing it Kenneth that she wrote. I'm an op Ed in the Washington Post in response to that anonymous op Ed in the New York Times. She said it wasn't her but she also says when she has a dispute with the president she takes it. Directly to him so bottom line is this comes at a as a big surprise that a huge suppress. To folks in the administration and to us we weren't. Expecting this at all the president said he still. Plans to keep in touch with her and talk to her but as you mentioned the big question is who will take this job next. Catherine. The great question and I know there are some names floating around there non reportable just yet but I do. Know that this resignation letter apparently had the date of last week the president that he knew about this for some time even though everyone else that they're surprised by the. AM the president says he's not about this for some time it looks like accorded a thing he said that she came to her. She came to hand and said that she just one it to take some time off but what's interesting about this though is is he was asked specifically when he wed. A name a replacement he he doesn't know at least what he's taught us he doesn't know who he's going. That's a name yet that speculation is still there. Though Kenneth he says that we should have. A decision in the next two outta three weeks from him. And the capitalist actually hear from the president right now ethical listen to what he said about it you. I wanted to do this because. In the United Nations has been very special to me she's done an incredible job. She's a fantastic person. Very importantly she also. Is somebody that gets it she has. At the United Nations from the beginning with those at the beginning. And work with us on the campaign that's been going along I'm very intense and she told me probably supposed to she's had you know. Maybe at the end of the year at the end of a two year period that ended here. I want to take a little time off what little. So to get just wanted to that we will miss you will be speaking all the time we will measure nevertheless if you. The president saying Nikki Haley wants to take some time off their Johnny let me bring yen to this conversation because. She served for eight years I think she's had a total fourteen years but eight years street. With six years as governor of South Carolina on an a lot of purse for this this governor as well and former governor first. First female governor of South Carolina right second. Indian American governor first few know Indian governor in in the United States. Definitely a very significant sort of political figure in the standings she's it was often speculated about as potential vice presidential candidate for the last couple cycles. Is she someone that you know you should and you heard her ask their today she's running for anything right 120 and she kinda burned she said no I'm not running for any office. But I think it's pretty clear that's not because of a lack of desire maybe to one day run for for political office but in point when he. And we seat that's up and South Carolina as Lindsay Gramm's senate seat there's a governor's race in the state this year so. She's up they still someone who could reemerge on to the political scene but it's that that would be interesting to see what she does. After this right. An end and we should mention again from South Carolina to an interest in the point out as well that she did not endorse the president originally it was Markel rouge are not yet she supports you originally a backer of Marco Rubio during between sixty and can't campaign. For Marco Rubio and coming give a tepid endorsement of Donald Trump towards into the campaign but was by no means kind of an original supporter of the president's campaign. I'm Nikki Haley also known as a tough talker. Which is most like why the president who really likes her and really call the media and to be Oval Office to you. To hear from both both he and from Nikki Haley as he praised there are no doubt the president likes her again but. I also bring to kids into something that she's known for a little bit of a famous statement our back and forth that she had been very colored remember this a few months ago. When there was some talk about new sanctions. Against Russia and they then knew economic to buy easily cut loose. Said when he gave the announced that the news think of him becoming the next day Cutler said. I think she may be confused me as he famously said. Eyes would all due respect. I don't get confused. And that SoundBite really kind of erratic that probably spoke directly to lose someone like president trump who likes. Direct tough talkers and I think that's why you saw Nikki Haley grow. From someone who's was kind of a former trump followed as someone who the president really seem to trust them like a lot. That's when he 24 speculation at this point that will be interesting. Especially yet. It is to say I can't come until we found amid turns getting undercut and again. We're gonna handle the mid terms then Tony to invent some where down the where we will talk about when 24. All right so all of this is coming I'm this big departure is coming as. Yeah High Court this has the new addition Robert Kavanagh had its first Davis francoeur but. Last night it was somewhat about celebration bears ceremonial. Swearing in for Brett Cavanaugh who was already sworn in over the weekend. Our typical listener with a president to say about Brett Cavanaugh at that ceremonial swearing in take a listen. Half of our nation I want to apologize. To Brett and the entire Kavanagh family for the terrible pain and suffering. You have been forced to endure. Those who stepped forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified. Evaluation. Not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception. What happened to the Kavanagh friendly violates every notion of fairness. Decency and due process. How our country. A man or walk. Must always be presumed innocent unless and until. Proven guilty. And with that I must day. That use air. Under historic. Scrutiny. Were proven innocent thank you. But you know that Brent Cavanaugh was not proven and has sent. After this sex assault allegations allegations he denied but the president making a correct statement there. I'm and Brent Cavanaugh was not proven innocent after a very contentious confirmation fight. For that seat I will say Katherine that was an incredible moment in apology by the president. In incredible moment in a dramatic. Entranced by the two of them for that ceremony all the swearing in remember this all really just for show where Kavanagh had already been sworn in. Over the weekend just hours after the senate confirmed him. But to the Supreme Court so. It was that obviously to deliver and that message from the president and and look Greg Kavanagh he also spoke and in key. Thanks is Republican senators and congress and he. Also spoke. Directly to women which is a remarkable moments which he said women still face many barriers in the American workplace and all of us have a responsibility to address that problem. He also made sure to say that all of us clerks. On the Supreme Court were women as well also a victory lap for the president last night in an announcement really fit for prime time television. You're right about that Catherine let's talk about Greg Kavanagh its first day on the High Court the Supreme Court now has. Nine again let's get over to Alley Rogan on Capitol Hill Alley take us inside that courtroom today are present Greg Kavanagh Stanley was there. Yet welcome candidate did. The difference between the tone incited the Supreme Court today. And just Saturday three days ago when protesters were outside the court screaming and yelling there opposition to this new judge. Was incredibly. I start. Inside you had judge justice Kavanagh. And during the court smiling his family as you mention was in the visitors row along with. Former Justice Kennedy whom Cavanaugh was replacing he's sitting at the very end of bill wine at nine justices. As per the rules. That are ticketed by seniority. And couple interesting things I found out. Today is that as the most junior. Member of the supreme court judge Kavanagh. Is now in charge of taking notes in all of the private meetings that the Supreme Court has together. He also has a responsibility to answer the door in those meetings anytime anybody Knox and my favorite perhaps anecdote. Is that as intensive the new kid on the Supreme Court he now sits on the committee that deals with the Supreme Court cafeteria. Which is open to the public so. This has Johnny was saying before the segment. Possibly the most polite form of hazing. Taking anything Supreme Court. Some hazing in the congress and he asked to go get their clothes from the cleaners as you know and you're at the Supreme Court after you know what I hasn't I think I've seen it before and it's a good one. They pretty good over there Nicosia. They're doing some important issues that we need to equal rights. Johnny the first case. It was one about a question involving violence and it's not I was against the woman which which you know if you take that in the context of just the uproar that resulted during Kavanagh is confirmation fight. But knowing there's some great color that are calling Terry Moran had was in the court this morning. Talking I have Cavanaugh was not shy about asking questions and answer questions about fifteen minutes. Into oral arguments about this case which was about what qualifies as a violent crime wrote violent felony. And you can see they've had since I'm the Kavanagh sort of eager to two don't get on the court and ask those questions but Allen makes a really important point. About the kind of hone that set when a new justice comes in. That Supreme Court is is an American institution that's just steeped in tradition. And I think the united it was definitely very contentious in a fight that people are still really kind of angry about. But the Supreme Court is one of those institutions and and you saw Kavanagh talked about last night that really is steeped in tradition and I think to prosecute them. As our Terry Moran pointed out to all of his colleagues here at ABC news after he's covered the court for so many years decorum really rule because Alley mention. No protests and humans and some of the things about tradition that. No I pass a key names during his time as a federal district court judge only ten only. Pen and pad Masset. As far as what's next for at L are you talking about what's accorded the big cases are coming out that this judge war could have. I very. Can be happy that Tom. The on the person who really swings the court which we've already seen a conservative ships absolute. Again cabinet confirmation definitely kind of cements that rightward shift to the Supreme Court that's been happening that's been happening for a while after justice Kennedy's retirement. But you're just there are some incredibly consequential cases that are going to be on the supreme court's docket that this term problem issues goods the environment from issues related to health care. And then you have this whole Specter still of robbers social counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. And whether there could be issues regarding that that find their way to the Supreme Court to democratic Democrats in the senate a huge issue out of cabin Ross attitude towards. Executive privilege and whether or not presidents can be investigated. If that issue comes before the Supreme Court here you're gonna see some very sort of uninteresting arguments ahead. And we know what happened to fill the Supreme Court seat is being used by both sides in the fast approaching November mid term election. It's gonna play a role. It absolutely is in a player on your party scene you've seen both Republicans and Democrats. Use the capping off my new trying to fire their base is easy you know prominent Democrats out there using it as a way to fire up. The base just four weeks until mid terms he had leaders you know the McConnell yesterday and speaker Ryan. Saying this issue something that fires up the Republican base and you know I I think truth be told no one really knows the true political facts of this yet. But it's interesting because you can see it playing out very differently and some senate races where we're Democrats are up and -- states. First as house races where there's a lot of sort of suburban seats were to play out very differently. And the president definitely has some more rallies he's got a busy week ahead Katherine falls back of the White House the president. I'm really getting ready for that spread to the never permit terms as four weeks from today. Absolutely he has. Many. Rallies he has won at Eddie's going to actually tonight and we're getting word that he's actually also. Talking to reporters on the White House south on right now. And it this is become theme for him as he heads of these rallies but look he hot. But as. Great amount last week and he is tennis on the road almost. Every single day this week he's taking obviously victory laps around Kavanagh in he says that cabin house confirmation well actually. Obviously energize his base you see is supporters there but in fact also. Energized Democrats his prediction Democrats who he says. Will vote Republican so he is doing campaign rally after campaign rally he's sprinting to the finish line to the mid. Arms and an arm. And back Alley on Capitol Hill Ali I have to ask you when it comes to the this the scheduled for congress. Leading up to than ever in the mid terms for weeks again today just in case you didn't know and the senate there's still going to be in session about the house numbers they're gonna get more of a break to go back in campaign. Yeah that's right Tenet the house is actually out until after the mid terms. And it's just has a few more lower levels court nominees to pass through and I think. You're going to see senate majority leader Mitch McConnell can adjourned. This senate as soon as possible to allow his Republican members to get out. And campaign and certainly try to take a victory lap on the confirmation of Brett Cavanaugh this is something that is. Really bolstering energy of the Republican base. And there are Republicans who are defending senate seats in more competitive districts than they originally anticipated. So he wants to get folks out of Washington back on the campaign trail. Business and strategy Johnny tell now holding the lawmakers here who were you know assessing some crucial. States where no red state Democrats are vulnerable cancel your right had cancer Joseph mentions they're stuck with some treasure. One quick public service mound and after I do wanna get and they're a ton of seats they're eighteen states in the country today were this is the last day. To register to vote yes some key states Texas. Florida Michigan today is the last days of people to time your lunch break at the park do it do your civic duty. Great point briefings so many people everyday folks the politicians and celebrities talking about the importance of making your voice heard by voting now it's your chance and if you. Reza before today and you just made me want to check a registration to make sure you're all good. Actor Lavar Burton. He did it and he tweeted this year to discover had been doubts from the rolls on my home state of California. I read registered check register. Vote. For the man made famous prior route Star Trek in the reading rainbow given us one more lesson there to please check your voter registration there obviously. Think that he actually reach we did comets we from Samantha Power in the current and former US ambassador to the UN and the President Obama so. We're just full circle here at the Bernard and editor earlier this guy went Otto Indian Whitley you have congregants of old Taylor Swift and now that you know that we'll say that for another entry room because. It's the swift these are all now half a whole other story more more note my colleague tethered to wires usually of the spot right here by the year. Getting ready to kick off in premiere a big new show called dubbed big vote here on ABC news alive. Arm again it's a weekly politics special counting down to the twin eighteen mid term election. Devin our political team we'll take a closer look at the battle to control congress. And what's at stake for you the issues the numbers and the people who were driving this election the big vote. Again heirs to date on ABC news digital platforms including. ABC news recruit. And apple TV you've been watching the briefing room on ABC news lot of for Alley exotic and Catherine. Again Arabic thinks our ABC news team I'm cannot vote in McGregor.

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