Nikki Haley vows to campaign for Trump in 2020

The departing U.S. ambassador to the UN told reporters that she's not running for office in 2020.
8:26 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Nikki Haley vows to campaign for Trump in 2020
I wanted to do this because. In the United Nations has been very special to me she's done an incredible job. She's a fantastic person. Very importantly he also. Is somebody that gets it she has been. At the United Nations from the beginning with us. The beginning. And worked with us on the campaign that's been really long time very intense and she told me probably supposed to she's had you know. Maybe at the end of the year at the end of a two year period. I want to take a little time off what she and others successfully governors Carolina. For eight years and then that he. She did distances possibly even more. What goes on in the world very dangerous and the left things. What she's done a fantastic job and we've done this huge opinion that we so a lot of problems that we're in the process of self and a lot of problems at the beginning. North Korea was a massive. We're moving along. Really nicely I can speak for. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo he thinks the world. And the world we're all happy for you what went way we hate to lose you hopefully we'll come back to some one. It's different the best you can and keep it. But I just want to let us at the end of the year that he will be leaving. And it will be in constant touch that would have the evidence is beautiful hello the players. And I was doing I think I think she did best in the United Nations she got to know the players. She got to know China Russia. India she knows everybody very first name basis and they're like your. So for me to uphold an analyst say they do they really like editing may be more importantly their respective. So they can't just wanted to that we will miss you will be speaking all the time but we will measure nevertheless you benefit. Well I want to say first oh thanks. You know allowing us to come out boxes this way. It's and an honor the life I you know ice in fact looking. Lee is stayed separate. And to serve a country. Has really been a blessing and I want to thank you that. I'm most excited look at it to you look at what happened two years with the United States on born. Now the United States is respective countries may not my fault and but they've respectful. They know that if we say we're gonna do something we follow through in the prices for that weather was with the chemical weapons area where there was negative. Saying that other countries should pay their share and it whether it's the trade deals which is an amazing day. That the president means business and then all of that but then if you look at. Faced two years of dealing. One point three billion and the UN might be made it strong we've made it more efficient. South today and we got an arms embargo which was a long time common three North Korean sanctions. Packages which were the largest. And generation died and a way that we could really work we'll see where I think North Korea. The rotten deal bringing attention to the world that every country needs understand you can't overlook all of the bad things are doing you have to see them for the threat that they are. I think you look at the anti Israel bias and that. Strike. Encouraged that the president showed in moving the embassy and showing the rest of the world we are and see where we want to put our hands. You know all of those things and made a huge difference in the USC can but I can tell you that. US's strong again and the US is strong and we should make all Americans Gary brown and I do you want to say that it's not just and one day that. The family in general the First Lady has been nothing but very very kind to me. I can't say enough good things about shared an office chair and he is such. Eight days. Yes it went understand I mean to reach the NAFTA deal places in. What I'm time working with him on the Middle East peace. It is so unbelievable. Time and apostles in just a great friend and they do a lot of things behind. Seen. I wish more people and not because we're a better country because there and this administration I'll just have to say. Certainly thank you my family Michael is insane and my two little ones I adore them. And to team US UN you know they sacrificed a lot a lot of time and energy into it but they have a lot of hard and really wanted to make America and so we. I'm not leaving until the end of the year my goal is that we make sure that everything is in good place. For the next ambassador to come in but. It's a great day in the United States and I'm proud to do part of the team now. I don't have any effect on the ground and go I think net the main thing was. I was governor for six years and we've dealt with hurricane thousand year flood of church shooting escorting it was a lot and the comment. And shears her show and on and Maria it's been eight years of intense. Time and I'm a believer in term limits I think you have to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and someone else to do so thank you. And will say this. For all of you that are gonna ask about 120 no I'm not running for 220 I can't top issue will be doing it. Take for this one so. I look forward to supporting the front and. They came when we came in just. It was almost inevitable in the minds of many blue going to war with North Korea US President Obama I'm sure he'll value that that was by far his biggest problem when we. Sat and that right here. But that looked like a real problem. Rand looked like a real problem it was a question of when would they take over the Middle East. Part of my coming here and now Iran is fighting for their lives. Got riots at all this it is blowing up their inflation their economies. In tatters. And at some point they'll probably come and want to make a real dilemma do they make the ridiculous you that they made it is unacceptable to me. And so we'll see what happens what what a difference between Iran when we. First game I'd like to see the day before we can and also if you look at North Korea it was. The deal that there was something that was. It was a devastating potentially devastating problem and now the relationships are very good secretary of state Mike Pompeo just left. A great meeting. Also used in China. Also. Spoke to many of the Asian leaders or went there and had some good things but had a really very good meeting with North Korea. And chairman Kim and just right so it's opening up front also. And I think the world is he said the world is really respecting the United States again much more so they haven't and they happened many many decades. We are respected again that I can tell you very much respected. And people want to be on our side. Even if you look at the votes. Votes that we would normally get no votes were beginning. Very strong books now. So. I just want to thank Vicki and I thought this would be an appropriate way of doing it because when you write out a piece of paper that you know. And best of Haley will be leaving and you say nice things people say well. What's going on this is the right when it and what you really think somebody's terrific job. I felt this was an appropriate way of doing that we booked flight itself. I just want to thank the ambassador I just one thing.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"The departing U.S. ambassador to the UN told reporters that she's not running for office in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58385018","title":"Nikki Haley vows to campaign for Trump in 2020","url":"/Politics/video/nikki-haley-vows-campaign-trump-2020-58385018"}