NJ Gov. Chris Christie 'Presents the Case Against Hillary Clinton'

Christie said that Clinton "fights for the wrong people; she never fights for us."
15:22 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for NJ Gov. Chris Christie 'Presents the Case Against Hillary Clinton'
I. The good evening. Good evening. I'm here tonight. Not only has the governor of New Jersey. But also. As Donald Trump's friend. For the last fourteen years. We are about to be led by not only a strong leader. But by carrier. Genuine. And decent person or. I'm proud to say that the voice of the people of our nation is being heard in this hall tonight. And those voices want Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. I. But everybody. This election is not just about Donald Trump now. It's also about his democratic opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton. The past few weeks. We've seen the Justice Department refused to prosecute her. All over the last eight years. We see in this administration. Refused to hold her accountable. For her dismal record as secretary of state. So let's do something fun tonight. Tonight as a former federal prosecutor. I welcome the opportunity. To hold Hillary Rodham Clinton at cal rolled her performance tenor character. Now. A and I. All right all right we're getting there. Give me a few more minutes we'll get there. Here's what we're gonna do work at a brisk day the facts do you. You tonight sitting as a jury of her peers. Both in this hall. And in your living rooms around our nation. You see since the Justice Department refuses to what valued or render a verdict under present the case now. On the facts against Hillary Rodham Clinton. And I. Okay. Now. She was America's chief diplomat. So let's look around the world at the violence and the danger today. In every region that has been infected. By her flawed judgment. But I'm going to be specific. So you can render your verdict tonight on the basis up the facts. Let's go to North Africa. She was the chief engineer of the disaster is over throw look at stopping in Libya. Libya today after Hillary Clinton's grand strategy. Here economy's in ruins. There's death and violence in the streets and crisis. Is now dominating that country. So gonna ask you this. Hillary Clinton. As a failure for rooting Libya. And creating a nest for terrorist activity by crisis. Answer me now is she guilty or not guilty. In Nigeria. Hillary Clinton now amazingly. Fought. For two years. To keep an al-Qaeda affiliate. Off all. Of the terrorist watch list. Now what happens because of this reckless action by the candidate. Who is the self proclaimed champion. Of women all around the world. These al-Qaeda terrorists abducted hundreds. Of innocent young women two years ago. These school girls are still missing today. And what was his solution from the Obama Clinton team. A hash tag campaign. So now let's triggered outlets decide Hillary Clinton. As an apologist for an al-Qaeda affiliate in Nigeria. Resulting in the capture. Of innocent young women is she guilty or not guilty. See. She fights for the wrong people. She never fights for us. She doesn't get the real threats that America faces. So now let's go to China. It shining Hillary Clinton praised the Chinese Government for buying our debt. The finance Brock Obama's bloated stimulus plan. She was so desperate for Chinese Cass she promised. To oppose the buy American provision. In the stimulus bill in exchange for the cash to finance a huge expansion. A federal curbing spending. So. Hillary Clinton. Putting big government spending financed by the Chinese. Ahead of good paying jobs for middle class Americans BC guilty or not guilty. And let's go to Syria. In Syria and imagine this imagine this. She called president Asad and a reformer. She called a side. Eight different kind of leader. There's doubt 400000. Dead. Think about that 400000. Dead. At the hands of the man that Hillary defendant. So we must ask this question. Hillary Clinton. As an awful judge of the character of a dictator and butcher in the Middle East. Is she guilty or not guilty. And that's. Next in Iran. She launched the negotiations that brought about the worst nuclear deal in history. Let me be clear. America. And the world. Are measurably less safe and that's respected because of the I ran deal that Hillary helped cut. Period. After she lost those negotiations she became the biggest cheerleader for this agreed in the end. It's a deal that will lead to a nuclear Iran and Israel that will be less safe and secure and a much more dangerous Middle East so let's ask it. Hillary Clinton. As an inept negotiator. Of the worst nuclear arms deal in American history. Is she guilty or not guilty. Next. Oh. Am. A next. All believed they were not done yet. The indictment is hardly completely. Next let's go to Russia. She went to the Kremlin. On her very first visit and gave them that stupid. Symbolic. Reset button. You know what I think that might serve red. It should've read delete. You know she's very good at that by the way. And it's you're ready to leave because she deleted. In four years. The safety and security took us to build in forty years the next year she said our goal. America's goal was to strengthen rush up. Strengthen an adversary. Led by a dictator who dreams of re assembling the old Soviet empire. What an extraordinarily dangerous not good judgment. So once again. We need to ask. Myself a lot of value waiter dictators had failed strategist who is permitted Russia back. In as a major player in the Middle East is Hillary Clinton guilty or not guilty. Or. Now. Now we go to Cuba. Hillary Clinton supported concessions to the Castro Brothers and got almost nothing in return for ending the embargo. She supported a deal that didn't even require this murders murders regime to return to cop killer showing a chance of march. To face justice. See I know about this personally. Joint chests apart murdered in new Jersey state trooper in cold blood. Fled to Cuba. And lives there under Cuban protection to this very day. I want to ask you. How can someone live with their own conscience. When you're rewarded domestic terrorists with continued safety and at the same time. Which raise a family of fallen police officer waiting for decades for justice for as murder. So let's ask the question. Hillary Clinton. As a toddler of the brutal Castro Brothers and betray era the family up for a fallen state trooper werder fostering his family. Is she guilty or not guilty. Oh. And now finally. Finally here at home in one of her first decisions as secretary of state. She set up a private email server to a basement in violation of our national security. Let's face the facts. Hillary Clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets that she cared about protecting American secrets. She lied about it over and over and over again. She said. There was no marked classified information or arbor server. The FBI director said that's on true. She said that she did not email any classified information. The FBI director says that's on true. She sent all work related emails were sent back to the State Department the FBI director said that's not true. So I see Hillary Clinton the charge of putting herself. Ahead of America. Guilty or not guilty. June. I. Oh. I got another question for it. I got another question for him. I see Hillary Clinton. Lying to the American people about her selfish. Awful judgment in making our secrets vulnerable. What's your verdict guilty or not guilty. And I. Now time. Time after time after time. The facts and just the facts. Lead you to the city verdicts. Both around the world. And here at home. In Libya and Nigeria are guilty. In China and Syria. Oh. In Iran and rush and Cuba. At. And here at home for risking America's secrets. To keep her own and lying to cover it all Bob. At. It. Her focus group tested persona. With no Jenny was a genuine this to be found is a sham. Meant to obscure all the facts and leave you able to vote for her. We cannot promote someone. The commander in chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with the every bad judgment she's made. We cannot make. The chief law enforcement officer the United States someone who has risked America's secrets. And lied to the American people opt out it day after day after day. Here it is everybody. We didn't disqualify Hillary Clinton to be pres United States. The facts of her life for a career just qualifier. The it. C. I can tell that everybody in this hall agrees with this but I want to take our last moments here to talk to all of your home. In your living rooms. Sitting there tonight. You're the ones who will decide this election. We have an alternative. We have a man who is unafraid. We have a man who wants to lead us. We have a man who understands the frustrations and the aspirations. Of our fellow citizens. We have a man who judges people based on their performance. Regardless of your gender your race your ethnic or religious background. I implore you we do not need to settle for less in this election. We can not reward incompetence. And deceit. We need to demand war that what Hillary Clinton offers for America. To see we know exactly what four years Hillary Clinton will bring. All the failures of the Obama years but with less arm and more lives. Okay. Tonight because of this all over losers in this hall and the people at home. It is our obligation. To stop Hillary Clinton now and never let her get within ten miles of the White House again. It is time to come. Third and makes sure that Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. Do you. Proud to be part of this team. Now let's go win this thing together let's go get a good night. I.

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