Nunes delivers opening statement on Day 2 of impeachment hearings

Republican Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, criticized the public impeachment hearings as “TV spectacles.”
11:11 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for Nunes delivers opening statement on Day 2 of impeachment hearings
It's unfortunate that today and for most of next week we will continue engaging in the Democrats daylong. TV spectacles. It's that a solving the problems we were all sent to Washington to address. We now have a major trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. Ready for approval. A deal that would crate jobs and boost our economy. Meanwhile we have not yet approved funding for the government which expires next week. Along with funding for our men and women. In uniform. Instead the Democrats have convened us once again to advance their operation to topple a duly elected president. On note that five. Five. Democrats on this committee had already voted to impeach this president before. The trucks a Lansky phone call the Kurds. In fact Democrats have been vowing to oust president trump since the day he was elected. So Americans can rightly suspect that his phone call with president as a Lansky. Was used as an excuse. For the Democrats to fulfill. Their Watergate. Fantasies. But I'm glad that on Wednesday. After the Democrats stage six weeks of secret depositions. In the basement of the capitol. Like some kind of strange COLT. The American people finally got to see this farce for themselves. They saw a sit through hours appears say testimony about conversations the two diplomats who had never spoken to the president. Heard second hand third hand and fourth hand from other people. In other words. Rumors. The problem of trying to overthrow a president. Based on this type of evidence is obvious. But that's what their whole case relies on. Beginning with second hand and third hand information. Cited by the whistle blower. That's why on Wednesday the Democrats were forced to make the absurd argument. That hearsay. Can be much better evidence than direct evidence. And just when you thought the spectacle couldn't get more bizarre. Committee Republicans received a memo from the Democrats threatening ethics referrals if we out the whistle blower. As a Democrats are well aware no Republicans here know the whistle blowers identity. Because the whistle blower only met with Democrats. Not with the Republicans. Chairmanship claimed not to know who it is. City also vowed to block us from asking questions that could rebuild his or her identity. Republicans on this committee are left wondering. How it's even possible for the chairman to block questions. About a person whose identity he claims not to know. The American people may be seen these absurdities for the first time. But Republicans on this diets are used to them. Until they secretly met with a whistle blower Democrats showed little interest for the last three years. And any topic aside from the ridiculous conspiracy theories that president trump is a Russian agent. When you find yourself on the phone like the Democrats did with the Russian pranksters offering you nude pictures of trump. And afterward you order your staff to follow up and get the photos. As the Democrats also dead. That a might be time to ask yourself if you've gone out too far on a limb. Even as they were accusing Republicans including the Russians the Democrats themselves were colluding with the Russians by funding the steel dossier. Which was based on Russian and Ukrainian sources. Meanwhile they turn a blind died two ukrainians meddling in our elections because the Democrats were cooperating. With that operation. This was the subject. Of a July 20 2017. Letter sent by senator Grassley. To then deputy attorney general brought Rosen Stein. The letter raised concerns. About the activities of Alexander Chiluba. A contractor for the Democratic National Committee. Who worked with the Ukrainian embassy officials to spread dirt on the truck campaign. A senator Grassley wrote. Salute those actions quote shall lupus actions appear to show that she was simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign government Ukraine. And on behalf of the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. In an effort to influence not only the US voting population. By US government officials. On quote. After touting the still dossier in defending the FBI's Russian investigation. Which are now being investigated by inspector general Horwitz an attorney general Barr. Democrats on this committee it nor Ukrainian election meddling even though Chiluba. Publicly admitted to the Democrats scheme. Likewise they are blind to the blaring signs of corruption. Surrounding hunter Biden's well paid position on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian company while his father served as vice president. And point man for Ukraine issues in the Obama administration. But the Democrats media hacks only cared about that issue briefly. When they were trying to stop Joseph Biden from running against Hillary Clinton and 2015. As I previously stated these hearings should not be occurring. At all until we get the answers to three crucial questions the Democrats refuse to ask. First. What is the full extent of the democrats' prior coordination with the whistle blower and who else to the whistle blower coordinate this effort wit. Second what is the full extent of Ukraine's election Madelaine against the truck campaign. And hurt why did Greece not hire Hunter Biden. What did he do for them and did his position affect any government actions under the Obama administration. All note that house Democrats vowed that they would not put the American people three wrenching impeachment process. Without bipartisan support. And they have done. Add that to their ever growing list of broken promises. And destructive. Deceptions. In closing. Let's share the Prez United States. Released his trance crypt. Right before the hearing began. Think it's important that I read this into the record so that's is no confusion over this first phone call that occurred. On April 21. When president elect the went ski and I'd like to read it. The president. I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done and congratulations on a fantastic election. The Lansky good to hear from you thank you so very much it's nice to hear communal and I appreciate the congratulations. The president that was an incredible election. The Lansky. Again thank you so very much as you can see we tried very hard to do our best. We had you as a great example. The president. I think you'll do a great job I have many friends in Ukraine. Who know you and like Q I have many friends from Ukraine and frankly expected you to win. And it's really an amazing thing that you've done. I guess in a way I did something similar. We're making tremendous progress in the US. We have them the most tremendous economy ever. I just wanted to congratulate you I have no doubt. You'll be event pastor president. So Lansky first of all thank you so very much again for the congratulations between Ukraine or an independent country and independent Ukraine. We're going to do everything for the people. You are as I said a great example we are hoping we can expand on our jobs as you did. You'll also be a great example for many you're a great example for our new managers. I'd also like to invite you if possible to the inauguration I know how busy you are but if it's possible reprieve to come to the inauguration ceremony. That would be great great for you to do to be with us on that day. The president that's very nice all look into that and give us a date at the very minimum will have a great representative. Or more from the United States will be review on that great day. So we will have somebody at a minimum a very very high level and will be review really an incredible day for an incredible and cheap achievement. The Lewinsky again thank you were looking forward to your visit to visit of a high level delegation. But there's no words can describe our wonderful country how nice warm and friendly our people are how tasty and delicious our food is and how wonderful ukrainians. Words cannot describe our country so it would be best for you to see it yourself. So if you can come that would be great. So again I invite you to come. The president like really you about your country and I look forward to it. When I own miss universe they always had great people Ukraine always very well represented was always very well represented. When you're settled and it and ready I'd like to invite you to the White House. We'll have a lot of things to talk about but were with you all the way. The Lansky thank you for the invitation we accept the invitation and looked forward to the visit. Thank you again the whole team and I are looking forward to the visit. Thank you for the congratulations I think it will still be great if you could come and be with us on this you with us on this important day the results are incredible. They're very impressive for us so what will be absolutely fantastic if you could come on that day. The president very good. We'll let you know very soon and we will see you very very soon regardless. Congratulations simply say hello to the Ukrainian people and your family let them know I send my best regards. Well thank you so once people thank you you have a safe flight and see you soon. President take care of yourself and give a great speech today you take care itself and I'll see you soon. The Lansky thank you very much it's difficult for me but I will practice English and I will meet an English. Thank you very much. The president laughing all that's beautiful they hear that's really good I could not do it in your language. I'm very impressed thank you so much on ski thank you so much the president today. Good luck. I was able to read out of the records of those. Now the American people know the very first call. The president trump had with president excellent ski.

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{"duration":"11:11","description":"Republican Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, criticized the public impeachment hearings as “TV spectacles.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67041620","title":"Nunes delivers opening statement on Day 2 of impeachment hearings","url":"/Politics/video/nunes-delivers-opening-statement-day-impeachment-hearings-67041620"}