Nurses For Bernie

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks to the National Nurses United Union as they caucus for Sanders in Las Vegas.
8:33 | 01/07/16

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Tiny so I am does Mary Alice and I adhere outside las veg yes. And we are here with Deborah burger was the president of the national nurses united union. One of Bernie Sanders largest endorsers of the first in hasn't arson almost right away exit. And the national nurses unite union has members all across the country that are almost all of his events and just yesterday they debuted this big new bus out of it and it behind us. But Bernice is. Rick do a little bit of its weren't taxed ever so tell me who idealism. I'm what do you guys do it. The history of. Really didn't doing political activism. And hitting partners and involved because everything is politics even if you don't believe politics. And so we're here to highlights and nurses the importance of being involved in. And who makes the decisions in the federal government and we believe that Bernie Sanders is the man to do it. And so we're here and you could see in the background we've had lots of nurses here. Come announcer sign up to caucus for Bernie Sanders and in Nevada on February 20 and there are going to be there because. They understand that he's the person that can really get things change in the back. So promising element out of pocket I've ever exert so we have a sign it here tell me. Tell me what exactly the planet. Nurses that are going to be doing the dirty lie. The top ten news isn't like these important. And the fact that nurses aren't supporting him. They're signing in so that they can get up. Went. Where we're going to be with what happens now in. It. Is the stigma and registering to noted that he's because you can support a politician all you want. Then it's who actually comes out to caucus than vote that. End of winning and making sure that Ernie Anderson. I can tell you look at about that it's huge it's that he. Who's riding on the back. A lot of nurses are riding on the bus and we're going around like they Tim green now back down to Los Vegas and then we're gonna go across to Colorado. Kansas. Two. Missouri and Edward and end up undone. And be there for the caucuses and that's not gonna come back and other caucuses. In February the end of February so we're really excited about it. And what are the stocks I mean who is picking where this doesn't decide today to you have nurses here at at a Pasadena. We have nurses hospitals all of Burnett and the nurses want to eat here. They want to be able to show their support for Bernie Sanders and so. We're just really making sure that we are available for them that we can give them information they need to that they can be registered to vote so weird and doing what they want us to do and being in the town that there is and we represent nurses in. Kansas City saint Louis Missouri. Proud of names we are going to all those places. Her I did some hidden. But do you let your highs plainly and again hi my name's Melanie doesn't 9% and I pretty you don't have host or Alter its I was here I think you posted on how. Parties are Larry and I this house party for Bernie in October because I'm glad I don't comprehend the very beginning. I've actually met with employ different times. He is so supportive of on the nurses values the values of seniors the values of veterans the values of young people. Blacks whites gays Latinos he doesn't care who you are is about bringing America back as the nurses we take care of patients every day. Police ZDF facts. The lack of health care tonight we have these portable health care right now. It's not enough I would single Payer because people can't afford their companies. So we want single Payer and Bernie has been out front with single Payer for cover him. And he's actually gonna protect social security and make it stronger and Medicare for not just for people over sixty night. So what if things Geithner is that it almost every town I traveling with senator Sanders. There are nurses India's flashy Russian stressed. I bury it nurses who calls for me. Out everywhere they didn't from Tucson simian like he's back and sometimes he's a certainly noticed a few days notice and tell me a little bit about the grassroots effort she gives people and out of me nurses were crazy schedules weird along powers how do you manage to have. Such. We have a Harry keyboard liberty protections. Why didn't we noted by nursing and an email alerts and he blasted say hey we're going to be airing here until we're going to be hearing your community we're gonna be at this. We are rallying and religious nurses now we get. Text messages I get text message comment found day and night emails. It's just it's all about grassroots. Mayor and the technology is where it's even though Bernie is at least some years old is where it's. And since I met last and is vernacular that more eggs at about. Getting out there is out and the grassroots effort so what is some of this material your passing out to people. It's his weaknesses he that is the top ten values that burning supports that the nurses aboard okay can't stop them. Things like holding Wall Street accountable. One of the I didn't mention protecting workers and I can't protect you like our VA nurses. See you're mostly angered other nurses claim at a table and here you're talking explaining why correct this young bar Iraq. And without getting. You know there's always like to eat food always brings everybody else and we want to get in the information doesn't matter how we get. And here we need the information we wanted to caucus caucus is so important. I've been voting in Nevada since I was eighteen years old so it's important to me and I'm 62 next month so. It's important voting is the most important thing we do whether you vote for Barry for someone else you don't hope. The irony that it hasn't hasn't dude Steward of the goodies that have foreigners that I Airbus hasn't damaged. And this morning we had done its and talking to. Little things to say thank you for the time to come down. Because they would actually be here without the it's as dead. There they're using up their lunch time they get six historic mines we say okay. Here's some good movement and breathing prepared. And so. Asked sassy here in about you guys ready heat blast ball which was a few months ago but still hadn't found doubled did you and 38 embassy here at bat and you know I'll highest of these others it's what do you guys think what art what went what is. Tulsa. First of all. The polls aren't aren't just whoever you get him thing and it's geotagging as the grassroots it's getting everyone out to vote. You can have a whole Obama was their response to win. You want someone that's when asked did you think Bernie can win I would look pregnant again that you think that Obama could. That's my answer. But every baby you're gonna have like getting people to caucus caucus that may take our today. We actually had huge that thing hitting people can't. Because it only takes an hour on here decades ago in any really. Be able to be an on the ground aren't that we are actually vote or. Complain about here's. A choice between the lesser of two evils. You're at the thought that you're giving Detroit the lesser evils got to be out there aren't really abdicate for something that we know can make a difference. Craig seller and it give one more big look at this giant. In Latin ran around and Heinz. Oh my goodness. And I am probably and I I will probably easy on the road between our way back now are you guys eat at your back yard. Navy. Row outlets next stop. You know are right that must be read our next Vegas guys. I'm.

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{"id":36151596,"title":"Nurses For Bernie","duration":"8:33","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks to the National Nurses United Union as they caucus for Sanders in Las Vegas.","url":"/Politics/video/nurses-bernie-36151596","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}