Obama Activists Retool for Second Term

Jim Messina details next mission for Obama following of 20 million plus.
3:00 | 01/19/13

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Transcript for Obama Activists Retool for Second Term
Right here front of the White House right now -- -- constructing the viewing platform for the inaugural parade. And I am joined by Jim Messina person ran the president's reelection campaign. And you are now about wrong in this effort to transform -- campaign so what do you what do you do with this -- you're going to be running television. Three going to be. Orchestrating. Grassroots letter writing campaigns what we -- We do all of it look this thing we learned in the first term is that we -- better we have a national movement for change her room working together. And talking -- members of congress talking the president about what we want. So into all that border and he had shore or -- -- -- a whole bunch of doors absolutely. It sounds like a political party. You know way why are you doing -- through the Democratic Party this new -- for organizing for change are organizing for action -- -- Will be. Just about a legislative agenda the DNC's about electoral campaigns -- about winning elections in every state in the country we think is very important. At the -- -- to just focus on. The kind of legislative things we know are gonna make this country better and very clear purpose. And to put pressure read approach absolutely. You mean even when it comes to bring pressure on them -- our job just helped the president pass some major pieces of legislation gets some things done this country that are common sense. And people can understand and and that means we're gonna talk to members of both parties about why these things are important. You're going to be able to accept unlimited donations you know what's true is this will be largely funded by people's five and ten dollar checks to -- contributions during the campaign was 51 dollars. And now we like this will disclose everything we get. As the president always tasks will be -- very transparent organization. And will be an organization built on aggressors and we disclosed not just the names of people who were donating but how worst -- -- there weren't disclosed everything we get. Everything everything -- it. And will you accept corporate contributions. We probably will like to pick has done I'm warfare in an hour on day one of this but if there's folks who want to get involved and wanna help these pieces of common sense. However poses -- will be pushing you know will be more than happy to partner with folks to get these things done. But what is true is the heart and soul this organization is all that's aggressors and that's true for Donnelly -- fund it. Even be able to go toe to toe with the American crossroads call rose groups and allows them for resources what we'll see you know there are also political organization on campaigns we don't do that. We're gonna be just about legislation and working to pass the president's agenda. And has a different organization but you know I think we showed in the last election. That we are really good grassroots organizers. Who can go toe to toe -- anyone neighbor to neighbor house to house and change the way American politics is -- hating everyone understands we need to do that right now.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jim Messina details next mission for Obama following of 20 million plus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"18254250","title":"Obama Activists Retool for Second Term","url":"/Politics/video/obama-activists-retool-term-18254250"}