Obama Addresses Horrific Acts by ISIS and Russia's Aggression in Ukraine

The president makes remarks on several international issues during a diplomatic trip to Europe.
7:37 | 09/03/14

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Transcript for Obama Addresses Horrific Acts by ISIS and Russia's Aggression in Ukraine
Whatever these -- thank. Though achieved by killing innocent Americans like Stephen. And they have already failed. They failed because. -- people around the world Americans are repulsed by -- barbarism. We will not be intimidated. And their horrific acts only unite us the country and -- our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists. And those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget and that our region is long and that justice will be served. President Obama in a start -- this morning speaking about the execution by crisis extremist. A 31 year old American journalists -- soft -- the president is in Europe for talks with European allies. At issue what to do about -- forces in Iraq and Syria. And how to stop or at least slow the role of pro Russian forces across eastern Ukraine. When I'm Dan Cutler in New York the president spoke more about Russian aggression inside Ukraine during a speech later this morning. Perhaps -- toughest language and in Moscow amid odd and eventually rejected reports of a cease fire in Ukraine. So with more we are bringing in from town capital Estonia ABC's Devin Dwyer -- thanks for being with us. Two events so far today for the president -- -- certainly at the center of attention in Europe but the president also making his first remarks. About this latest -- -- execution video how is the White House juggling both of. Issues. Answer two very big big international issues crises facing this president he arrived here overnight and Air Force One and the minute he hit the ground. Two big questions post in this morning in those comments you've heard and you played there. From the president about the death -- -- -- off. Really echoed what he said just a few weeks ago for Martha's Vineyard it regarding the death of James Foley. A defiant president vowing to bring those perpetrators at this killers murderers brutal murderers to justice. But at the same time exhibiting somewhat of a measured approach. To developing a strategy against -- is sane again today that it largely remains a regional issue that he needs to build coalitions. In the it in the region to confront that challenge. And at the same time he's here to do that. -- that same sort of thing build coalitions. To confront Vladimir Putin just 600 miles from here in Moscow. In his incursions into Ukraine so what -- really seeing here Dan on this trip three days in Europe this is the first stop. It's a test of the Obama doctrine in the face of what many are calling the -- doctrine can president Obama's determination. To build coalition -- confront imminent threats. I've really be successful and effective against groups like crisis. And Russian president Vladimir Putin who really seems to be doing now whatever he wants these days in eastern Ukraine. The devil less than an hour or the president head spoke about what was described as an undeniably Russian led violence and -- -- what he said. We will not accept Russia's occupation. And illegal annexation of Crimea or any part of Ukraine. DeVon how does that kind of language that lead into the coming NATO summit. Let's it's tough -- that line we've heard many times before from the president annual call Crimea was taken. Effectively by the Russians many months ago now and yet they still continue to hold it and make further advancements in Ukraine to the big question for the NATO allies starting tomorrow. In Wales its first big summit in two years his. What more can they do what more -- this alliance do not only to turn back prudent of course Ukraine is not a member of the NATO alliance but. What more can they do to confront this threat from food and also can they do to shore up. Confidence among Baltic States -- -- story of one of them that feel threatened by Putin's behavior so that's going to be the focus. Of their meeting and one of the things on the table then it's going to be perhaps a new round of sanctions against Russia. They haven't worked so far but President Obama -- again today that perhaps they -- -- -- more pain. And bring food around to changing his mind. Ukraine now with ambitions to join NATO but when asked you about this that -- their report to have this morning from Ukraine's leader of a cease fire. Russia's Vladimir -- denying it because he said Russia isn't a party to the fighting there so how did that play on the ground there. What we heard from President Obama was asked about those conflicting reports this morning and just press conference here he. I took a very cautious skeptical stance we've. -- about these talks and discussions and proposals for many weeks now. And -- this latest. About of reports is is being met with great skepticism here the president saying he saw the wires. But is not ready to declare any victory until he sees proof on the ground and indeed. As you mentioned president Putin's spokesman kind of walked back. Some of these reports already saying that perhaps steps are in place to begin to talk about us a cease fire. Well at the same times -- denying any role in eastern Ukraine -- to complicated situation. One that has a lot of people I think around the world kind of confused and perplexed there's a lot of gamesmanship going on here. But the bottom line from my are people ABC's he -- McDonald on the front lines there Ukraine the violence does continue. And the fear among people here are some of the Baltic States here in in in talent. Is very real lot of memories 75 years ago this week Germany rolled into Poland kicking off World War II. There's a -- next -- that dead at any moment prudent could perpetrate something like that again. Switching from Ukraine to -- there's tough language from the president again. But he seemed to keep the idea of an all out war. Somewhat at arm's lengths -- the leaders they're reading -- remarks. Gavel so far it well we'll see how those leaders meet those remarks when he gets to the summit tomorrow -- Wales the President Obama again. Raising many questions. I think about his what this strategy will be to confront crisis you've heard him today. -- at once that his plan is to both destroy integrate crisis while the same time appearing. To walk back to destroy part of that equation saying that he's. Really focused on and I'm kind of containing the threat making this a measured risk. It if you will and so. We're still waiting to see what what that comprehensive military piece of the strategy will be and we do expect. That when President Obama meets with the British prime minister David Cameron tomorrow who -- of course is much stronger language. About -- is calling -- a very imminent threat to all countries around the world. We'll see if they emerge from those meetings with the slightly different perspective and different strategy. So less -- for a let's go what is up next for the president doing you give us a glimpse there will be at that NATO summit in Wales but what -- -- White House when you churlish. Well it's been a whirlwind -- to visit here he's out of -- you -- -- spent 24 hours here flew overnight we were on board the plane landed. It's been off to the race is meeting with several Baltic presidents just gave a speech to 15100 students and political leaders he's off. To meet with American troops and Estonian troops at a base here. And that he heads to whales and there will be two full days of meetings there again Ukraine. And crisis will be topping that agenda and we'll be watching that closely and we had their -- -- ABC's -- into -- travel with the president's now in Estonia Devin thank you for that as always. And of course you can keep up -- the store in real time by downloading the ABC news App Store the store for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Dan -- New York.

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{"id":25229083,"title":"Obama Addresses Horrific Acts by ISIS and Russia's Aggression in Ukraine","duration":"7:37","description":"The president makes remarks on several international issues during a diplomatic trip to Europe.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-addresses-horrific-acts-isis-russias-aggression-ukraine-25229083","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}