Obama: Broken Health Care System Leaves Working Families 'Vulnerable'

President Obama continues to promote the positive vaules of the affordable care act.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Obama: Broken Health Care System Leaves Working Families 'Vulnerable'
Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington this is an ABC news digital live coverage of President Obama as he's now launching. Yet another campaign to sell his Health Care Reform law to the American people you see. Are -- that camera there inside the south court auditorium. As part of the White House complex. Awaiting President Obama but now let's listen. Adults -- just starting their careers more time to find a good job that offers reliable health insurance. Before the health exchange I -- had to -- 700 to 800 dollars per month to have private insurance because of my health condition and because I'm a woman. The health exchange for the first time in my life gives me the flexibility to -- my own small business or pursue photography as a viable career option. Down the road without -- about how -- will afford health insurance. Think you announce my honor to introduce -- present -- United States -- Obama. -- week. Thanks thanks to Monica thanks to everybody standing behind me and thanks for everybody out there who. -- cares deeply about this issue. You know -- story is important. Because for. All the dated -- fights here in Washington -- -- the Affordable Care Act. That stories like curse that should remind us why we took on this reform in the first place. -- for too long few things. Left. Working families more vulnerable. To the anxieties and securities today's economy -- a broken health care system. So we took -- fight because we believe that in America. Nobody should. Have to worry about going broke just because somebody in the family or they got sick. We believe that nobody should have to choose between putting food on their -- tape or taken them to see your doctor. We believe were better country. Man. A country where we allow every day 141000. Americans to lose their health care coverage. Or wherever -- tens of thousands of Americans died. Because -- and have health care. Or where out of pocket costs drove millions of citizens in the poverty. In the wealthiest nation on earth. We -- we're better than that that's what -- put aside. The that's what's gotten lost. A little bit over the last couple months. Our focus rightly had to shift. Towards working point 47. To fix the web site -- dot gov for the new marketplace where people can buy affordable insurance points. And today. -- that is working well for the vast majority of users. More problems may pop up as they always do wouldn't want something new. And when they do will fix those two. But what we also know is that after just. The first month despite all the problems in the -- About half a million people across the country. Are poised to gain health care coverage through marketplaces in Medicaid beginning on January 1 some for the very. First time he -- -- And that number is increasing every day and it is gonna keep growing and growing and growing because we know that there -- 41 million people out there without health insurance. And we know there -- -- much of folks out there were underinsured. We're don't have a good deal. And we know the demand is there and we know that the product on these marketplaces is good that provides choice and competition for people that allow them. In some cases for the very first time to have the security. Health insurance can provide. You know the bottom line is this law. Is working and will work into the future. People want the financial stability. Of health insurance and we're gonna keep on working to fix whatever problems come up in any start up. And he launch. -- project this big it has an impact on 16 of our economy. Whatever comes up we're gonna districts. Because we know that the ultimate goal the ultimate pain. Is to make sure. The people have basic security. And the foundation for the good help the -- Now we may never satisfy that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some Hummer rooting for this -- fail. That's not my opinion by the way they say pretty explicitly. Some of -- convinced themselves that the law has failed regardless of the evidence. But I would advise them to check with the people who were here today. The people that they represent all across the country whose lives have been changed for the better by the affordable care. -- the other day I got a letter from -- Walsh in California earlier this year Julie was diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma. I have a lot of things to worry about -- -- but thanks to be Affordable Care Act. Are lots of things I do not have to worry about. Like whether there'll be a lifetime cap on benefits or -- -- my treatment will bankrupt my family. I can't begin to tell you how much that peace of mind means. That's what the affordable -- means to -- She already have insurance by the way but because this law -- lifetime limits. On the cure you or your family can receive she's never gonna have to choose between providing for kids or getting herself well she can -- both. Sam we're the doctor in North Carolina emailed me the other day. The coming years will be challenging for all of us -- failing Madison wrote but my colleagues and I draw strength. From knowing that beginning with the new year. The preventive care many of our current patients have been putting off. Will be covered. And the patients we have not yet seen will finally be able to get -- -- -- they have -- That's the difference that before Booker will make for many of -- -- patience. Because more than a hundred million Americans with insurance -- gained access to -- recommended preventive care. Like mammograms or colonoscopy is -- flu shots -- contraception. To help them stay healthy had no. -- A week. -- -- -- -- three. Justine -- is battling cancer for the second time. The other day her -- Joann emailed me from Cleveland university hospital where Justine is undergoing treatment. She told me she stopped by the pharmacy to pick up -- medicine if Justine were uninsured it would have cost her 4500 dollars. Which isn't sure because before more characters -- and three million. Other young people like mark in coverage by staying on the -- plan until -- point six. Met means Justin's mom. Justin's mom had all ship to cover -- 45 dollar co pay. Because -- -- -- -- more than seven million seniors. And Americans with disabilities have saved an average. Of 12100 dollars on the prescription -- This year alone eight point five million families actually gotten an average of hundred dollars back from their insurance company you don't hear that very often. Because it spent too much on things like over it. And not enough on. Their care. And by the way health care costs are rising. At the slowest rate in fifty years so we're actually spending. It's. -- still don't know. Walt Whitman -- that would look can. That's what this law means to millions of Americans. And my main message today is we're not going back. -- -- -- -- It's. It's just. -- That seems to be the only alternative that Obama care's critics have his or just go back to the status quo publisher of -- -- -- -- If you ask many of the opponents of this law what exactly they do differently. Their answer seems to be able let's go back to the way things used to -- Just the other day that the Republican leader in the senate was asked what benefits people without -- Might -- from the slot and he refused to answer even though there are dozens in this room and tens of thousands in his own state -- on track to benefit from. He just repeated repeal over and over and over -- it. And obviously -- prevent from. A lot of folks. On that side of the -- I've always said I will work with anybody to implement. And improve this law effective. He's got good ideas. -- -- Watsco. But. We're not repealing and as long Sampras. -- we'll we'll -- Don't like the Slorc. We'll. Despite all the millions of people -- about a -- from a you still think this law -- a bad idea and you've got to tell us specifically what you do differently to cut costs cover more people. Make insurance more secure. He can't just say that the system was working with 41 million people without health insurance. You can't just say that the system's -- when you've got a whole bunch folks who thought they had. -- insurance and then when they got sector turned -- a woman reform. Where they were left with tens of thousands dollars and out of pocket costs that. Were possible for them to -- You know right now what that laws don't. Yes you agree with me. Right now this -- is doing is helping folks and we're just getting started with the exchange's. Just -- started with a marketplaces. So we're not gonna walk away from them if I've got to fight another three years to make sure this law works and that's what I'll do. -- -- we'll. But what's important forever by her Barbour is not only that the law. Has already helped millions of people but that there are millions more. Who stand to be helped. And we got to make sure they know that. And you know I I -- Said very clearly that you know are poor execution in the first couple months on the web site. Clouded the fact that their whole -- people who stand to benefit. Now the web sites working for the vast majority of people. We need to make sure that folks refocus. On what's at stake here which is the capacity for you or -- families. To be able to have the security. Decent health insurance. At a reasonable cost -- choice and competition on this marketplace and tax credits. That you may be eligible for. -- can save you hundreds of dollars. In premium -- Vermont protection. So we just need people to. Now that we are getting the technology -- -- -- you go back. Take a look at what's actually going well. Because it can make a difference in your lives. And lives in your -- And maybe it won't make a difference right now your field helping. But I promise you. If somebody -- -- heaven forbid gets sick. You'll see the difference. It'll make. All of the -- for you. And your -- so I'm -- need some help. Spread the work. Need some help spread the word -- -- news spread the word about the law. About its benefits about it protections about how folks can sign up. Tell your friends tell your family. Do not let the initial problems with the web site to skirt. Because it's working better now and it's gonna keep on -- better. Over time. Everyday I checked make sure. That -- -- about it. And you know we we we've learned not to make while promises about how perfectly smooth it's going to be at all times. But if you really want health insurance marketplaces. The bill to get on find the information you need her friends. Doctor doctor so. If you -- -- health insurance or you were taken advantage of the Affordable Care Act. You tell your friends got to her family to -- coworkers. Told her neighbors. Let's help our fellow Americans get covered. Let's give every American fighting chance in today's cut. Thank you so much -- about it. -- -- And it was President Obama speaking from inside the White House today trying to reclaim some momentum on the Affordable Care Act offering a very vigorous defense of the law promising we are not going back. Not as long as I'm president. We go now to the White House. To join ABC's Mary Bruce Mary -- you've followed this battle for for quite some time it's it's a bit of deja Vu. Moment right now yet another campaign what's different about this. Speech today what's at stake here. -- seven the president is trying to publicly shift attention. From the botched rollout from the glitches with this website. Back to the fundamentals. Of the health care -- back to what's at stake here what the benefits really -- the Affordable Care Act name mentioned we've seen him do this before. But -- this time the stakes are incredibly high and a lot has to do with timing we now have three weeks until that December 23 deadline for people. To enroll and sign up for coverage to start on January 1. But there also are high stakes politically -- the president is trying to turn the tables back on to Republicans here he's been taking a big hit over these last two months for this spot -- his credibility is down his. Favorability numbers have taken a hit because of this and now he's trying to focus the attention. Back on Republicans as you heard him questioning. President questioned what their plan is what are they going to do to solve the fundamental issues with the health care system -- you know as they try to close to fifty times to get. Defund and delayed the Affordable Care Act the president is now saying what is their alternative. That's right he said and he also -- you can never really satisfy some of these opponents of his signature. Achievement. So what's the strategy here the next few days you've got some new reporting on he has plans to kind of keep up the pressure. That's right this campaign now -- over the next three weeks running up to that December 23 deadline the White House planning an event essentially every single day. Targeting different areas of the affordable care trying to highlight. All the various ways in which the American people will benefit that includes highlighting. Preventative coverage of the fact that you won't be discriminated if you have. Preexisting conditions the ways in which -- -- McCarrick can help lower health care costs so every day this isn't large coordinated. Campaign -- -- include the Democratic National Committee. And organizing for action which is the president's advocacy organization so all coming together to try and really. Sell the American people once again on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. And meanwhile Mary as you know they've -- tried to put some band aids on knew what was quite a big sore for -- -- that web site that's. Had a rocky rollout over the past couple of months what's the latest on that -- -- functioning today kind -- the second day since it's been re launch. -- -- the website is improved but by no means to fix consumers are actually not out of the woods just yet but. The White House is confident that it is running smoothly for the vast majority of users we know that just today by noon 380000. American consumers have visited the website yesterday over a million checked out that web site. And so if we are seeing some progress but there are still being glitches here -- big problems with the web site. The president mentioned that they are still improving this but overall they say the people are signing up in droves -- that we don't know that actual enrollment -- just yet. That's right still -- work in progress for sure the woman in charge of that -- said as you know secretary. Health and human services Kathleen severely as she was in the event just a few minutes ago seated in the front row. With senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett. -- -- -- talk us a little bit about accountability here -- of them lots of folks calling for her to resign. Nobody has been fired yet for these problems haven't. -- and and I would not expect you're going to see anyone fired from this administration this is a White House that does not like to fire people you mentioned that we've heard many calls. For the White House to hold someone accountable for this roll out -- all of the problems with the web -- President's former press secretary Robert Gibbs -- -- yesterday saying that. Someone should be held accountable in fact that this White House right now is focused on solving the problems and not looking back. And what did they -- -- -- problem areas married you've been doing some reporting on is is. People who have actually been rolled through the web site or think they've enrolled that showing up that they've enrolled. But they're not actually -- what are some of the stories you've been hearing about that. Absolutely there's still a lot of problems -- on the back end of the -- it's a lot there may have been a lot of issues involving consumers that had been fixed on the front end. We've heard people been able to enroll. The issue now that a lot of the problems is with having the consumer information -- transmitted to the insurers we spoke yesterday with a man in Georgia who finally after. Two months have been able to in role on the web -- -- got an ID number and went through that whole process but then when he called his insurer they have absolutely no record of him. The White House admits this is a problem they're focused on -- they're trying to fix it that they won't say how many people are affected but we do know that people are still experiencing this problem and it is a big one. -- people who are watching now anybody who signed up your advice to them what's the White House saying did to those people were signed up. Essentially did to stay at -- that they are fixing this problem they're looking into it to go ahead and to reach out directly to there. Insurance company there insurer to make sure that they. Gone to the entire process with health care -- up accident also get in touch adventure and make sure that those connections have been made. The real quick before in -- ago -- obviously -- all this is happening. Over there at the White House we are hearing grumbling from Republicans house Republicans. Including majority leader Eric Cantor who accuse the White House this this morning of misleading the American people. Let's take a little bit listen to what he had said. The Obama administration tried to -- another unilateral volunteer whom I have obamacare. Just like things alive right after right before the Independence Day holiday. The administration tried to hide the one year delay and businessman. President Obama and others have tried to hide what they knew about the web site problems well -- the runs. The administration's -- to continue. Problems on the back and well outside that deliver information. And as -- as -- as often as we now know incorrectly. This early -- A bit of politics there and all of this but help us Parse it. Any evidence at all of of these accusations that the administration. Deliberately lied about some of these things. Look so long as this roll out in this website are still having problems Republicans are going to -- and glom on to all of that launch attacks based on it. The White House has not responded directly to that but there's no real evidence to suggest that those claims are true but. So long it's this what they continues to have problems and the rollout is struggling then of course Republicans are going. We continue to attack America politics over this thing even the president today admitting this is going to be a long three years in this fight. As long as he's presidents for obamacare ABC. ABC's Mary Bruce over at the White House thanks so much Mary this -- been and ABC news digital lives special event covering President Obama once again. Selling obamacare to the American people is that web site continues to dominate headlines follow all the latest on obamacare right here on abcnews.com for now. -- Devin -- in Washington thanks for --

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