Obama Defends FBI on Marathon Bombing Probe

The president warns Americans to be vigilant against lone wolf attacks.
5:25 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Obama Defends FBI on Marathon Bombing Probe
For that -- Director of National Intelligence China's power -- properties priced spots parent. They unionized ordered abrupt review of all the intelligence gathering -- I'm there's also the series the senators Collins Saxby Chambliss Lindsey Graham who -- extended all the years after 9/11. There's still enough intelligence -- prior to the attack. Granted this is a member of the armed services committee. Instead that they -- -- and Boston are both examples of the US going backwards -- nationals can. Is he right and you know are intelligent business. No. Mr. -- is not right on this issue. Although I'm sure generated some -- -- I think that what we -- -- Boston was. State and local. Federal officials every agency. Rallying around -- city that had been. Identifying the perpetrators. And just hours. After. This scene has. Been examined. We now have one individual. -- one in custody. Charges have been -- I think. All -- law enforcement officials. Performed an exemplary fashion. After. -- bombing have taken place and we should be very proud of their war. Has obviously we're proud of the people Boston -- first responders the medical personnel that helped save lives. What we also know is that. The Russian. Intelligence services had alerted. The US intelligence. About. The older brother. As -- the mother indicating that they might these sympathizers to extremists. The FBI investigation. That older brother it's not as if the FBI did nothing. -- not only investigated the older brother they interviewed the older brother. They concluded that. There were no signs that he was engaging in extremist activity. So that much we know. And the question then is what there's something that happened that triggered. Radicalization and actual. An actual decision by the brother. Two. -- -- -- The attack the tragic attack -- -- on Boston. And -- other things additional things that could have been done in that in -- That might have prevented them -- what director clapper is doing is standard procedure under which is when an event like this happens. We wanted to go back -- -- -- view every step that was taken. We wanna leave no storm -- -- we want to see. Is there in fact. Additional protocols and procedures that. Could be put in place that would further improve. And enhanced. Our abilities detect a potential attack. And we won't know that until. That review is completed. We won't know that until the investigation the actual crime. It is fully -- -- that -- going. But what I can say is that based on what I've seen so far. The FBI. Performed. His duties. Department of Homeland Security. Did what it was supposed to be doing. But this is hard stuff and and I've said from for quite some time. That. Because of the pressure that we put on. Al-Qaeda -- -- because the pressure that we put on these networks. That. Are well financed. More sophisticated. And it can engage in and project transnational threats against the United States. One of the dangerous that we now face are self radicalized individuals. Authority here in the United States. In some cases may not be part of any kind of network. Because of whatever warped twisted. Ideas they may have may decide to carry out an attack. And those are in some ways more difficult for them. And so what I've really done for months now is to indicate to our entire counter terror terrorism team. What more can we do. On that left. That is looming on the horizon are there more things that we can do whether it's. Engaging in new engaging -- communities where there's potential for self regulation of that this of this sort. Is there work there can be done in terms of detection. But all of this has to be done in the context of -- -- Due process. And and so part of what director clippers during ministers going to be trip to see if we can determine. Any lessons -- From from what happened.

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{"id":19075820,"title":"Obama Defends FBI on Marathon Bombing Probe","duration":"5:25","description":"The president warns Americans to be vigilant against lone wolf attacks.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-defends-fbi-marathon-bombing-probe-19075820","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}