Obama: Health Care Reform Worth a Few Grey Hairs

The president discusses the importance of the affordable care act at the White House youth summit.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Obama: Health Care Reform Worth a Few Grey Hairs
Yeah. Let's sit out. Good -- note. Welcome to the White House. -- it is a little bit rowdy -- The well it is wonderful to be -- all of you and and I. Could be more appreciative of all the stuff that you guys are doing all across the country in your communities. In your organization's. There was talk when I was young -- After five years and resolve its people don't call them anymore. But I just want to drop by -- and say thank you for everything you've done. And will do to spread the word about the Affordable Care Act and what it means for young people. Up about -- you're going to order from woman. In her twenties she just graduated from wall -- she wrote thank you for making Health Care Reform a priority if you -- He probably would have fewer -- right now. That's a good point. -- her her story is a reminder. That the -- was worth. A few graders because she was one of -- three point one million young people that this law helped cover because they could join the -- plan. And that means that when she was diagnosed -- -- potentially deadly autoimmune disorder. As she got her she needed medications blood transfusions. Ultimately -- saving surgery. She was able to stay in school. Read Rick first in her class find a job -- field and in the letter she wrote. I'm grateful because the formal -- saved my life that saved my family from bankruptcy the -- -- future. So that's what this -- about. Health care it's there for you when you need it. Financial protection. -- for you and your family if you get sick the security of knowing that illness or accident. Is not gonna completely derail your dreams and -- a lot of benefits that are especially important to young people. Insurance companies now have to provide free preventive care that'll help you stay healthy let's provide contraceptive care for women at no extra cost. If you want take chances start your own business or tried multiple careers like. Many young people do particularly in this economy. Before. You. Settled out you're not gonna have to wonder whether or not you can do that because -- word about coverage. When. You do settled sort of framework. Maternal care will be -- If -- woman you'll be charged twice as much as men because. You're the one period maybe. So so this -- party making a difference for millions of young people and it's about to help millions more. About half -- -- people across the country already are poised to gain. Coverage on January 1 some for very first time. One recent article reported that a surprisingly large number of young people are signing up and there's a good reason for that. The law works. Most young people without insurance can now get covered for under a hundred bucks -- -- Now I am not allowed for security reasons to have and -- -- I don't know what your bills are. I've noticed that Sasha and -- is -- seem to spend a lot of time mark. My suspicion is there for a lot of you between your cable bill or your phone bill. There's -- more of a box marked. The idea that you wouldn't want to make sure that. You've got. Health security and financial security. That comes with health insurance. For less than that -- You know you got smaller -- And most young people are as well. The product is but it's affordable. People want financial stability of health insurance -- keep working through any glitches problems that may come up. You know obviously. The web -- when it was first launched wasn't in tip top shape to say the least. But we have been 24/7 going -- it. And now for the vast majority users its work. And there'll be other things to come up during the course of the next several months because you're starting off a new program. That has an impact on 16 of the economy you know this is a big deal. To quote Joseph Biden and. Also. But we're just gonna keep on working out an improving it and refining and if we see it. Problem we're gonna fix it -- are appealing. Not as long as I'm president. Me. And -- Because folks were criticizing don't seem to have any ideas in terms of how to reduce costs insurer. Millions of people get coverage for the first time. Make sure that insurance is more secure. Those who think that the -- already do want. And we're gonna have to just make sure that people know about. And that's why I'm here 'cause I need your help that's -- you're here. Could you know -- meter. Believe it or not they're actually organizations. That are out there working to convince young people not to get insurance. I think about bet bet that's a really. Bazaar. Way to spend your money. To try to convince people not. Get health insurance. Not to give free preventive care not to make sure that. Are able to survive an accident -- numerous. If I had that much more now on these that -- And -- -- -- ad campaigns are are backed by well funded special interest groups. I assume they've got great -- And just remember and remind your friends and your -- Imagine what happens if you get sick. What happens with the massive bills. The people run those that -- I don't pay for your illness. You're gonna -- -- or your families and pay for. And that's hard to imagine look at you know I do remember what it's like -- twice reported. And aside from the occasional basketball injury. You know most the time I kind of felt like I had nothing to worry about. Of course that's what most people. Until we have something to worry about. But -- -- point oftentimes it's too late. And sometimes in this debate. What we've heard are people saying well I don't need this I don't want this. You know what's. You know why were you -- on you know mired. Freedom to do whatever I want and -- part of what. I say to folks when they tell me that is you know if you get sick and you get to the hospital you don't have any coverage that somebody else is also going to be paying for. It made it may be your family they can't afford it. Or maybe your body else who does have health insurance and his acting responsibly. And is essentially subsidizing for your -- And that's not what I think most young people want they want to be independent this is part of feeling and and and being financially. And from a health perspective secure. So. -- -- -- -- to split the work about how the affordable cure it really works what its benefits are what is protections are. And most importantly how people can sign up. I know people. -- -- -- Obama care. And that's okay. Because I do care and. I do. -- -- you like your. Formally went -- about American. Home. But no matter how much I -- the truth is is that. For your friends your family the most important source of information. Is not going to be me it's going to be you. They are gonna trust you. If you're taking them on web -- walking them through it saying look at the price you're able to get look at the benefits are believed yet that's what's going to be making a difference so. If -- a student body president. Set up a conference on campus. If you work -- prop. Open your doors user email list to help. People -- in the facts if you got a radio -- spread the word on air if you're a bartender have a happy -- And also private health insurance group lot of bartenders don't have it. Post up and under FaceBook or if mr. Graham you can tweet using the -- -- get covered. But do whatever it takes to make sure people have the information they need to make the decision that's right for them. If you're a state that has its own state exchange their -- to a lot of activities you should plug into those as well. You're a state that so far has not decide this set up -- state exchange. Then obviously we can make sure that you have all the information you need to succeed. But the bottom line is. I'm gonna need you and the country. And a lot of your friends and peers and they may not know that they -- But. If something happens somewhere down the road. Where you know they really need to get to a hospital or doctor. The fact that you have talked to them and gotten them involved is gonna medical difference in the world. And and finally let me just make a broader point to all the young people here. This whole exercise. Obviously has huge implications for this country's future. Because it if we can start bring him -- health -- -- make sure people are covered give people financial security that's good for the -- Me it's good for businesses it's good for the federal budget. But I hope you have been discouraged by how hard it's been. Because. Stuff that's worth it's always -- Civil rights movement was our. Get Mormon right to vote that was sort. Making sure that workers have -- organize that was -- You know it's never been easy. For us -- Change how we do business. In this country. And particularly to address. Needs that. You know a lot of people are worried about on -- -- -- constant basis but. Then suddenly are desperately worried about it when. -- -- it happens. So this has been the -- expert Social Security for Medicare. For all the great social progress we've made in this country and I want to -- -- that just because. My hope is not only the work -- to help folks get signed up. Today and tomorrow and next week but I -- around the room Nancy a lot of leaders who were going to be. Oh lead in the church. Well into the future on a whole range of issues. Don't get this -- Be persistent. You may get a few graders. As a consequence but I think -- -- today you'll figures were but thank you guessed how.

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