Obama to Meet With McCain on Syria

White House seeks support from Congress for military intervention.
1:40 | 09/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama to Meet With McCain on Syria
White House officials insist they are confident that congress will approve a military strike in Syria but it appears they've got some convincing to do. Lawmakers on both sides of the I'll say they're skeptical. The White House is hard at work this Labor Day trying to convince members of congress to back a military strike in Syria. Today President Obama tries to win support Senator John McCain meeting with his old 2008 rival at the White House the consequences. The congress United States who were riding a decision of the -- united states of this magnitude. Are really very very serious more than seventy members of congress some still dressed for summer vacation. Attended a private briefing on Syria by the president's national security team. Several lawmakers told ABC news if the vote was taken today they believe it would fail. I would not vote for it today in mind mind -- for it's far from settled its that is. Not something that should be undertaken lightly the president's national security team is providing new. Physical evidence against the Syrian government from first responders in east Damascus. We have signatures of siren. In their hair and blood samples but even with all the evidence that the show our policy science regime gassed its own people congress is war -- You know people want to know that he's not we can -- -- military engagement entanglement. Like you know -- and I keep in Afghanistan. He's skeptical. -- Congress returns September 9 the White House won't say what the president will do if lawmakers voted against military action Diana. ABC's -- Bradley in Washington for us this morning thank you.

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{"id":20135779,"title":"Obama to Meet With McCain on Syria","duration":"1:40","description":"White House seeks support from Congress for military intervention.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-meet-mccain-syria-20135779","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}