Obama Promotes American Exports, Workers to Global Businesses

The president attends investment summit to discuss reasons for doing business in America.
3:00 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Obama Promotes American Exports, Workers to Global Businesses
To my great friend. Penny Pritzker thank you for the kind words but more importantly thank you for your outstanding leadership. For bringing us all together today and being such a strong voice for America's workers and America's business. I want to acknowledge acting deputy secretary Patrick Gallagher. Undersecretary. From fiscal Sanchez. And an HMO oplink. And their team at select US. And I want. Especially thank all of you. State and local officials from across the country and business leaders from around the world. As president. I have -- all over the world. To go to bat for American exports and American workers. I've been to many of your country's. I've said that when we do business together and when we trade and forge new partnerships it's good for all of us. I want more American products being sold in your conference. Now -- -- companies investing more here in the United States of America. Because it advances my top priority as president. Creating good paying American jobs and strengthening and broadening our middle class. There's nothing more important right now. And I'm here because I want your company is to -- -- want companies around the world to know. That I believe. There is no better place in the world to do business -- the United States of America. Think about it globalization and technology means. You can go just about anywhere. There -- a whole lot of reasons you ought to come here. We're not just the world's largest market. We're growing. Thanks to the grit and resilience of the American people we've cleared away the rubble from the financial crisis. And over the past three and a half years our businesses have created more than seven and a half million new jobs. Thanks to the tough decisions we've made it to tackle our long term challenges. America becoming more competitive. From business standpoint. We're reforming a broken health care system. And as a consequence -- costs are rising -- slowest rate in fifty years. We cut our deficits by more than half since I took office. And they keep going down. We pursued and all of the above energy strategy and we are producing more. Traditional energy more renewable energy than ever before more natural gas than anyone. In the world and we have cut our carbon pollution in the process. So while the case for doing business in America's always been strong we made it stronger. And of course you'll find no better workers. Than American workers. Our productivity is rising. We have the world's best universal's. It's most innovative entrepreneur -- We have its strongest. Intellectual property protections to go along -- A rule of law that matches up. Would anyone. And thanks in part to a new initiative focused on exports and the new trade agreements that -- signed. We sell more products made in America to the rest the world than ever before. -- you've heard repeatedly today and you'll hear undoubtedly after I leave this stage America is open for business. And businesses of responded. -- after a decade in which many jobs. Left the United States to go overseas now -- -- companies start to bring jobs back because they're saying. The advantages of being located here. Caterpillar bringing jobs back from Japan. Ford is bringing jobs back for Mexico. After locating plants and other countries like China. -- opening its most advanced plant right here in the United States. And -- whole range of factors involved people who look at it lower energy costs here they're looking at stability. We're looking at the increase productivity our workers all of these things are adding up. And people are saying why would we want to be outside the world's largest market what we can get our products made. Effectively. Here. And there's a great platform from which we can export all around the world. There's not just companies base in the United States. -- betting on America by expanding production operations in Ohio and Alabama. And Indiana. And today more Hondas are made in America -- any -- else in the world. Samsung's betting on America by revamping their plant in Austin, Texas. The four billion dollar investment. Siemens. -- betting on America by hiring hundreds of new workers in North Carolina. And putting fifty million dollars a year in the training its US work force. And that's the kind of investment -- we've always welcomed as a nation but. The reason for. Select US and as we know we can do more we know we can be better. -- to your two years ago I acted on a recommendation from the CEOs all my jobs council. And we created select US like to encourage more foreign companies to invest and create jobs right here in the United States. And we shown that this works. As penny mentioned earlier this morning -- help from -- -- Austrian company. Most all pod is creating. 220 jobs and auto parts plant in Carter's build to order. The Canadian company bombardier. Is investing more than 600 million to expand. Its Learjet -- -- in Wichita Kansas. Pasko a Belgian company that makes high tech aircraft parts. Reopen a shuttered factory in Stillwater Oklahoma and are expected to create. Three alternated good jobs by the end of two 4050. And -- goes off. And I want to see even more of these success stories told across this country. Which means I want make sure we are doing everything we can't. The companies like -- want to set up shop here in the United States. And for all the US states and cities who are represented here today that we want to provide you. With the tools you need to close those deals and create those jobs. So that's why today I'm proud to announce that -- expanding and enhancing select USA. To create the first ever fully coordinated US government effort. To recruit businesses to invest and create new jobs in the United States. To do that I'm taking four new steps to bring moreover jobs to our shores. First. Building on the great work that our diplomats and embassies do every day. I'm making attracting foreign investment a formal part of the portfolio for ambassadors and their teams around the world. I mean what are dedicated embassy -- wherever I go all of them. Our great ambassadors for America. And -- building bridges and connections every -- I said well I want them doing even more to help foreign companies cross those bridges and come here. And as they take -- This expanded economic mission overseas will make sure -- they've got the support that they need here at all. Which brings me -- the second point officials at the highest levels up to and including me. We're -- to do even more to make the case for investing in America. The irony do this it roared around the world in public and private I -- with a few American companies -- I -- deserve at least a gold watch. At the end of my tenure from them. I've racked up some pretty good sales. But. But as a country. We don't always. Make our case in a coordinated way that links our teams overseas. To the right senior officials in Washington. -- change that. Make our advocacy more efficient more effective more connected. -- the businesses were making decisions about where to invest are getting. Timely answers. And know that they're gonna have all the help that they need. Number three. Will make sure the for the first -- companies who want to do business in America have a single point of contact at the federal level to cut through red -- To order to help you navigate national state local rules and regulations of it you can invest faster. Open facilities faster. Create jobs faster. And finally we'll help states cities regions across America up their -- By giving them more tools they need to compete. From the latest research and analysis to events that -- them directly with the potential investors this is a big country. And for a -- -- it. Foreign investors. It may be sometimes hard to navigate and figure out. What exactly is gonna fit the needs of your company well. We can help -- that we can help make sure that state and local governments and regional offices. -- best equipped to make their case we get a good fit. It's good for the company and good for those communities. So the new focus. -- our embassies on attracting investment. More outreach. From Washington coordinated advocacy. To bring more jobs here. New ways to cut through red tape and new tools for state and local leaders that's what. And expanded select USA will mean for businesses and for partners in US states and cities. And ultimately I believe that will translate into. More good middle class jobs for America. My number one prior. I will be asking. Congress to do its part. A lot of this is coordination. It's not necessary don't spend a lot of money it's important for us to do what we do more wisely. But making America even more attractive to investment should be something that everybody can -- real Democrats and Republicans. Got to work together to get -- up. At the macro level that means. Getting beyond gridlock and so the manufactured crisis that we've seen come out of Washington because I assume if you ask any -- here. If shutting down the government makes them more confident about want to bring jobs to America gradual -- be no. The notion of not paying our bills on time. Doesn't inspire confidence so it's time for congress -- Focus on what the American people are focused on what I'm focused on which is creating good jobs that pay good wages are creating a good environment for investment. We do need to fully -- the select usaid programs of the more middle class folks have a chance to earn a decent living. We need to make sure that we are resource saying. Their efforts to make sure that our workers. Can -- the skills that they need to compete. In the global economy we've got. You know one of the crown jewels of our education system. Is our community college system. About everybody is -- be training at MIT or Stanford. But this Community Colleges means that we can partner with businesses. Help defray some of the trading costs. Helped design -- businesses what exactly they're gonna meet in terms of people getting higher. We government we got the resource -- we -- ought to do what we've got to make sure congress' support but that. We're gonna fix a broken immigration system. So that we are welcoming him mortality -- workers and entrepreneurs from around the world and so if companies are coming here it'll OK they've got keep. Individual that they need to bring over to make sure that the company's. -- what it needs to do that it's not a tangle of red tape. And the good news is we know we've got bipartisan support for immigration reform. Which -- -- to make sure we get it done this year. We've got to continue to make Smart investments in research and develop. Education. Infrastructure all the things that historically. Have made America the most attractive place on the planet for businesses to invest. We've got to build on that success that's who we are as a country. We have a tradition here of tackling new challenges. Adapting to new circumstances. Seizing new opportunities. That's one of the reasons that. History shows. Over the last two centuries. When you bet on America. That bet pays off. So to all business leaders here today and -- -- world. We want to be your partner. In helping to write the next chapter in our history. We want you to join the generations of immigrants -- not to open doors and foreign investors who've discovered exactly what it means what we say we are the land of opportunity. That is not a -- It's a proven fact. A lot of wonderful countries after. But. There's a place where. You can new business. Craig -- products. Deliver great services. Make money and do -- at the same time. They should find out why there is no substitute for. Those proud words made America. And here's three more -- select the USA. When you do. You'll find some of the world's best workers -- world's most innovative option -- Norris -- -- a government and a president. Who's committed to helping you create more good jobs for middle class and helping you succeed well imported for center. We are open for business. And were looking toward their partner below -- all of your in the months and years ahead. Thank you very much.

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