Obama On Proposed Syria Strike: 'I Put This Before Congress For A Reason'

President Obama says we will be more effective, stronger if Congress authorizes action.
5:42 | 09/06/13

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Transcript for Obama On Proposed Syria Strike: 'I Put This Before Congress For A Reason'
-- -- -- closest allies. In the house said yesterday when you've got 97% of your constituents saying no it's kind of hard to say yes. Why should members of congress go against the will of their constituents in support your decision on this. And and I still haven't heard direct response to -- honest question if congress fails to authorize this will you go forward with an attack on Syria. -- -- you're not getting a direct response we're gonna ask the question very well. But some pretty basic questions. Good governance -- no idea. What what I -- and I will repeat is that. I. Put this before congress for -- I think we will be more effective and stronger if in fact. Congress authorizes this action. I'm not going to engage in parlor games now. About whether or not there's going to pass. When I'm. Talking substantively. Through congress about why this is important and talking -- -- people about why this is important. Now. -- respect to. Congress and how they should respond certain constituency concerns. You know I do consider part of my. Job. To help make the case and to explain -- -- people exactly. Why I think this is the right thing to do. And it's conceivable that they're the end of the day. I don't persuade. A majority of the American people that story can. And then he -- congress is gonna have to decide. If I think it's the right thing to do four America's national security. And the world's national security them -- -- and you know events. A source close whose memory cards. Ultimate -- you listen your constituents but you've also got to make some decisions. About what you believe. It is right for America. Dad. The same. For me is president of the United States there are -- -- decisions that I made that are unpopular as you well know. But I do so because I've -- records do and I trust my constituents. Want -- to. Offer my best judgment. That's why they elected -- that's why they reelected. Even after. Some decisions -- made him vigorously and I would hope and members of congress. Would end up doing the same -- Last one hour made. These kinds of interventions. These kinds of actions. Are always on. Because they seem distant and removed. The an -- make sure I'm bigger I'm not about drawing. -- analogy to World War II. Other than to say. Win. -- do was get involved it was profoundly unpopular. Both in congress and around the country to help the British. The man one record there. Just means people. You know her first struggle when jobs bills to pay. They don't want their sons and daughters -- put in harm's way. These. Entanglements far away are dangerous -- -- To bring beer -- close at all. Intervention across. -- -- But ultimately whether. It was the right thing to do and there are international community. Should be glad that it. It came together you know. When people say. That. Isn't there. A terrible. Spain. All of us that. Hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered wrong. Well imagine -- one it was going on right now. And as we asked. Should we intervene. -- -- And experts say. -- -- -- -- -- So. -- -- typically when. Any kind of military action is popular is because. -- there's been a very clear direct threat to -- Violent. Four. -- administration. From uses various -- to suggest this. American -- were directly threatened. Like in Panama Grenada. And and sometimes those -- are more persuasive than others typically -- not -- And again we just went through something pretty tough. It -- respect to Iraq. So all that. I guess provide some context for why you might expect people to be -- For -- deputy national security advisor said it is not your intention to attack. If congress doesn't approve it is he right. I don't. Think that's exactly what his -- but. I think got answers I've answered the question.

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{"id":20178316,"title":"Obama On Proposed Syria Strike: 'I Put This Before Congress For A Reason'","duration":"5:42","description":"President Obama says we will be more effective, stronger if Congress authorizes action.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-proposed-syria-strike-put-congress-reason-20178316","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}