Obama Touts Benefits of Health Care Act

House votes today to repeal "Obamacare."
3:00 | 02/03/15

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Transcript for Obama Touts Benefits of Health Care Act
President Obama on the offensive again today speaking out on the affordable. Health care act as well. And how well it's working just as those house votes for the 56 time to repeal the 2010. Health law gets ready to take place I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Listen to it what the president had to say just a short time ago. We are here we. A bunch of folks who took the time. I've come to Washington DC. And tell me face it today's story is fearful. It forces last year. Everybody here. Has greatly benefited from the affordable care and it's a pretty good look good thing. People whose lives have been impacted. In powerful ways. You have folks like Tyler. Who. I had cancer. Some. The affordable care was pass and were having trouble getting insurance. And because. He no longer allow insurance companies to. It refuses to positions they were now able to get health insurance. And have the security we've. That was needed reducer. For the first time since she was twelve years old when she was for cancer. She felt fruit. And now is planning a wedding it's. Tonya. Shortly after signing up for the AC. Haven't checked out I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Would not. For the affordable care and certainly we're they were before treatments and saying he would not. As a consequence of regular checkups. Had a colonoscopy that was part of me. Affordable care. Was able to cash. Tumor early. And in and is now cancer. He also people who. And were able to benefit from Medicaid expansion under the affordable care so. Connecticut. Derek in California. Both words. To. Get. On a plan that they. Even as their work. And as a consequence. Are healthier for and was able to catch breast cancer. We have small business people. Like when that over here and because they weren't working for a company. A tough time affording the premiums and that. So 300 seldom it was a month in premiums and when that. Is. Was able to cut premiums happen. She's got a world examples Katrina. Maria. Teacher. In Fairfax Virginia Naomi. Four. Murder torture. Both of them were able to benefit. Greatly reduced premiums. Four. Hard rules maintain their help them. Pay their bills of the same time. And that he. It's she's a doctor rural Virginia. What rural West Virginia. Not only are her sister it will benefit from four will hurt but. More importantly for her patients that you've been seen for years who. Would force whoa critical treatments. Pay for tests. Medication that they need to maintain their hell. And and so the bottom line is. Who here is not in the fresh. The debate. Making sure that every person in America. Is able to get basic. High quality affordable health. Is not some political ideological rift. It's about people. And for someone like Regina. Who. Was diagnosed or visit wood chips. Have a sense of security that she was able to finish college and is able not to plant life. That is something that we should expect. Country as well as the hours. He's provided to every. Person to every service. And we wouldn't even consider. Take away from merging or time. Sources as patients. Makes absolutely no sense. Now the good news is. We over ten million people who know Simon. Federal exchanges and millions more were signing up from the expands. That's taken place and states all across the country. Those are millions of people who are saving money in people's war. Getting preventive care millions of people. For the first time in some cases. The security of knowing if something goes wrong the families. Consumers got their backs. They're going to be bankrupt. Her have to split. Pills that have been prescribed in half because. That's all they can afford. They can make in continuous fresh order school. And that makes this country more productive it's good for all of us. So. My understanding of the House of Representatives has scheduled here a number vote today. To take health care away from the folks at this. I don't know whether that that defense. Its sixtieth. That they are taking this vote. I ask this question before. Why hasn't this will be at the time. Make sure the folks. We don't have help your are able to get it. It was may be. Plausible to be opposed to be formal here before was implemented but now it is being implemented and it does work. And people are being covered. Just as anticipated. The premiums on average are less than a hundred dollars when technique. Count the tax credit so it is affordable work the people who was designed to help. Help your inflation. Is that its lowest rate in fifty years. The overall head for the affordable here is costing less than the original projections. In every respect this is working not just as intended but better. And so the notion that we would play politics. With the lives. The folks who are out there working harder we single day. Americans may try to look at effect. Makes us which helps us. And that's a message that I won't luckily today. Certain if you and that is that we still had the opportunity for. People who sign up. The deadline for signing up for two this thing is that beard fifteen. So we've got a little relief for people to sign up. Four. Call. Less than your cellphone bill or your cable. You can have the same help secure. Hope this table. And I want my body him. Told the story that she. Really didn't think she needed health insurance. Canada getting it because she heard that there was a field goal if you don't get it. Ended up purchasing it. Or ended up getting him. Finding out she's qualified for Medicaid he expand Medicaid Comerica. It was only after she signed up as you discover. To remember that you must get. So it turns out that the acute back out there that you're not going to be health insurance. You've heard me won't do that at some point you know and here's an opportunity to sign up. And so won't ever going to get off after dug up. Find out. What options are available to you in your state and into the community. We have people around this table were paying as little as thirty or forty dollars. Premiums. Some are paying. But. Again averages less than a hundred dollars a month. And that is something that. A lot of folks out there and got noticed people were still qualified. Every chance to sign up but you've got to do it by February 15 so get off walker I'd go. What are your options don't take my work. But understand that this is something you've you've got a security and peace of mind. That is prices. And to my friends up on Capitol Hill I would just ask them once again. To consider. And why they would. Can they get an important fireworks. To take away health care or something million people. A worker hurt. And in many cases through no fault of their own got dealt a bad. A bit. A series of cancers. And anybody who has just fall we'll know we want her. To succeed. She's overcome incredible it's one who want to take health care away from her. Why would we want to make it impossible for her. To live out her life. Was some sense of security peace of mind. Those mechanisms. So I just want thank your for your sharing their stories. I'm very proud of them and were that they're doing Foster who were. But I hope all of you since ago like cameras and microphones. Spread word as well you gotta sign up after you're drifting. Thank you very much. The president there at a briefing earlier speaking at length. About the benefits that he says has come from implementing. The Affordable Care Act and he was flanked by ten people who had written letters sent to him I want to bring in. ABC's Mary Bruce who was at the White House and merry give us an idea little bit more about the people that the president had joined him today. Shorten the press. It wants to show that the Affordable Care Act is working and he's using these American story. To do that these are all people who have written the president very personal letters sharing their stories about. How the Affordable Care Act the president's signature law. Has benefited them so from being able to get access to critical medicines are finding affordable coverage are being able to get that preventative care. All of their stories go to underscore the president's message here. And give us an explanation here on time mean an event like this today we know that there is a vote ahead. Exactly house is voting today yet again and to try to repeal. Obamacare at this I think marks the 67. Time they voted to defund or do you rail. This legislation one player another is you heard the president say there if the house had its way then. That means that all those people sitting around a deal with the president would no longer have their coverage and of course there's also comes right in the middle of open enrollment as the president mentioned yet about. Another week and a half to February 15 to sign up. So this event also gives the president a chance to not only act take a shot at Republicans but also to remind Americans to go ahead and get online and sign up. And does this bill actually stand a chance first of all the house and then what about the set. Not a chance at all the president has already said that he would veto this bill and any bill. It tries statistics on how roll back any parts of the Affordable Care Act house Republicans know that this doesn't have a have any chance of becoming. Reality but sound you sound like a lot of things in Washington this is all really just for. All right thanks Mary Bruce and now I want to turn ABC senior Washington correspondent Jeff Celanese also standing by watching all of this. Jeff we just saw behind the president many of those people ten of them who wrote. Letters to him about how the Affordable Care Act has been working for them if this law is working so well. Why are Republicans once again taking up to repeal. We'll sell the fact of the matter is the country is divided on this flight to country is divided on so many things it's but this is one. Example you know of something that some. Mines are simply probably not going to change at least during the course of this administration it's called Obama care and half the country. About half the country music to negatively about half the countries it positively. But that is what. Is behind all these attempts to repeal and simply put Republicans Republican leaders are bringing this to vote again not because they. I think it's actually going to happen because they are trying to and satisfy the demands of their conservative base they were elected they are now fully controlling the house and the senate both. Houses of congress now so how could they not at least try. And take a vote on this but one senior Republican I talk to this morning Michelle said look we want to have this vote and then move on with it. They do not want to hole a legislative session and counter to be consumed by this vote so it's very much a check the box symbolic vote to satisfy or try to satisfied. He would demands of the concerns days. And also getting those new members on record to. Publicly but is there an alternative health program if this should move forward on any level. Michelle we actually are beginning to see the content for the outlines of a potential alternative program on I'm only a couple days ago just on Friday. As a matter of fact three top Republicans are coming together a Paul Ryan is leading this. That the charges the chairman of the house ways and means committee of course the Republican vice presidential. Candidate. In a two point twelve he has leading this group and they actually are beginning to and sort of see what would work. What could stay what could go and that's also because the Supreme Court is reviewing this and yet again. So if that decision is handed down. In early June and the Supreme Court strikes down other provisions some state provisions of this lot it will have to go back to the drawing board so Republicans actually are beginning in the early early stages of finding some type of replacement but the reality here is it's very hard to take something away from people. Once they have it so it is a very tough thing. Some Republicans for political reasons of course want the Supreme Court Q. Rescind this were to chip away more at the obamacare a lot of and they are charged with coming up with the alternative and that it's going to be very difficult thing to do because yet to take things away from people now. Which is very very unpopular. And you mention. And that there are just as many people in the public guy that do not. One this says people who do want this and it's a tax filing season could the White House also. Be on the defensive a little bit worried about how millions of Americans may be forced to pay a tax penalty. So that's a great point this is all coming at the same time there's another open enrollment period but we're all getting ready and we're getting are. Our are our tax forms in the mail and in people who do not have health care will for the first time have to pay a penalty that's how this whole health care. Nothing works if you don't sign up for health care insurance if you're not. Covered by your employer or buying your own plan you have to pay a penalty to the IRS so no doubt that is going to add some more a controversy as to this. And we know that polls are out pretty much every month talking and taking the temperature of the public is there any way to remove politics and determine. Whether or not the health law care law is actually working. I think in short no it's impossible to remove politics and there but there are several metrics that show. This is working several I'm. Independent analysts academic groups show that there are more people. I'm being insured now far far far fewer uninsured. And at least ten million or about a ten million by most estimates have insurance. Now hospitals across the country actually a reporting fewer people coming to emergency rooms. So bit by bit by bit most people agree that it is actually working to some degree now one question that that it's not viscerally working. Is how expensive it is some people's health care premiums actually went up. If you live in in a rural states across that interstates without as much a competition. Some premiums have skyrocketed because of this now other places they've gone down of course so that it's what's driving this controversy. I'm. It is that. That because of the slots become more expensive. For some people and they say you know it's unfair simply unfair but. The administration says it needs time to level out. One thing I'm surprised by Michelle though is that insurance companies haven't had created haven't gotten that much heat for this remember the CEOs of Wall Street got so much heat for her. For things back in the F financial crisis of 2008 insurance companies have not gotten a lot of heat. For raising premiums I think the anger at some point we'll shift toward insurance companies away from the politics but it is just day. It's an easy political score a frankly for both sides that so we see a lot of here and we'll see it again today on the house floor when they vote about 4 PM this afternoon to repeal once again obamacare.

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