Obama Visits DreamWorks and Promotes Entertainment Industry Workers

President's speech discusses the importance of middle class jobs created by movies and television.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for Obama Visits DreamWorks and Promotes Entertainment Industry Workers
This is a special -- -- -- -- New -- -- -- ABC news digital special report predator Obama taking a break from. Fund raising this afternoon to the delivers speech on the economy. Just outside of Los Angeles. Mr. -- brought mr. Obama excuse me is in Glendale. At DreamWorks Animation headquarters that's where he enjoyed his tour courtesy of CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg longtime supporter. And donor. The Obama administration. So what's more today's speech and presence which ship with DreamWorks team bring -- BC's Mary Bruce and by Washington -- I'm sorry you were able to join the trip clearly looks like it was a nice. Nice venture out there but anyway and this was after a long day of fund raising yesterday. Discussions of immigration and now the economy taking center stage would you expect to hear. The president is continuing to try and draw more public attention to his second term agenda and today that means talking about the economy. He's an outline his plan to grow the economy to boost job creation as you mentioned he's at the DreamWorks studios there's there's gonna talk -- a little bit about how the motion picture industry has been. Boosting the economy and helping to create more jobs last month alone. Over 4000 jobs and that industry were added to the economy so that gives him a chance to highlight that. I'm sure will always as we usually hear a little bit of Republican bashing as he outlines his agenda and called on lawmakers to go ahead and act on some of these measures but -- so long as. The obamacare mess continues to dominated tension here in Washington I highly doubt that any of these attempts of his -- really do much to change the. Public conversation. Interest in outlook on different Steve Martin a picture of Parsons there on the site is not that that that what are when asked you about is the relationship that the president has. Obviously with the longtime supporter Jeffrey Katzenberg CEO -- DreamWorks there this appearance is it is it a bit about a presidential thank you. Four all those campaign box. What a coincidence time just so happens that the president is visiting DreamWorks -- this CEO is one of his most ardent supporters one of his. Most -- largest and most profitable fundraisers for him now the White House says that this is not -- -- thank you but it's certainly seems like that. You -- the president toward the studios earlier he met with industry reps -- before he comes out here to deliver remarks that he's spending quite a lot of time drawing a lot of attention. To DreamWorks here. But in the White House when asked about this said look you know the president being a supporter of the president doesn't guarantee you a presidential visit but it shouldn't exclude you. From one either -- well now the president. -- had attended his seventh. Fund raiser during this western swing this morning. Tell us a little bit about fund raiser number six though from last night. That's right during this three day trip the president despite these sort of official events the real main event here -- -- Fundraising and -- he was a magic Johnson's house and LA delivering remarks at his sprawling mansion there he spoke about the Affordable Care Act he talked about the need. To support democratic candidates but of course the president sometimes joke about -- as -- the basketball player in chief he's a huge basketball fan. They talked about his own admiration -- Magic Johnson on an off the court. He and mentioned in particular. Bad. Why you know how that it doesn't amount undisclosed. His battle with aids and really how that helps to change the public conversation about that disease in the country so. A lot of praise from the president for one of his favorite players and then also lessen the president made a bit of a lower profile stop as well right. That's right up met privately in his hotel before the fund raisers with the family of the transportation security officer that was killed in the line of duty last month. In that breach of security at LA acts and he also met with two of the TSA officers who were wounded during that security breach so. But of a surprise visit with the families but something that the president was happy to have the opportunity to do during his trip. Always squeezing some opportunity. In and there are obviously -- these kinds of whirlwind trips. It really has been a busy week for the president. To deal with Iran obamacare debates accusations that he's using Iran and the senate nuclear option to distract. All from -- -- and then immigration that speech the heckler of course yesterday included and now the economy. What is the political calculus on this amazed how many messages in the in the White House juggle. That's additionally the lot going on that the president is trying to draw attention to and that's all part of this effort to try and get to the public dialogue a -- -- From the obamacare -- OK. This is where they're getting a lot of negative press and now he's going to be touting the economy and trying to again draw positive attention back to his administration. And here's the capstone to the visit let's listen more. And it is great to be at DreamWorks Animation. I would like to work here. I I've asked. -- The only concerned I had. Was. The lights were -- -- dim in the offices. And I'm pretty sure -- fall asleep. But but but there's a natural connection premium -- I don't know you know this but my ears were one of these. Inspirations. For -- -- true true story. -- -- was being very modest when she said she had a front row seat. -- was one of my earliest supporters. Back when. Nobody could pronounce my name. And her and John Rogers burial capital. Help to coach -- some of my. First fund raisers. And they'd have to dragged. Some -- group in Qichen and scream at them. You know right at that jacket and listen to this young. A senator who had. Is a lot of ideas but not necessarily. Any realistic prospects. To win. And she went through a lot of ups and downs with with me in my career and is just a great great friend so -- thank -- publicly. All the support -- We've got some folks here or fighting for the people of sub. The Southern California. Every single day it -- want to acknowledge them. But the mayor Glendale Dave Weaver. We got three of your outstanding member of the congress Brad Sherman Adams shift. Karen -- they are all doing a great job. I want to thank all of you for being here and I want to thank your CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg for inviting me. -- -- -- Like morality as. That a friend -- through victim then and I think his place in in the entertainment industry is legendary I don't need to pump them up too much. Yet they simply. Healthy sense of self. But. But he is a great friend. And and somebody who. Whose counsel and advice I value. And I'm incredibly grateful to be here at. That's wonderful institution that he helped build. And I've come here today because this is one of America's economic engines. I just remorse but this whole cluster of companies that. Generations have brought up knowing Disney and Warner and universal and others. When you think about it. What finances to New York what the auto industry is to the midwest what technology -- to northern California. Entertainment is to this part of the country. And most of us have spent a lot of time. Thinking about our favorite movies or TV shows but we don't often think about the entire infrastructure of industry. Behind -- series. Hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs. They're not always on the marquee jobs for electricians and carpenters and sound mixers and make up artists. Designers and animators. Depend on this incredible. Industry. Here in Southern California. Entertainment is one of America's biggest exports. In every day you sell a product that's made in America to the rest of the world. Every time somebody -- movie tickets or dvds or distribution rights stroke -- Some of that money goes back to the local economy right here. And believe it or not entertainment is part of our American diplomacy. It's part of what makes us exceptional part of what makes us. Such a world power. You can go anywhere on the plant. And you'll see a kid wearing a Madagascar -- T -- You can say may the force be with -- They know what you're talking about. Hundreds of millions of people may never set foot in the United States but thanks to you. They've experienced a small part of what makes our country special. -- learn something about our values we have shaped a world culture. -- -- And the stories that we tell. -- -- Values site and ideals about tolerance. And diversity and overcoming adversity. And creativity. That. Are part of our DNA and as a consequence of what you've done. You help shape. The world culture. In a way that. Does make the world better. They might not know the Gettysburg address but. If they're watching. Some -- movie maybe. Guess who's come at a better. The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Willard grace we'll Grayson and and modern family they they've had -- front row seat. -- march towards progress. -- have their own nations haven't made that progress yet -- young people in countries all around the world some way. Make a connection. And have an affinity to people who don't look like them. Maybe originally they might have been fearful of and now suddenly they -- that this -- like me. That is one of the powers of art. That's what you transmit and that is a remarkable legacy. Cuts also big responsibility. When it comes to issues like gun violence we got to make sure. That we're not. Glorifying it because the stories you tell shape our children's outlook and their lives. Now earlier this year leaders from this town sat down with Vice President Biden talk about what Hollywood could do to help keep markets safe this is in the wake of sandy hook. And those conversations need to continue. The stories we tell matter. And and you. Tell stories more powerfully than anybody else on -- But I want to make clear. Even as we think long and hard about the messages we said we should never waver from our commitment. To the freedom. That allows us to total story so. Protecting our first amendment rights. -- buy up to who we are and it's also good business. Because in the global race for jobs and industries. That -- do better and anybody else is creativity. That's something the can't be -- -- on the reasons why even -- new markets and new technologies. There's still no better place to make movies and television and music and right here in the United States. Entertainment is one of the bright spots of our economy. The gap between what we can do and what other countries can do is enormous. Now let's work. That's what -- And that means that we've got to do what it takes to make sure that this industry and every great American industry keeps that. Competitive -- So the more folks. -- career -- like many view it. And get good middle class jobs that life -- -- supporter -- and get ahead. Nothing is more important the -- right now. And -- Melvin mentioned when I came in office we were going through a severe crisis. Five years later America's largely fought our way back. We've made the tough choices required not just help the economy recover but to rebuild it on a new foundation. For stronger more durable economic growth we we -- focused on manufacturing and exports and today. Our businesses sell more goods and services made in this country the rest of world than ever before. -- manufacturers are adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s. Led by an American auto industry that's come roaring back. -- -- -- -- We decide to reverse -- pet of some form ought. So today we. Generate more renewable energy than -- Double our renewable energy. More natural gas than anybody for the first time in nearly twenty years America now produces more of our own oil that we buy from other countries. When I took office America invested far less. In countries like China -- -- wireless infrastructure. And -- not narrow that gap and we have helped companies unleashed jobs and innovation and become a booming app economy that's created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Six years ago only 5% of the world's Smartphones ran on American operating systems today more than 80% do. And yes we decide to fix broken health care system. Okay. Good. -- -- -- -- -- I was talking to some of the studio expects there and I said look the rollout of new -- -- marketplace was rough. And. Nobody was more frustrated about. The problems with our web -- -- -- And yet here in Southern California and here across the state. There are thousands of people every single day -- getting health care from the first time. For the first time. Because of it. And by the way -- -- Continuing work -- matters to check it out. But as a country -- now poised to gain health coverage for millions of Americans. Starting on January 1. And that includes more than 350000. Here in California -- already signed up. And thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act health care -- are growing of the slowest rate that the years. Employer based health care costs are going about 13 the rate of a decade ago. And that means that if the studios there your employers are having to spend as much on -- that -- -- -- more folks and reinvest more on the business. And come up with those cool technologies that. I don't exactly understand how -- work but. We're really -- to look at. And by the way we've done all this while bringing down our couples. After years of -- trillions. Dollar deficit. We've -- then spent. You would think sometimes listen folks are -- and that that. We -- made progress on that front we wound down two wars we change the tax code that was too skewed towards the wealthiest Americans are expensed middle class. He -- all up we've cut our deficit by more than half and -- continued to -- down faster than anytime since World War II. Okay. So. All told our businesses -- seven point eight million new jobs over the past 44 months. America's got farther recover faster than most other industrialized nations. -- is ever got more work to do. Stock market's doing great. Corporate profits. Soaring but. Too many Americans aren't sharing -- that success. -- everybody here who works at DreamWorks. -- a place to work. I'm gonna ask Jeff -- they've got to work. Okay. But all of you have friends and family. And neighbors. Who aren't as -- And you know there's a lot of folks are struggling about it. In my top priority is making -- that this country remains a country where everybody who's willing to work hard and get ahead. And we be a lot further along without some of the dysfunction. And obstruction we've seen in Washington. We would be a lot further along. Would go up further along -- we -- Get. Folks act with some cents. If we don't have one wing of one party there was little less obsessed way of repealing. Health care for forty million people. More concerned -- meg sure the law works. If if they hadn't spent forty boats trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They might have actually. Taken some boats on rebuilding our infrastructure or. Instituting early childhood education for. Young people across this country here. Investing more money and basically search that helps to create the amazing technologies. That many -- -- You know any of this serious proposals -- put forward that would be creating jobs right now they've begun to take about some. That a rooting for failure. Or re fighting old battles. Republicans in congress -- to work with us to. Improve. Those things about the horrible Carriker are working as well -- -- And implement policies to strengthen the middle class and create jobs. You know I. Couple weeks ago. Couple where's the house Republican leaders handed out newspaper -- members and on the top is set agenda 2014 am not making this up. Below that it was blank. Not. As a -- -- let. Nothing to create jobs. Grow the economy -- straight -- middle class. And I put forward my plans to create new jobs and even the -- for the middle class not put four plants that. Get some Republican some things -- they want in exchange for. Ideas that'll create good jobs right now. And so far there won't consider. Some some people -- -- they're. -- my list top five movies godfather one and two ripped out -- but it turns out Marlon Brando had it easy because. -- -- to congress there is no such thing as an offer they can't refuse. -- -- -- -- -- It. American Bob tribal. I am because. We've got no choice. The American people agree -- us. That. Jobs on the economy should be our number one priority and we got to make some investments to make that happen. We -- give a better bargain in the middle class there by his work in a -- middle class. That means building almost cornerstones. What. Makes for a strong middle class good jobs. A good education. Home of your own health care when he gets sick -- secure retirement even if you're not rich. So we can help manufacturers bring more jobs back to America by investing in. American clean energy technology putting people to work building roads and bridges and schools and high speed broadband networks that attract business from around the world. We prepare our children and our workers for the global competition that they'll face expanding high quality preschool education redesigning our high schools. Investing community colleges and job training. And tackling rising college costs -- the young people can afford. We can help responsible homeowners afford mortgage -- Refinancing of today's low rates. Help build a rock solid housing system for decades to come to the boom and bust. We can bring the promise of -- secure retirement back to reach for middle class -- Finding new ways to make it easier for workers to save and strengthening social security and getting immigration reform done so that. Undocumented workers are paying their -- -- your taxes but they're not. Predominant in the shadows and -- tactic attracting the best the brightest for. All around the world you know those getting a -- DreamWorks. I didn't ask but. Just looking at bases I could tell there were some folks who. Are here not because they were born here. Because they want to. Here. -- extraordinary talents. To the United States and that's part of what makes America special. And and that's part of what by the way makes California especially because it's always been this magnet -- dreamers. And strives. And people come in from every direction. Saying to themselves. It up I work hard -- I gonna have my piece of the American dream. No matter. We're we're going to continue to make progress. On all those fronts and yes we are going to continue to implement. The health care law the product is good people want it and we should not live in a country where people are going bankrupt us because they get sick. And anybody who's gonna keep on. Cushion against that they will meet my resistance because I am willing to fix any problems that there are but I'm not gonna abandon people to make sure they've got health insurance in this country. That's not something. And the good news is that -- thousands of Californians are signing up I've read a really powerful story over the weekend I just wanna. Mention. About uninsured folks in Kentucky are signing up in droves. In one of the poorest counties in the country some -- Can't imagine. What having health insurance would be like. And you read these stories and you realize how important it is for. Folks in Kentucky a state by the way the did not vote for me. And if Kentucky can do it than ever -- -- do. We should be held expand Medicaid all across the country there -- millions of people right now. Even under the law may not get health care that they deserve because they're governors have refused to do it just for political reasons expanding Medicaid. Fortunately California obviously is not one of but this is a fight that we're gonna keep fighting. Because -- we're fighting. And that's what Melvin referred to it's true I'm not an ideological guy yet but there's some things -- really believe. And part of what I believe and it is. That the essence of this country. What makes this place special. Is. This idea that. Hollywood is. Glorified. And held up and it but I actually think it's true that. Here more than a place else. No matter what you look like where you come from. What your last name as we -- -- bill to make it through wanna work. -- -- -- -- And are -- certain values that make that a reality. You know. I think I have my critics obviously. But since we're here in in Hollywood I want to think about something that. The late great Chicago film critic Robert -- said. And and -- was fortunate to get to know. Roger Ebert. And was always inspired by it how he handled some really tough stuff. But he kindness he wrote covers all of my political -- Kindness. -- all my political points. And. When I think about what I'm fighting for what gets me up every single day. That captures -- as much just by as much as there. Kindness empathy. That sense that. -- I have a stake in your success. That. I'm gonna make sure just -- Malia and Sasha are -- well. That's not enough I want your kids to do well also. And I'm willing to help to build good schools so that they get a great education. Even if -- -- get a great education I'm gonna invest in infrastructure. And in building things like. Golden gate bridge and Hoover Dam. The and that. Because. Because. I'm investing for the next generation. -- just -- one. And that's what binds us together and that's how we've always move forward. Based on the idea that we have a stake in each other's success and that's what drives me. And that's what will continue to drive I believe that our. Every -- -- -- opportunity I believe our daughter should have been the same opportunities as our sons. I believe that. -- -- -- Be able to -- -- whatever they. Can dream up but I also want to make sure that. The person is clean it up Jeffers office. That their kid has that same. Possibility. And we may have different ideas in different policies. On how to do things but that -- -- -- -- That. That core vision is what we're fighting for and we should be able to sit down together. And to keep dreaming. And keep working. And to make -- -- that. The American dream that's been described here in Southern California. Is sustained. For generations to come. And what's stopping us is not. Policy. And remember that we've got more common in our politics would suggest. And as long as I've got the privilege of serving as your president that's what American bomb making sure that I do. To put politics. But once -- while. And worked on your behalf. The DreamWorks what you do. Then went to -- that's moving. -- Three days seven fundraisers the president wrapping up his tour. The -- there outside of DreamWorks studios in Glendale California. Making a public -- -- President touching on a number of issues primarily. About the economic driving forces. The entertainment industry. -- and cultural references as well -- some of the movies and television shows and how those kinds of influences has -- not only. Within the country but also on diplomatic front the president also addressing the Affordable Care Act -- fact that how can we move forward when. One wing of one party. He's determined to overturn. Obamacare. And now we've seen inclusion of that. Western. Swing president -- -- -- hands outside for wrapping up. That tour and complete report right hearings com. And on down Cutler New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21022407,"title":"Obama Visits DreamWorks and Promotes Entertainment Industry Workers","duration":"3:00","description":"President's speech discusses the importance of middle class jobs created by movies and television.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-visits-dreamworks-promotes-entertainment-industry-workers-21022407","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}