Obama Vows to Veto Piecemeal Shutdown Spending Fixes

President Obama makes it clear he will not support bills to fund specific programs during shutdown.
3:00 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Obama Vows to Veto Piecemeal Shutdown Spending Fixes
This is a special group. In New York for the ABC news digital special report day two the government shut down and the White House is already reacting to -- President Obama has yet to meet with. Congressional leaders later today hoping to break the gridlock. The rest of the country already higher at Washington's actions warrant out for each month Bradley on capitol Altamont. -- good afternoon so far congress has not made any progress toward solving this stalemate. Although lawmakers are doing at this hour on the floor of the senate and house is engaging. And a bunch of procedural maneuvers. And they're doing that -- -- as we're learning more about the pain. The shutdown -- already cost. From coast to coast Americans are bearing the brunt of the government shutdown now in its second day in Colorado the governor is using state funds to -- national Guardsmen cleaning up after the recent floods. The National Institutes of Health says it may have to turn children with cancer away from clinical trials. And national parks and monuments from the liberty bell to Yosemite are closed the public is furious who want to go on to jerks on in the show up there and it's not care. The shut down carries a huge price tag according to one estimate taxpayers are on the hook for 300 million dollars a day. Twelve and a half million dollars an hour and one point six billion dollars a week. And today -- dire warning from the Director of National Intelligence that the government shutdown is putting Americans at risk of a terror attack. This seriously damages. Or ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and -- citizens but that hasn't brought congress closer to a deal. The latest house Republican strategy is to try to pass funding for certain parts of the government. Things like the national parks the Washington DC government in the veterans administration. But Democrats say they'll only agreed to fund the entire government in the GOP must abandon its effort to defund change or delay obamacare. Reopened only part the government that they like there's no responsible solution as Washington braces for a prolonged shutdown some house Republicans are now saying it's time to pass a continuing resolution that would temporarily fund the government -- -- any strings attached are going to -- you wouldn't. Later this afternoon at the White House President Obama will sit down with congressional leaders both Democrats and Republicans to try to sort through this mess time. Get -- on both sides holding so firm any sign of a compromise in the works. Your guess is as good as mine at this point -- tie but look this is an important first step at least they're talking. For a while there was no negotiating going on in fact they were just planning for the shutdown to last for the next several weeks President Obama. Cancel parts of -- trip. Scheduled for next week in Asia and the White House that the entire trip. Might have been canceled but right now both sides are holding firm but at least they're talking again and perhaps that could lead to a breakthrough. -- agencies to -- Bradley Washington thank you for joining us. And now let's bring in ABC's -- felony at the Russell rotunda Jeff the president calling for a meeting with congressional leaders. What's next. We'll either as a meeting at 530 -- she said that I wouldn't get your hopes up too much for -- actually to be any type of a resolution and this is why. Senator Mitch McConnell the Republican leader -- -- out this statement just a bit ago. He said I'm not I'm a little confused as to the purpose of this meeting the president as of -- it's been sitting on the sidelines so. What this is. Basically is an optics thing. Both sides are being hammered for not negotiating not talking so the president is going to bring the top four congressional leaders senator Harry Reid -- -- -- -- Harry Reid. Senator McConnell. Speaker John Boehner and democratic leader Nancy Pelosi all four of them into a room at the White House to try and talk this out but. It is probably nothing more than a photo op at least that's what we're being told right now and this is why speaker Boehner is still holding. The majority of those Republicans and his caucus firm and it. -- negotiations are not among these leaders they have to be among house Republicans themselves and as of now they're still. An interest of digging -- keeping this going. Now the idea trying to find individual measures one by one which some Republicans have suggested is definitely a no go at this point I. Want to -- go from Democrats and they say that they will not use of piecemeal approach to fund the government now we'll see how long that lasts that's a little bit of -- risky strategy as well because it gives Republicans an -- this thing. Look we're trying to a fund veterans programs. We're trying to keep the national parks open we're trying to do other things that the Democrats say look you can't pick and choose but. There is a vote this afternoon in the house some point mid afternoon. On these three programs but if Democrats hold firm and say. Look let's vote on everything don't forget the big picture here is this is a budget for only to keep the government open for only six more weeks this is only until. For the mid November so it's a little bit hard for Republicans argue at least in the eyes of Democrats that that it should be a piecemeal approach at this point. Now it is both parties are obviously trying to blame each other they shut down -- prove to be enormously unpopular with the American public. -- party is more at risk here in terms of the blank. In terms of the blame I mean I think the other party more at risk at this point is the Republican Party that's -- all of our polls show ABC's. Washington Post poll that shows that you know six in ten Americans don't like how Republicans are handling this in congress but to look. There's also plenty blame to go around especially if this keeps going. We are seeing an outcry across the country from. Real Americans real people who are affected by this hearing story after story and it's not just a Washington -- to -- said earlier this has happened this is affecting people. Across the country -- one small example. A mechanic at off an air force base in Omaha Nebraska. He makes a 180 dollars a day he did not -- -- yesterday he had not earned that but today he is out of work. So -- story is on on his case in particular is going. Around Capitol Hill. People are talking about that this specific cases of people not really tied to the government but not making. -- a salary what happens if they don't get paid their mortgages -- satirist so. That is the thing that will probably clear this logjam. People rising up from the outside saying look enough is enough. And I imagine. People really paying attention to these individual stories of people who are being sacrificed in this -- government shutdown would be very disturbed to know or to hear about. The bad -- I mean it seems -- this is a very bitter fight between both parties and and people are not really holding back. It is a bitter fight and I sit down with three Republicans who are elected in 2010 B. Idiot he wave -- Tea Party activists I sat down with them I yesterday afternoon -- really wanted to hear from them have them explain. What they're thinking here on -- and they say look they. Believe in what they're doing they represent the opposition across the country to the Affordable Care Act. They believe that the F 2012 election was not a referendum on the -- On obamacare and they believe that. -- they are standing up for what people want out there but. You do hear more and more were up to thirteen or fifteen now house Republicans -- only a couple days ago were standing fast now they're saying. Look it is time to you. Move ahead with -- we can have that fight on obamacare at a different time it's time to fund the government so once that GOP armor sort of cracks and falls apart. That's when this the land. That we stock congressman Peter King say you know perhaps the time has come for voting on -- work bullet complete measure keep funding going. -- what is John -- design sports. -- speaker Boehner. Right now is. Is following -- will his members of he has serving them constantly. His advisors say that they believe that this is unifying the party actually but. More and more increasingly this fight is it. It is really inching up to the next big fight in Washington which is raising -- -- debt limit that comes on October 17 so there is a emergence school of thought here on Capitol Hill that of these two fights will actually. Combined coalesce and now will force both sides to -- negotiate but. -- -- that causes major worry considerable worry. For some people who are watching the economy the credit rating of the unit. I'm of the United States already downgraded once before so if these fights are are -- one Republican described enemy is. As a big war rather than just a couple fights so unclear how that gets. It's a result. You know -- hearing from the White House that an unexpected number of people have -- to web sites to try to sign up. For the health care exchanges does that. Did in did this argument at all does that affect the argument in Washington. Shortly a lot of people. That the strange thing about this as it's happening at the same time as as enrollment is happening for the Affordable Care Act. And there are many Republicans I've talked to today who say that look our message is being modeled on this if we just want to talk about the politics for a second. This could have been a perfect opportunity for Republicans and say look. Obama cares not working the web sites -- working etc. And instead that's sort of the be split screen story here we're talking a lot more about the government shutdown but I'm a lot of people were -- millions of people were interested in at least checking out those web sites that yesterday on the first day to day work perfectly absolutely not we did spot checks and others -- -- All across the country that they were very slow in some cases the systems didn't work. Probably to be expected but I'm going forward on this obamacare. And -- government -- shut down no question about it at least. Major parts nonessential parts but the Affordable Care Act is up and running and people are trying to sign up for that's that's probably the one bit of Iron Man here that. The Affordable Care Act thing at the center of all this debate is up and running. And the rest of the government things about nothing to do -- this are shut down. And you mention the debt ceiling just a little bit earlier Jeff -- -- this October 17 deadline up. What what is this debate you. -- of that debate are we looking at that bad blood spilling over into the debt ceiling -- safe are we looking at perhaps. Enough is enough from Washington. You know there are people a lot of us. Senior members of both for both parties both houses hope that it is more the latter that some wisdom prevails but. There's no sense of that -- -- Evidence of that what happened many people worry that this is in fact emboldened. Candidates three dozen or so Republicans in the house these are just holding fast on this so. What. We -- going forward on this by linking these it certainly gives the need for both sides to come to the table and negotiate it will not be acceptable for the White House to stay on the sidelines during the -- debt ceiling debate. Entirely but and given what's happened here over the last week or so the last couple weeks -- the last couple years there's very little hope for optimism that. That that things will suddenly. Change up here this is divided government. At its worst or best -- early. OK -- actually the -- pertaining to that debt ceiling debate. -- -- What I hope will happen is we will keep the discretionary -- that levels -- Marty agreed to. -- -- -- -- Some of those mandatory reforms the president himself as parties that he thinks are and the interests of our nation. And use -- to help us raise the debt ceiling. Aren't they have -- Republican that congressman Bob corporate there what do you make of his comments. -- senator Bob Corker and was saying he is definitely a racing and that means a lot of -- senior Republicans believe that the president has to come to the table on this there is one vote that is still haunting President Obama from his time here in the senate. And that's when he voted against raising the debt ceiling himself. That is brought up again and it didn't. -- by -- senators if some people simply think it's the wrong thing to do to raise the debt ceiling. The same time everyone knows it's absolutely necessary to keep paying the bills -- so. That is the more consequence all. These two fights here but again there's no roadmap out of this there's no easy way to see how that is a suddenly resolve the optimistic school of thought appeared times. Is that you know all the anger -- of the play itself out people have been puffing and huffing and making their point of view. And this other fight will be easier but in my experience -- on Capitol Hill in Washington that's not necessarily. -- -- case I think for a dug in for. At least a couple weeks in the streets more of a long fight here I don't know how -- demand. Right funniest scene -- fuel another fight says ABC's -- Johnny thank you so much for joining us Jeff from Capitol Hill. Aren't you -- of course it completely -- right here on abcnews.com. Now time Hernandez in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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