Obama Working to Resolve Military Death Benefits

White House official says president expects a solution for payment during government shutdown.
3:36 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Obama Working to Resolve Military Death Benefits
John and -- we're skeptical look at invasion. Always a little skeptical. Along. On this question. Families of those who lost loved ones. It -- country. You said that the White House. -- this problem would be there in the event but there -- defense informed color so congress knew about it yet as -- congress knew about the White House knew about it. President. The commander in chief he's the chief executive is it was a literally nothing that he could do to ensure that these families -- taking care of he's doing it today John because it was not addressed by congress in the pay our military act it was not and the paramilitary. John -- stuff that -- The Republicans shut the government down none of this would be an issue if the government -- open OK to. Department of Defense as every agency did. Warned congress the myriad consequences. Shut down this is one of those consequences. And unfortunately it was not explicitly address in the pay our military act cannot assigning blame for that but it wasn't the president -- that it. This had not been addressed he directed. The OMB and his lawyers to find a solution and they're working on that we expect one today. So I don't think there's any. Any disagreements that this is a matter that needs to be resolved. That it's unthinkable that these benefits would not be available and their forward he's doing the right thing has commander entry and chief and making sure that is resolved. And it is there there's discretion clearly and -- in. Deciding -- essential and who's not a central who is for alone is not reload. You're here these briefings are taking place in the lead -- decisions made how. Could there not have been a decision made. -- if there's anything to central it would be taking care of those who lost a loved ones in the field and. So that Department of Defense informed congress that this would be a consequence among many other consequences and it wasn't. -- look I mean again if you want -- -- commander in chief. When he found out that this was not addressed. He directed -- solution be found and we expect one today I think that's. Yesterday's again. I think just -- Been pretty clear about the process here. Congress was informed as it was informed of all the consequences. Shut down and -- they are many as we see and and you know. Not solution to all of this is not the piece meal. -- reaction to them or. You know band aid approach to solving them is opening the government had funding levels Republicans that. Remember if anybody thinks that Democrats in congress. Are getting a concession by extending the government on a short term continuing resolution at funding levels sequester levels. Agreed to in celebrated by Republicans they're sorely mistaken. Leader Pelosi and leader Reid deserve credit and Democrats in the senate and house deserve credit that -- Agreed that it was too important. To not till you know shut the government down they agreed that an extension at those levels and unfortunately. Republicans and said decided. To launch. You know quixotic crusade against obamacare. The one that everyone knew was gonna lead to nothing. And every one across the country who has even a tangential relationship with. The government is suffering as a consequence.

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{"id":20524306,"title":"Obama Working to Resolve Military Death Benefits","duration":"3:36","description":"White House official says president expects a solution for payment during government shutdown.","url":"/Politics/video/obama-working-resolve-military-death-benefits-20524306","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}