'Obamacare' Website Technicians Face Grilling in House Hearing

U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park testifies on progress fixing troubled 'Obamacare' website.
45:12 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for 'Obamacare' Website Technicians Face Grilling in House Hearing
This is a special room. Hello I'm tired and -- and his ABC news digital special report another today in not a hearing on Capitol Hill about the sputtering obamacare web site. In the hot seat this time is -- park -- chief technology officer at the White House park was subpoenaed to testify before the Republican led house committee. Even -- by -- county had little involvement with setting up the health care dot com web site. We're gonna now -- that ABC news digital reporter Devin Dwyer and if that senior political director -- -- It is less than Washington. Rick let's start with you -- part didn't show up because he was asked nicely he was subpoenaed and then again the only the white -- only agreed to his appearance. Just last night are we entering this new Arab hardball over these committee hearings. Maybe not a new Arab body -- old -- that's been extended Todd park has been in charge of trying to fix the mess that has been obamacare. And the White House was trying to argue that it would be a wasted his time to prepare for this hearing. And -- appear today some Democrats on the committee even saying that the committee owes him an apology for interfering with with his work but there are critical questions right now not just about why the website was not functioning at the beginning but whether it's gonna be fixed in time the administration has set this deadline of November 30 that's the date they have guaranteed will be up and running. Reports today in the Washington Post that. They're not even close to capacity right now we know that new problems socializing. That as they thick -- problems right now they're not even at half of the capacity that -- need to be by the end of the month. Yet now DeVon I think it would surprise a lot of Americans did here we have a chief technology officer at the White House. But maybe even more surprising that he wasn't consulted -- says he didn't have a large part. In the rolling out of this website he's now in the mix in terms of fixing it but he says he didn't really work on developing -- how that's possible. That's Harbaugh I think one of things that this -- the -- over the Obama care what's that is exposed highest relieve them then how many layers of bureaucracy there are just to get something like this off the ground. And -- today that panel not only is is the chief technology officer Todd park testifying which -- seen there. In that hearing room on Capitol Hill a number of top Obama administration officials who had some connection to the development of this site including Henry chow. He was the chief there project officer. For developing a web site at the Department of Health and Human Services so there are numerous layers to this onion if you will. But today Republicans expected to grow all of them about their involvement. And just why that website is still not up to par now some six weeks -- after launch dot. -- you mentioned that the problems are so bad the Washington Post now reporting that this will not be fixed likely by the end of the month as the president had promised how bad is it. For the president at that particular promise may not be filed threat. That would be cataclysmic -- a lot of ways politically already Democrats are getting weak -- on this they are worried about the timeframe we heard President Clinton just yesterday stated. He thinks that they should change the law make sure the people that that -- -- report and get it. You have more and more Democrats signing -- that some also pushing to delay. The individual mandate to -- after which it'll be. Against the law -- not have health insurance and I think those those cries will only get louder if they have any given all of this November 30 deadline keep in mind they knew that this was screwed up from basically day one and we didn't focus on the first couple weeks because of the government shut down. But certainly by mid October we knew that this is a major problem that's when they came back and said give us 56 weeks and we'll have -- up and running if they still can't do it -- It's going to be very hard to maintain the argument that it's -- to start fining people for not having health insurance that they still can't get by going on the web site. Yet -- the government. And the Obama administration still adamant that that six months we'll still be enough time that within six months Americans will still have enough time to get on that website get a plan and get rolling. Is how much faith and goodwill -- is their left at this point in those promises. That's right they're sticking by their promises are also sticking by their promise that the web site will be up and running by the end of the month but look even the insurers. Don't want an extension of this open enrollment period which ends on mark march 31 they don't want to delay in the individual mandate. -- all of that is very closely connected to the premiums that consumers pay they say. If there's an extension that'll throw off all their estimates it could result in higher premiums for people starting next year insurers right now. Are in the process of developing the 2015 premiums so. Everyone is still sticking to their guns that there is plenty of time they Obama administration officials here at the White House point to that Massachusetts experience. 2007 where they say you know only a 123 people actually enrolled in the first month -- got a little bit better -- by the end of the second month or month. -- and so -- to their hoping that and expecting that these same kind of experience what happened here. And that by the end of the year by the end of march even we'll have much higher numbers but again we're still awaiting that first round of numbers from October could come as soon as today. Right and Rick let's talk about it and -- university poll finds that American voters disapprove. Of the president's job performance 54 to 39%. Ways we do -- types of numbers perhaps seeing them before. Why are these numbers are significant right now. As you mentioned it's about -- President Bush was at the same time in his term and one of the reasons that significant is that we have seen. In erosion of the trust -- President Obama the question of whether he's honest and trustworthy that's always been -- Obama's strength. It is no longer and it's hard not to read that as a statement on obamacare the flawed roll out the guarantee that the president now acknowledges was not -- This is so key to everything this president wants to do over the next three years that he has the last three years that he has an office. It's trust me trust me that I can govern trust and -- get things done we -- -- that from her away and this obamacare. Web -- we've always known that obamacare would be president Obama's legacy is looking like a very mixed one at best right now and he's got to be able to show that you can pull this off. If he's gonna -- any hope for other substantial gains in the next three years. Yes this is similar question to you DeVon what does the president -- -- need to do in terms of rebounding from this. Is -- all connected to the affordable health care act at this point. Well I think part of it is just getting this website off the ground improving -- people that this can be done you know this president has staked his. His really his entire presidency on this notion that that government. An activist government a very. Bigger government if you will I can be effective can't solve big problems and so I think in that respect. They're really hoping that just this one slice of that this website will get off the ground approved of people that it can be done. But I think you're also going to see the president later this week he's gonna hit the road. To continue to try to push this message that the health care law is actually having a positive impact you know you're starting to see people. Continue to be able to see other health care plans. Until their parents' health care plans to their 26 the preexisting conditions issue. You're starting to see more people and enrolled in Medicaid which is a big part of this law so there are positive elements here this president is trying to get out in front of take on the road remind people. That it's not just this website. Of course you'd like to see that website get off the ground and and they're hoping that the end of the month will be a big step forward. And liked it -- a little bit about the Republican response here we kind of -- -- -- death by committee in terms of the affordable health care act. That the oversight alone in the woods highlight all the flaws and problems that we're seeing today. But we where -- relatively little from Republican leadership you would think that John Boehner would be holding a daily press conference about this why this strategy. Right now it is all obamacare all the time the word has gone out from leadership offices that is the only thing they -- to be talking about right now. The rest of the legislative calendar especially in the house Republicans are central it's been clear they don't want to talk about making it isn't related to this. I haven't noticed any silence from leadership Mitch McConnell for instance health -- rare press conference back in Kentucky just yesterday. Where the -- -- told reporters I'm only here to talk about obamacare they want to talk about this as much as they can at the exclusion of all other issues there's an effort right now. Inside the house the try to push tax reform for instance. And leadership is trying to quiet this down right now Ilyce and we are winning this politically as long as -- -- talking about oversight. Of the Obama health care law we are able to say told you so they are very happy with how this is -- -- politically and they're seeing more more Democrats. -- -- buckle under the pressure on this there will be a key vote on Friday on suspending the individual mandate that requirement that it -- -- gets health insurance. And -- word is that there could be a good number of Democrats that end up having to jump ship on that vote. Are we seeing. The administration were behind the scenes -- behind the scenes to keep Democrats in line with what the White House messages. Very much there's been a series of meeting some even including the president. The White House is this -- and poppies again today in addition to the public hearing for private briefings from that. The technology folks and the White House folks the communication shop trying to insure them that things are on track and what I've heard from Capitol Hill offices is that. You know Democrats have always been willing to give. A little bit of deference to the White House but their patience is limited even very loyal Democrats feel like they have been this led to some degree by the white house on this. And they are putting everyone on a short leash and it's a race against time not just for that November 30 deadline not just for the march 31 individual mandate deadline. But for some other nebulous deadline where Democrats and particularly red state Democrats but other Democrats as well are gonna throw up their hands and say we -- through defending this and we have to make sure we get it right for our concession. All right so DeVon wired appears the administration has a number of deadlines. To adhere to that that November 30 -- big one where they promise website would be back up and running and that the feeling in the sense that there's a deadline with within their the Democratic Party. That's right -- did. And and it created all these deadlines tie for themselves this November 30 it was it was really something they separate themselves. And there's some concern here that they may have had not given themselves enough time I mean as you mentioned earlier the Washington Post today. Kind of declaring that it's unlikely they'll meet their deadline of course -- ABC news has reported. That these problems that make it very possible that they won't meet that deadline and experts IT experts that I've talked to say. Boy there -- there really. An uncertain whether they're actually gonna make this though all eyes are on this November 30 deadline but I think the bigger picture here is. Is what this is gonna do for people's premiums people who are -- -- uninsured people were looking general had been hoping to use this web site. I mean I think there's of -- very human element in this whole process that sort of lost in the discussion about deadlines in numbers and all that. People simply want to get health insurance through this portal was promised it was touted gives campaigned upon they want to see it come through. In the insurance industry is very nervous they bought into this plant they're now waiting to see if it can come through. So November 30 or not there are a lot of constituencies here that are really hoping this thing. And get turned around all right BC's David Dreier thank you so much for joining us and ABC news political director for client thank you as well. Also in an ABC news exclusive the woman who was once the face of the health care web -- has spoken to -- robots only. Her first name used -- -- and she says she's speaking out to defend herself. After weeks of being made fun she says the technical problems not her fault. I mean there's always a way to hate me. Because. I insist the photo. You know -- and being this and the website and you'll make it failed hope. So. I don't think these -- have a new reasons to hate we'll. All right Adriana as compared what's happening to her. To cyber bowling right now we -- going to go back to that hearing -- oversight and Government Reform Committee -- house. And -- -- testifying chief information officer of health and human services agent right. -- -- -- -- -- -- The Food and Drug Administration. The Health Resources and Services Administration the Indian Health Service. The national institutes of health and the substance abuse and -- health services administration. That's what makes up HHS. And we manage our IT portfolio. Through a federated government structure. The vast majority of the department's IT resources. Are dedicated directly to the appropriations. Made to our programs and operating divisions. And our governance structure reflects that reality. Program level IT decisions are governed -- reviewed by our operating divisions. Each of HHS's. Operating divisions has its own chief information officer. Its own chief information security officer and an IT management structure. And management -- the development of health care dot gov. Was comparable to management of similar IT initiatives throughout the department's operating divisions indeed. Prior IT initiatives that we're all familiar with including Medicare -- and Medicare part. We're -- and developed by CMS who serves as the business owner and developer. Of health care that -- integrated eligibility and enrollment system for the federally facilitated marketplace. Since I joined the department about eighteen months ago we have been working to restructure. And update our IT governance. Bringing visibility. Into what the department bodies and -- -- across all of our operating divisions. And we are now in the process of putting in place three I T steering committees to bring together technology and program leaders from across the department. To improve our purchasing and management of IT resources. The steering committees take a functional view of RIT portfolio. We have created one to oversee health and human service systems. A second to oversee scientific research systems. And a third for administrative and management systems. This governance structure will improve department wide oversight of IT purchases and projects. Secretary -- -- has been a strong advocate for transparency. In some departments IT portfolio. And this new governance structure is designed to achieve that outcome. Collectively. These three steering committees will provide department -- guidance to the operating divisions respective IT portfolios. And will ensure that we identify and take advantage of opportunities to save taxpayer funds. For example. We're now in the process of establishing a vendor management office to improve the department's negotiating position with technology vendors. And to make use of enterprise wide license acquisitions. We're always looking for ways consolidated investment systems -- acquisitions. To meet the department's broad IT portfolio needs more effectively and economically. In the FY fourteen budget process HHS identified 250 million dollars. In reductions within our IT portfolio attributable to savings in various commodity IT area mr. Thank you yet mr. -- Good morning. Chairman -- ranking member Cummings and members of the committee thank you for inviting me to testify today on the administration's. Ongoing efforts to deliver on the promise of the Affordable Care Act. As US chief technology officer housed at the Office of Science and Technology Policy. I serve as an advisor at the white house on a broad range of technology policy and strategy priorities. Ranging from how technological innovation can help grow the economy. To how to open up government data to spur innovation and entrepreneurship and the private sector to how the power of technology can be harnessed to improve health care. -- disaster relief like human trafficking and more. In this work I try to bring the sensibilities of the private sector text box opener tonight -- for most of my professional life. As you know October 1 was the launch of the new health care -- And the health insurance marketplace. -- people without health insurance clean those who cannot afford health insurance and those who are not part of a group plan can go to get affordable coverage. Unfortunately the experience on health -- -- has been highly frustrating for many Americans these problems are unacceptable. We know there is real interest from the American public having easy access to the new affordable choices in the health insurance marketplace. I believe -- public servants we have a shared goal. To deliver to Americans the service they deserve and expect. And system being -- beginning of October I've shifted into working full time on the team that's working around the clock to fix health conduct. And bring it to the place it should be. The team is making progress the website is getting better each week as we work to improve its performance its stability and its functionality. As a result more more individuals are successfully creating accounts while union and moving on to apply for coverage -- shop for -- we have much work still to do. Are making progress at a growing rate. I'll be happy to try to answer any questions you may have been helped conduct and -- the team is making thank you very much. Thank -- -- mr. general. Good morning chairman -- ranking member Cummings and members of this committee. Thank -- this opportunity to testify -- the efforts to improve the management of federal information technology and its relationship to the implementation. Of the Affordable Care Act. As the chief information officer of the United States I serve as the administrator of the office of electronic government and information technology. A statutorily created office -- in the Office of Management and Budget. My primary duties are. Developing and issuing government wide. Broad -- guidance and policy. Overseeing the development of the president's 82 billion dollar -- budget. And convening in facilitating federal -- stakeholders. To collectively address and resolve complex cross government issues. Results from my office have followed these -- flat lining -- T spending since 2009. Realizing over one billion dollars in savings since 2012. With our portfolio step program. And facilitating and convening agencies to work on cross cutting opportunities and policy such as -- work on open government data. Closing and optimizing our data centers promoting a new wave of cloud computing. My office is also -- important work in the area cyber security creating new secure mobile device specifications for our country. And protecting federal IT devices and the network. My involvement in the implementation of VA CA also reflects from my role its -- -- I acted as a convene here -- facilitator agencies to work through the technical details. But the -- aging and cross agency implementation work of the AC primarily yielding. The cross agency data service club teacher of the overall system. As -- committee is well aware before joining the administration I worked in the private sector for nearly twenty years the majority of which -- at Microsoft Corp. I shipped and helped launch many complex products and well known brands such as windows XPX. -- and windows server. The launch of each of these products. Projects presented its own challenges. Microsoft is still patching windows XP twelve years after it helped launched -- in 2001. Continuous improvement is the nature of these efforts. As you can imagine connecting multiple legacy IT systems across multiple agencies of the federal government is complex task. However this is no way in excuse for the problems encountered in launching health care -- We are taking this unacceptable situation seriously. And working hard to correct course. Since October 1 time actively helping -- all hands on deck effort to assist the department of health and human services and the centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Services in fixing that system. Given my prior experience the private sector I acted as a customer advocate helping to assess and address opportunities to improve the customer experience -- we fix the web site. Outcomes from this work include updates the -- of help -- enlisting alternative ways to apply for health insurance. Recently I'm involved in the tactical aspects of the site including monitoring progress in advising team. We share the deep concern this committee regarding the current state of health -- care health care -- And we as a team are working to improve the site. To improve access to affordable health care coverage soon as possible I look forward to continuing this work after this here. Thank you against the opportunity to appear for the committee today. Thank you I now ask unanimous consent that pages. -- 51 and 152 of mr. chose. In her transcribed interview -- the record objection so ordered I now ask that. The redacted. Document of CGI federal. Which -- call exhibit on I guess be placed in the record objection so ordered an -- ask that the CMS document. Entitled health insurance marketplace pre flight checks last September 25 2013 -- please have a record. Yes -- -- one reserves of -- doesn't. That's a committee document that both sides have. Without objection so ordered. Mr. -- I'm gonna ask the clerk to give you those documents. And I'm gonna give you -- very brief. Before it started -- -- -- very brief understanding what American. Back to you on in just a few minutes. But you've -- testimony on page is 151 and 152. Of your transcribed interview. In a sequence of events that were related to the minorities questioning of US to whether or not. The anonymous shopper function worked. On October 1 the other document is related to that. Check list and we want to make sure you have that before I ask you any further questions underwrote. And while he's reading that that the clock please mr. perk. You're here today. And taken away from your other duties. Because of a serious concern. About what you -- in. And what the administration may have hedges say I don't -- -- give you an opening opportunity to clarify that. -- after the October launch. And I'll paraphrase. You basically said the problem with the web -- was that there were 250000. Simultaneous users. They could've handled 60000. But that 250000 simply slowed it down and brought -- two days with the bureau opening statement the opening statements of others -- -- -- now don't know. Would you like to please for the record give us the number of simultaneous users you believe could have been handled. Through the portal. On day war. Thank you mr. chairman for the question. It's nature. This kind of situation. -- four. And mr. and I want to treat you with respect desert -- -- but I've got a very few minutes answer you gave a number that number was erroneous. It couldn't handle 60000 simultaneous users documents that will be placed in the record show. That on September 30 system crashed with 11400 and the goal was to get 101000. Would you like to tell us for the record based on your working on this. What number the American people could simultaneously. Be on the site working on on day one. Before the system began to time. So. To answers succinctly as I can. Thank you for the question. The information that we had the time. Was that Siemens had to -- the system. For 56000 concurrent users -- right now -- ask me right now based what I know now what system is currently capable of handling. The thing I'd be comfortable saying is that the system has been comfortably handling. At present but between 25000 current users. OK so it's fair to say and I'll paraphrase. On day one on October 1 -- the launch some amount perhaps greater than 11100 which was experienced on September 30. And closer to the goal set on September 30 which they fought in documents -- committees received. They could get to 101000 simultaneous. That on day one on October 1 when this site launched. The site was capable of handling somewhere more than 11100 perhaps but less than 101000 simultaneous users and certainly not. The 60050020000. Or 250000. That simultaneously tried to use the site is that correct. So. The there there may be a matter of confusion here -- which CMS may be better position to clarify OK well I believe that the 11100. Number was for a particular unit of capacity. Most of the entire system but I won't. Right right but the problem is the -- front door and that unit of capacity is limited by the front door. You -- I think firm and and I come out of the IT world like -- the tech world. But the American people can understand that you're only as strong as your weakest link. If you have a bottleneck that causes people trying to get through the site -- shot to not be able to do it time out. That bottleneck is what determines -- -- -- on day one only six people got to the end. I think that for the American people understanding that whatever the capacity is today. The capacity was insufficient on -- one isn't that correct. To serve just -- to fund most accurate test when it I -- wanna know on day one what's the capacity sufficient. I can't speak to the numbers that you -- talking about but but clearly on day one. Clearly on day one the system was overwhelming -- okay. Mr. -- you're going back to something I hope you would do the volume on day one. And they -- the GAO and answer the volume on day one was not in excess of what was expected what's it. The volume on day one was what you respective. Everyone's going on the site to see what it's all about after three and a half years awaiting -- mr. aren't -- missed him. I don't have those specifics but I will say this these volumes were talking about a -- go -- good examples like IRS on. If this is the same problem that IRS deals with on an annual basis in which -- huge -- appropriately appropriately plan for your performance and stress testing. And there is fundamental questions whether that. As adequate here. Well and that's we're gonna discovered throughout the panel today mr. -- I -- that come back to -- You testified under oath on pages 151 -- 152. On the minorities questions that. Basically. And I'll paraphrase. Because of time. This site be anonymous shopper function did not work. Now we've seen a document which C a -- on it dated. In the last day in September 25 that senate passed that test. Is it that you did not know what it passed the test when -- major statement saying that it failed. Well first -- -- -- like to say that. After working with your staff for 89 hours. -- -- minority staff. Going through this transcribed interview I've. Not had a chance to look at this so this the first time I'm actually seen. Results of that that -- so -- -- -- was -- -- book your job is to know what's -- -- in the site. The C a -- report that said this -- September before the launch that you had tested tested and -- six successfully. On the anonymous shopper. You testified that it wasn't and that's why was turned off grade are you prepared to say that under oath that the anonymous shopper was turned off. Bite your knowledge not your -- not your hypothetical but are you prepared to say the anonymous shopper was turned off because it failed the test. As and that she it would be your knowledge based on what you knew my words were not. It was turned on or off I think that's actually technically correct I said it was not made available because it failed testing. So you hand me this 8151152. Which I have not reviewed this for correctness accuracy. And I suppose your hand and -- this other document that says its future. Out what we're doing is we're saying this EMS documents show that the anonymous shopper tested positive at work you -- under oath and I'm sorry that you may not have. Remembered what you said under oath. But when the minority asked you what is normally. Nice questions self serving questions help you rehabilitate yourself questions -- on your side. You said effectively that that you gave me reason which the ranking member used in his opening statement effectively -- vet. That the anonymous shopper was turned off for reasons other than political because we we believe the anonymous shopper the easy front door the I just wanna know what it's gonna cost. Because -- and I was not -- and in fact if it was on mr. Perkins said you know this had different components. That portion could have been much more affected the American people could've gotten knowledge shocked. This line of questions that I was answering about anonymous shopper is in the context of my knowledge. Under oath. That it did not pass testing. And I have documents that showed did not pass testing OK so this other way -- when mr. -- my time is expired but. When you do when HHS and C -- delivers documents showing that it hasn't passed we can have you back. Right now the documents provided to us by the Bender showed that it did pass -- -- -- a mass document that documents placed in the record. If anyone knows what else like to understand that you've said it it failed test they said it -- test. These administration in their absence of transparency is refused to give us the document showing it failed test. But the document we have today which is C a mess all over which is in the record says it has test. It passed the test you said under -- that failed the -- our prop. It's the people you work for won't give us the documents so we can fully understand that just as the people you work for won't answer a simple question. To the Ways and Means Committee which is how many people have signed up we have even under subpoena without -- recognize the ranking member to try to rehabilitate rehabilitate your -- -- -- Mr. Chairman -- -- Let me be clear that we -- Staff. Who worked just as -- as jurors. Not about self serving it's about getting to truth. And aren't I would not. Insult your staff. And I was insulting used well well I take it is so what I said was that it's not about self serving it's not about. Rehabilitating. Its about trying to get to the truth period -- truth and nothing but the truth. And I'm not gonna try to rehabilitate as you said mr. -- But I think that Dodi and -- and get him to tell us give I -- get a few in -- a few moments. Somebody else on this panel. Will be sent documents to do something that you did not disclose just now it'll be -- out to show that your statements are inaccurate. Bomb. Now mr. park the -- and -- of course. So get your body also bring it up another member of -- -- somebody else will rehabilitate -- and an enough now. -- again we will show you the document. That there's some things that have been blacked out to do not disclose. We'll show you those in a few minutes. Mr. park and notify me see. -- -- Although we. Have not met before that they understand you have an understanding an outstanding. Reputation. In BIT community. I didn't that Knoll -- this previously but the co-founder of your former company. June is Jonathan bush. Athena health. Who is the cousin of former President George Bush is that -- the -- I have a quote here -- -- Mr. Bush. The car and a cousin of for the former president. Gave to reporter few weeks ago and he says this about you and apple. Tide is uniquely thoughtful. Dedicated and precise he's manic problem solver. Blind to partisanship. If there's anyone who can fix the problems with the exchanges. -- side. Mr. Bush also said to to a working so hard to improve the web site. That you and -- quote. Spent the first week of October sleeping on -- floor. Of his office as he tried to help get health -- -- off the -- Is that right. Yes or. Well you reputation certainly -- unfortunately however. Last week chairman -- appeared on Fox News. And accuse you and -- political appointees of engaging in a quote. Apparent interference -- false statements related. To this site and quote. That's a serious attack against. Your integrity. I don't want to get into anyone's -- motives here. But I do want to give you. An opportunity to respond directly and this is not unusual for me. Because I realize that we all -- -- -- for a short while. And in our reputations as always -- And since those statements were made about you I would -- to gain enough to respond. -- Thank you for the the opportunity. And again I don't I don't take any of this personally. It's a fast moving situation. With a lot going on. So why would you say is this. Is that. It was the case. Absolutely. That boy and was a key issue. That hit the site. It's still an issue for the site believe greatly expanded her expanding. The ability for the site to you. -- -- volume. I -- my best understanding at the time. And each of my statements. It's the nature of things that. As you do more painstaking diagnosis -- assisted you learn more about what you need you to fix it. And I can say now. That that in addition to falling there are other key issues after the dress for the site. Terms of its performance in terms of its stability in terms -- functionality. And their aggressive efforts happening. To do that which are making great progress it's getting better and better each week. Up with. Work of a tremendous team led by -- science and mr. -- -- -- which I'm proud to be a small part. So but you -- my assurance that -- -- along the way. If ever ask a question I will tell you what I know -- -- viability in the best understanding. And that's welcome to do is -- my understanding it's better and better. Let me ask you this way did you engage in quote pattern of interference -- false statements and the quote. No I don't ask -- about this understanding at the time and I'll continue to do that as -- think it's better I will relay that absolutely. Before you were subpoenaed to come here today he offers Romania. A letter described extreme demanding workload over the next two weeks and offered to testified -- -- Was this concern coming just from your offers. Or was it really -- legitimate concern of yours that you would be pulled away from the web -- issues to prepare for testifying today. So. It's there been a question of if -- tests such as question one. -- been in the hope of me and the team that's working to fix the site that I continue to focus intensely on helping to fix the site. This month and come back in a few weeks that being said I understand. That the chairman came to a different decision. I respect that decision. I'm the son of immigrants from Korea I have. Incredible love for this country. I have huge respect for the institution congress. Comments rolled our democracy. And if the committee wanted to be here today and decide they should be today -- than happy to be here today and make the time to answer questions. Of understanding the web giants time as -- -- I just as -- sentiment I have a TS the last question after your time expired without. And it was completed we now go to the gentleman from Florida by. And the I think -- -- -- -- -- that you exceeded your time by that -- I went to one question after the yen which was minister child which are -- -- minutes. You don't but I'm only asking his political would look good though these gentlemen it's time gentleman's recognized -- you're not gonna run a fair hearing is that it wouldn't induce all the way. Mr. -- of the gentlemen thank Florida's recognized thank you for yield. It's kinda uninteresting to see is obamacare implode. Everybody's running for cover. Yesterday we saw the former president of the United States Bill Clinton. So the current president under the bus so to speak. On this issue. Today we heard the other side mr. Cummings. Are Democrat leader. Started out by. Citing that the problem -- this -- Republican governors that a lot of whom opted for an exchange. Mr. -- How many. Well are are these governors Arkansas. Delaware Illinois Missouri. Montana. Aren't they all Democrat governors and they opted out of the exchange. Are you aware that -- they are just for the record. But it is interesting to see how they run for cover -- a question for all of these. Do you. Each of -- -- want to ask you this question. It's obvious that obamacare was not ready for prime time from. Both -- IT performance. Ability. Can also from a security standpoint. Were you aware that mr. Conner before October 1. GAO did issue a report review in children that that there was a lot to do and I compressed schedule yet cracked were you aware of it mr. chow. Can you repeat the question again. That obamacare. Was not. Ready from an IAT. Operations. And also from a security. Standpoint. For prime time on October 1 were you aware of it. I was aware that there was a security test you're you're aware that there were problems that they were at Ohio finding that -- -- I said from an operational so you thought it was operate I was just trying to answer your question about operational and security mr. Bateman. I was aware that bomb various module is that we to be part of of the system were part weren't working whereas during our own anything on security. Mr. park operational and security as Arab culture no OKMR -- local. I'm aware that that any system private sector or public sector what about the securities constant addressing -- about the security. To issue any system needs constant constant security needs to constantly stressed. Did you review. Document prepared by miter that reviewed this hasn't been released yet but it reviewed the security. Testing and capability. No certainty he did not see this this September 23 that highlighted some of the issues okay. First adult that looks like political decisions. Got us into this straight. It you can view cabinet and mr. -- to work committee that. He had -- regulations in place to go forward. To make decisions and and that construct right. Correct and their worst regulations that were not imposed. And I think you also -- estimated that some of them were stopped by the White House. Prior to the election. No I did not. Kate. Mr. -- you said the delay in the issuance of regulations guidance was a significant problem and compressing. That. Time frame and actually. The White House pressure to stop those regulations coming out before the election because they didn't want folks to know what was coming. You're not aware that. Well I think you paraphrase from my testament OK buddy and I here Chirac's comment to our staff you can't test the system without requirements so if requirements. Are coming in late then obviously you're good going to be a little nervous is that your statement. I think that -- that bush Cheney that's why we have that -- statement OK my answer in the context was for any development project that requires. Requirements in order to build the system in a compressed timeframe -- do that. Did you know that. Security head. And the testing was was done by. Miter of security that either -- -- -- and blue canopy look at both respectable firms -- this is the lighter report. And -- there was. They just take -- was unable to adequately test confidentially and that and integrity of the exchange system in full are you aware of that. Blessings that seems actually. True and appropriate it is -- Because the full system -- and -- -- it was never fully tested hesitant Tesco. I think what is referring to is that there are some other components of the marketplace for and that's still need to be -- Serve you can you sit here and tell us that. -- heightened that are not heightened risk of unauthorized access non encrypted data identity theft and loss of personal -- data -- -- -- items of information act was at mr. potter and he also answer to got. That was written my were. -- in response to a decision memo in which we want to generally highlight the potential risk. That's applicable to any system of this magnitude that is servicing the public and collecting information about people. Mr. garner -- anything else briefly. But I think the key that that your staff -- that document with I think the key is that was an early assessment not on the complete system and a key question going forward is what is being done in terms security testing and assessment. While the system is continues to be bill. Thank you. -- -- -- -- Thank you I'd like to thank all of the panelists for their their public service and thank the chairman and ranking member for this oversight here you've been watching the house or oversight committee hearing on the Affordable Care Act -- Obama care and some fireworks in terms of the questioning. Of 2 key witnesses this morning we have to -- party chief technology officer for the US government as well it had reached out. Deputy information officer for Medicare and Medicaid Services at issue. The web sites laws that continue service to play -- health care house in. This committee hearing will continue streaming right here on ABC me dot com live and he's watching but for now Hernandez in the.

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