More officials set to testify in Trump impeachment inquiry

Depositions on Capitol Hill continue amid the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.
2:58 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for More officials set to testify in Trump impeachment inquiry
This is are really make week let's bring in my colleague Catherine folders right now she watches Capitol Hill for us great to have you with us. This is a big week out today's actually a little deceiving because there's not much happening up on Capitol Hill tomorrow. It debate. Tomorrow it is you're going to see more depositions this week we've been seeing them for the past two weeks behind closed doors but. Then you will be talking to this diplomat named Bill Taylor and the reason he significant use you see him right there and they're also going to have these fat people up here Philip reeker still little bit up in the air but the reason Bill Taylor is significant. Is because he was involved in this texting exchanges. I'm with other. Diplomat says specifically talking about. This quid pro quo with holding a military aid in exchange for political investigations now. He's also significant because he's the one who raised concerns. About us about that there where that something like this would be on the table so. Tomorrow behind closed doors he will be there probably for about ten hours or so and they're really going to drill down and focus on the withholding of aid and onshore. And I'll be talking about Levy's statement. And dimensional meaning there there have been questions about the Office of Management and Budget usual meaning part of me acting chief of staff as you well know was the director. All NB that was the group that actually held the money back. From Ukraine they were part of a wide ranging subpoena. That capitol hills sent over the White House. Some of these agencies we learned just before ear that OMB's responded. Right so Allenby. They were asked for documents from the committee they said aunt wagon to give you those documents. Now. Michael Duffy networks and on the has tweeted out that he is not gonna show up for his deposition. Later this week they are not going to talk to the committee and they are significant the committee. In that day wore on the front lines of this decision making process how that a it was held up. What exactly happened here putting together the pieces of the puzzle as it involves fat and look. What happened would this is is the committee will just use this obstruction as they calling. Their impeachment inquiry. As one of the articles of impeachment. Right and just you know four lets you know Catherine you've been monitoring with the team who's cooperating who's in on so far minus the State Department. There's been no one White House world other agencies it is cooperating congress right. And I think congress expected this remember that eight page letter and that you and I poured over that the White House Counsel's Office sent to a Nancy Pelosi in the other chairs and they said. We don't think that you're doing this right this system you haven't had a floor vote this isn't a formal impeachment inquiry so guess what we're not gonna cooperate so when. Well we're not going to see. Really. Any agencies turn over documents. Or witnesses come and we're gonna watch it all Catherine Fuller unit team thank you very much you can get all Catherine's latest reporting and our team up online right now at

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Depositions on Capitol Hill continue amid the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66421798","title":"More officials set to testify in Trump impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/officials-set-testify-trump-impeachment-inquiry-66421798"}