Ohio Exit Polls: Auto Bailout Remains Popular

ABC News Now roundtable discuss new information out of battleground state Ohio.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Ohio Exit Polls: Auto Bailout Remains Popular
Let's take a look at the latest results let's go right to the graphics and give you a sense. -- we can project as winner on the state level and the various races as they progressed throughout the evening in Connecticut based. On our exit polling data we can project that Barack Obama. Will win that state no big surprise this is a very very blue state here's what else they can tell you. As we roll through these -- In North Carolina the projected winners the governor there that Pat McCrory. In a tight race in North Carolina. And Amy as we talk about. The results that have come in this evening. No big surprises that we've seen as -- yet. No big surprises but the biggest states have yet -- -- in -- what we are hearing. This is. Very typical first for a very close election like this. Long lines and some of these battleground states like Virginia like Florida so it may take longer than we expected to get their actual results from those states. We know that the race is very close I think we're going to be in for a long night waiting for those polls to close and -- those votes to be tabulated. That there are eight key battlegrounds that we're watching extremely. Closely and -- And of those an -- as the one that most likely is going to make the most ways he's Ohio what are we hearing out of Ohio at this point. What we're hearing from Ohio we got some exit poll data that I think is really very interesting we know Ohio. Is a one state that actually the economy has improved pretty markedly over the last year or so. A lot of folks pointing to the -- -- -- as being the reason for the success. Of the Ohio economy and when we look at the exit polls here 59%. Of voters in the state of Ohio saying. That V they approved of the auto bailout and of that 59% said they thought that was a good thing. Three quarters of those people said that they approved of Barack Obama. Indeed the auto bailout will turn out to be perhaps one of the big reasons if Barack Obama wins the auto bailout may turn out to be one of the top reasons why he gets to keep his death. That's exactly right and and I think as we're again as we're watching that State's vote come in we're going to be looking in and northwestern part of the state where. The auto industry is strongest but we're also going to be looking toward the the eastern part of the state where coal is king -- -- autos. Really determining the vote in that state. Mitt Romney hoping that the folks who are the working for the coal. Industry they're gonna stick. With Mitt Romney because Mitt Romney has made the case over and over to them. That Barack Obama is not on their side when it comes to that issue. Too much regulation too much EPA. And instead what Barack Obama's hoping is that auto bailout and then the suburbs around Columbus the suburbs around Cleveland. Hoping that those go to him as well. So many key counties that were watching tonight a few more projected winners we can tell you about. In a couple of states across the country right now in Georgia the projected winner according to ABC news exit poll data Mitt Romney not. In any -- surprises is Steve red state and -- deep red states. Another. Another -- win for Mitt Romney in the state of Alabama.

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{"id":17658520,"title":"Ohio Exit Polls: Auto Bailout Remains Popular","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News Now roundtable discuss new information out of battleground state Ohio.","url":"/Politics/video/ohio-exit-polls-hint-close-race-17658520","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}