Ohioans weigh in on Trump impeachment inquiry

On a road trip around central Ohio, locals react to the House's impeachment inquiry after the president's call with Ukraine.
12:22 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Ohioans weigh in on Trump impeachment inquiry
The fourth democratic presidential primary debate tonight in this town it is a record breaker look at that twelve candidates the first time ever. So many have been on one stage for presidential debate tonight will also be the first time these candidates are taking on the issue of impeachment the formal inquiry. Launched in the interim since the last debate. How closely are voters here thinking about that process what do they think of the president's conduct and do they think president trump should be removed. From office we took a road trip through Ohio. To find out. That was grounds to receive the impeachment. Most of many years ago I would just thank continued the investigation. I don't. Really don't know kind words it's like what. It is do you think leaving the beach that's gonna hurt stacks. It playing out in any market act. Here in the heart of Columbus part of Ohio the divisions over impeachment are stark many people. Argument following all the twists and turns. It a little bit it's more. Just how it's received the global season opening tech at risk I think it's significant. The court should look into everything should be investigated views of the majority in the house achievements. This nation should do. Are your running in the democratic primary. It is here in the third district of Ohio do you think if you get on the ballot and point one Donald Trump's name will be on their. I made hope that not to be. But that speech so you wanna see down from impeached and move. Yes let me since day one at that campaign I've been clear that he should be impeached he's broken the law you that this attack entry and everything that he's an office our democracy and art. Our community that read do you think there's a risk for Democrats in. Vowing to remove from strong. When I just like this on the ballot box. I think the real risk is happening people that are willing to be a riot and clear and direct with. The damage that he ain't our country if you are Washington right now and you can be standing right. Behind Nancy Wilson and she's that pretty good job. Prosecuting the impeachment effort. I think we should have been moving even faster to call out at start. Through about ten miles north of downtown Columbus right now where westerns though Ohio. Hi this is the purple suburb just outside this blue city center of Columbus. Gonna find out how people out here. Q what he. Lester let's have a unique city in central one thing we're a very historical city. We were a major stop on the underground where road. Are buying university. I've been out by colleges who was colleges in the country to admit women and African Americans freely. The people working at city will work primarily in either education. Through the university or through the medical profession or find there's a lot of interest in national politics but there's also a lot of interest in local matters. Do you think people consider. The behavior at present the book on the life here's conversations you and your own view mayor is that something that concerns you is this a serious enough issue. That sort of merits the full focused attention of Washington or is it more of a political distraction well. I think it's it's hard to say how people were reacting to that the theme from what I can tell the kind of be reacting on predictably. Partisan lines. But that's you know this is Rama that will play itself. I think that it wears a said. The so I think that there were just trying to get the potential. With Biden is. Really believe. In custodians. And. President another witness who shouldn't be asking for leaders. To help their political campaign. Do you think the president from Tibet. And as a concerned at all. Well from from what I understand I'm not owned all the walls and everything. From what I understand that he's allowed us for people. For so. I feel like it like something out of a TV show I mean it's so her up that means the more you hear about. You know these. Men with campaign finance. Issues through Giuliani I mean everything like that like satin awful movie I can't believe it's real life it. Makes me. That's the consensus incidents too soon to say he should be removed. People's and one of the facts would you say that's fair that's fair and headed upstairs. And you're you are interest in learning more about. Absolutely. We're in Albany Ohio now but twenty miles north of Columbus lot of nice restaurants up here is certainly a lot of luxury cars out in the streets median income. Up in this part of all have almost 200000 dollars. People here pretty happy with president trop and they say impeachment. That idea. If you really want them treat for me I think that. I just think that there's a lot of dirty news coming from. Police. From the Democrats yet it's all politics I do I think it's dirty politics thank you. So you think that. I didn't let the product election I think it needs deep blue sea you know probably took it that they now can't go any further. The Democrats like there's. Do you think that's okay. For a president to ask another leader country to say okay go investigate this guy that's might rival now. And that's I like and act like at nine. I don't agree let's. It's. But. Thank you. I. I consider myself an independent. I think that. You know the current GOP may have lost me as a voter forever. A lot of them were met a lot of independent voters today parts of the suburbs. Us. What's your take it feel like bad regardless of the results of the impeachment I feel like that. That if we don't have an impeachment we may have a constitutional crisis that B. That's sort of levels of corruption we've seen in the administration and various places. It feels like it if we don't impeach that it might just become the norm. Things like this happen and they can just be sort of swatted away with partisan politics. This stuff exit Stan angry and so it's pretty serious threat there. Affluent and I'm gonna have a kid in the next month and one ended up in the kind of place where. People are held accountable for their actions and where. You know what people saying promise means. Right my thanks to my road trip sidekick cat McKenzie and Bob Grant for that peace and joined now by that Simpson ABC news contributor and CEO of democracy for America and our. ABC affiliate WS YX political reporter Ben. Garber a great deceived and I'm gonna start with you because I was struck by driving through this state which you've spent a long time reporting and how reluctant people are right now to talk about this people are so polarized and nervous. Going on the record on camera that game and might be seen by their friends and neighbors taking a position on impeachment insists it's tense times out there. I don't know question I think it's almost a third rail for lot of folks because. A lot of voters I talk to the burned out. Because this has been for years now people here in Ohio where use all the attention from the political campaigns Soes owed nasty campaign between Donald Trump Hillary Clinton's. And it's is continued after the inauguration of one battle after another one controversy after another and I think a lot of people just want to live their lives and not have to worry about what's going on a Washington. And they're just burned out and these all these controversies to sort of blend together so this one doesn't necessarily read Saddam much higher than any other anything else it's. Well set I think that encapsulates what we felt that there in the event another thing that struck me was how difficult it is for people to absorb it. The idea of his Ukraine policy and Syria policy and they're Nancy Pelosi may have a very good case for impeachment here. But it is a tricky subject for people to dodge I don't follow foreign policy to that if. And I think the messaging around the fact that. There was a request by an you know an opposition you know by by our president to get opposition research on his opponent has been the best messaging. I think for most people understand. In Syria it's really challenging the way that people are talking about Syria is what they had our backs. With this when we need them and now we've abandonment people are dying and so what the Democrats have to continue to do is take this very complicated message about. Our relations to a foreign government to make in in terms that everybody can understand we understand loyalty. We understand what it means to cheat right to get outside help we understand what it means to to destroy democracy by allowing a foreign government to come in. And in and play a partner elections I think. The more that the Democratic Party Kim bring these down to just regular everyday terms that people can understand I think the better and I think when you're hearing. Is it as impeachment goes on and on and on people are sort of simply relieved that happened here and we need to take a closer I did your. Had a lot of talk nothing principals meeting to hold someone to account power to account for something that violates our principles and our norms. On but then people were hard pressed articulate an actual personal stake. Any impeachment or in pushing Ukraine. In other busy with their personal lives or families in this part of Ohio there. Be overly see something in that for them and except that the tough sell. No question in Ukraine policy is. Very distant today and I mean that's a long way from Ohio and a dozen personally affect their lives all that much on a personal level because. Maybe was more concerned about their rising health care costs perhaps or and is like taking ill afford college and he's heard the issues that really affect people on a data date level. It's a sure they they don't want to see corruption in this mightn't. My DD easy thing for them tonight digest in the mall report necessarily but it is olds come refusal to distance I think most it was kind of view it through partisan lines if you work. Naturally a support of the president. You probably believe the talking points that this is not a big deal this is just the way things operate if you board support the president are probably a lot more riled up about this then. Than many other people so I just think that a lot of people have Horry kind of meet their mind before they necessarily even evaluate the. Facts and a lot of skepticism about who will be the arbitrators of the facts are a lot of concerned about the media and all this as well but it was shift gears quickly before we have to wrap up. And get your take on the state of Ohio this used to be a critical swing state in presidential politics as you know you got. President trump won here by set any points in 2016. Still play right now didn't Democrats actually it was shot in Ohio. Thinks I mean we were battleground state before we delivered Obama in two elections a year from Cincinnati. Miami Ohio the heartland though it does represent the diversity of our country you've got you know role farmers got major cities got brown black white people all demographics are present and in the state. Which is why it's been a purple state but Ohio has made every president. And I generation. For a long long time and I think they'll make this president my hope is that that would be a democratic president they also may try the president as well so. The hope is that Ohio come through we didn't win in the mid terms that we hope we will get our blue status back with this election. We shall says that there's been trending a little bit toward the Republicans and you look at. The governor's race attorney general all these statewide offices all the way down those been held by Republicans three consecutive elections. The blue wave didn't hit here two is it to the extent and 2018 so we shall see what's in store for 20/20 Ben Garber thank you so much from our affiliate Devi has waxed it at Simpson ABC news that your thank you for coming up.

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{"duration":"12:22","description":"On a road trip around central Ohio, locals react to the House's impeachment inquiry after the president's call with Ukraine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66298750","title":"Ohioans weigh in on Trump impeachment inquiry","url":"/Politics/video/ohioans-weigh-trump-impeachment-inquiry-66298750"}