Oklahoma dealing with COVID-19 emergency

An Oklahoma City doctor shares his personal fight with COVID-19 before Thanksgiving.
4:29 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Oklahoma dealing with COVID-19 emergency
An out of Oklahoma were rising cases are raising concerns that hospitals may not be able to keep up today the state reported nearly three showers in new cases in eighteen debts hospitalizations. Also reached a four month peak this week. Or for more on how this crisis is affecting the heartland doctor Haley Russia not only has seen this firsthand but also is experiencing it. First hand right now recently diagnosed with cup covic nineteen. Himself doctor Russia thank you so much for being here I know you just got this positive test so first of all how are you feeling. Well today and it's not a great. Girl or he really. Nagging disease or your last year. And why are a lot of baggage and all and a lot of psychological. Cole back in bowl will be written and heating your brain. Tricks review today obviate. Seaver. Some car so not Greta Saturday. The course of the disease. Saturdays and Sundays are credible either direction will be toward resolution. You wrote an op Ed yesterday that so many of us shared because it was so poignant but among other things you said that you spent the last few months sharing these statistics and now you find yourself. As one what was that like for you when you got that. Positive results. Where are. Needed because you know long or real big. National international and local results are are several days and I'm looking numbers there. Are easy to relate in numbers. Almonds are you Murray breeders. Are. There's always his order. On why this is shall I wanna. And you also wrote and we just have that put on the screen I hope we can bring him back up he wrote this pandemic is not an un controlled raging ocean we still have the power. To flatten the curb why did you feel the need. To write that you get a sense that people are giving up. Yes I didn't rain and people that we are. In and needs her young. We're lucky enough hardware. And plotting her in America and order him at all on the lower house icu. And the hospitals being here is your orientation. Of the disease Wayne Morse is the group also the regular order. This severe disease heart attack. Or. Your. ER council of Asia. We shoot it'll be Sugar Bowl. And saw. A heated. Scenario are. It's interesting very dangerous and look at it and you. Also lady will recover soon and given go back to seeing patients this crash. End in your daughter is our colleague aerial Russia who works here in New York I know that you'll be away from her and many other family members. For this holiday what's your message is so many other families Andrew have to make this difficult decision. Or you can use medium. Based on our lives to get to get a review we've done it rough and Dan. This is not us horror as it should or should show a lot of our next year or early two thousands news. It would vaccines but otherwise is a horse let's say it's series ago. All our arsenal for a lot of people's children are you go to things getting a huge here is. Let impatience. Nations. And you know I. I I asked very well before the show if she had any message that she bought a meter relating you on air and Jack she sent me three issues said I love him so much I miss him terribly. And he's my hero so doctor Russia thank you for sharing your lovely daughter with. And thank you for sharing your time with us we're all wishing you she a cedar recovery lots of prayer this year are you today. Or.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"An Oklahoma City doctor shares his personal fight with COVID-19 before Thanksgiving. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74305933","title":"Oklahoma dealing with COVID-19 emergency","url":"/Politics/video/oklahoma-dealing-covid-19-emergency-74305933"}