O'Malley Staffers Get Ready for Debate

ABC News' Brad Mielke visit the Manchester, NH field office for a poster making and phone banking event.
10:35 | 12/19/15

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Transcript for O'Malley Staffers Get Ready for Debate
Good evening from Manchester, New Hampshire on at chilly night but it is war with the excitement when he talked about the weekend were about to see here in the granite state. And all the Democrats coming to town tomorrow the big New Hampshire debate that is on ABC news will be streaming on abcnews.com. And to get ready work we're actually taking a look at some of the field offices. They make this entire. Is you know this tire campaign possible for a lot of these Democrats we have Martin O'Malley campaign office right behind me here. Sort of go inside his take a look at what it takes to get people turn out for Natalie the debate but all these events of these candidates are doing all across the state. Let's go in right now. And as you see some of the signage out here for mark Novell it's 1161. Of the. Three Democrats in the race of course Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders of the others. Martin O'Malley trailing in the polls right now but that is why his volunteers are hard at work if you look over my shoulder right now. You can see quite a few people here working the phones and it. Actually making signs to sort of a sign making party and right here actually I'm joined by the deputy state director Martin O'Malley. She argue ABC walking the Martin O'Malley headquarters here and after what we got going on here that we are going on here today were getting excited and pumped up for the debate. We have both calling voters because after the debate tomorrow night governor amount in a barnstorm the state. We have LC making our famous letters with the apostrophe isn't our visibility. Like who will be using those tomorrow night. Here on governor I'm. Thanks Matt yet it can you tell me a little bit about that what we're expecting for Martin O'Malley and he's not only coming here for. Eight. The debate tomorrow night's. But he's also making a lot of these threats days jurors after the debate tomorrow he's meant taking his message direct. Lead in New Hampshire voters as he left him payment of interest styles over or Sunday and Monday it will make about twelve visits here across the granite state from Keene. Does he cares to Concord to Manchester you can buy a business analyst Martin O'Malley dot com and so what kind of stuff goes on here these field office you know it's very bare bones. It's very hard core of the people come here let's really be in its Martin O'Malley and if they want to come here. On Friday nights and Friday night far Gil offices are so important because in New Hampshire primary tradition. And so restore its about the individual contact with our bowers so here in the field officers were making direct outreach to voters talking about governor O'Malley record. Telling about the he's the only candidate with fifteen years of executive experience actually getting things done it's one thing to be a legislature. But as one another thing to bring people together and accomplish things like raising the minimum wage passing marriage equality and listeners on. Ands or work you're talking about governor amounts message. So already you guys you're hearing the spin from the Martin O'Malley campaign as they ready to take their fight to the debate floor tomorrow night. And when you walk in right here you can actually you're hit by a whiff of something very specially probably can't smell it at home but ever feel. Do with this great pains in his over here what's your name LLC. And what are you doing. Right now. On air personality or that they that we gather and means your and the governor has entered the finally. Eric. An Oscar Haas and this is the apostrophe in O'Malley and that gets his own sign that you're decorating her yeah. And so you know you know constantly it let's say that again. Get it now get you know hot. And Alan Alan. That was that's bell O'Malley and I got a president. I see and then eventually some talk about visibility. You know the debate happening in the evening tomorrow night on ABC and so he signs will be seasonal themselves and it looks like Cuba but its holiday lists already. Actually started as an. Some energy you know no doubt how often you've come here and work through this campaign. He volunteering pretty often appreciate your. Every so you wanted to staffers you wanted to lucky feud and you have to spend your life and rooms like this was smells like. Let's count their excitement it look let's it actually. Her let's see what else we can find yourself right over here we've gotten a phone bank which they are working the phones right now plenty of volunteer behind me. And some of the news the personal cell phone some of the news these Bernard phone I think he's got up to us here right now talking to volunteers let's see if he's got anything. He's got anyone on the other side of the line it sounds receptive to what he's. This is Stuart Johnson column view O'Malley campaign just wanted to future. You know all the details through this Sunday's events at the swing post in Manchester. Event starts at 5 o'clock in rooting for his senior. Do you recall having questions about the numbers 86 373. Thanks so much. Just to get the voice mail of the voicemail all right so it would it would take you through your script here when you get somebody on the other blind what are you supposed to tell. All right now our making confirmation calls for our town hall events this weekend. Possibly I haven't event on the field organizer for the Manchester area. And we have an event over at this week host. Counselors making sure that everyone has the details. They know to show up the right time right place and here and it means we've can join you for sector so in New Hampshire you know you guys get such close contact. These presidential candidates when you talk to people on the other I have. Seeing people in person they have real life opinions about. Well they I mean you'd be amazed that the encyclopedic knowledge. Are our historical knowledge of all these voters. And a lot of times they know more about the history of campaigns than I do have. So it's a learning experience for me as well I was talking to voters and learning about that the rich political history here in New Hampshire. I think you're saying is when you call people in New Hampshire that's got a lot to say. Exactly I might not be doing all the time yeah yeah sometimes we have fifteen minute Carlsberg you know those are good calls you remember any specific moments we've had moments either good or bad with the voter. Everyone of us who hasn't always been in the political powerlessness we don't win them all live in states we get such access. And on stories but he's. Noticed how well. I I recall you know getting a call to. You know Charlotte Salazar. She's. A voter who's you know undecided right now and and you know talking to her about you know all of the issues that are facing her right now. You know and and she's keeping an open mind I think the best thing right now is are still a lot of voters who are keeping an open mind. Isn't being able you know talk to them Margaret rally's message. I think is is his I would I really appreciate on my hands because that's where your to do. And of course they are these volunteers are giving. Information about voters that you know they've had these huge databases both within the campaign was. And within the Democratic Party and actually not I would ask the discussed it's interesting story in the news today with Bernie Sanders of course and using the information that the Democrats. How on some of their supporters asking what's the O'Malley take on on Bernie Sanders Villanova law I think. Your New Hampshire we are just so excited for of the debate tomorrow night that. Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton DNC got a bigger problems room OK so that's that's the role that's those that's a line from the O'Malley camp that they are staying out of this beef. Between Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton and the DNC if you haven't heard about it was basically the equivalent stealing a page from another team's playbook. When it was security glitch in the system over in Washington that allowed to Bernice Sanders campaign to apparently. See how Hillary Clinton's campaign was using their data Bernie Sanders says the same thing has happened to them that there's this whole issue with the democratic national committee to try to figure out. It's a whole bit of drama. You guys saying. You're gonna stay out of it. Yes they get a figure out there and spread and they brought about Gil officers how important they are answering your urine are headquartered in Manchester. We also offices are on the seacoast Powell on the west Stephen dean and what happens is during the day or webcam hasn't talked to voters knock on the doors. And at night we do all time so every day we have volunteers and in all of our office. Hong Kong potential voters are about about Kirk. And answer and the Democrats especially some big numbers Hartsfield that's right Anderson wrote Republican campaigns. The inspectors and small staffs what do you guys documentary how many books we got three field offices we organizers are recovering entire stay open and what's happening over here behind us is this though this. Mark mark went out canvassing today and one thing that mark mark is a veteran. Primary politics and I want the US view that a little personal touch. Spreading and hopes that he might have made any contact with is that right Michael eleven ABC news dot Connie it can you tell us a little bit about that notes that you write to people and I think. We'll personal. Don't think the proper picture here. On street one cent sales and personal crime. Personal touch the private types and that is what you get with some of the voters. Here in New Hampshire and then last that is wanna answer show you're around some of the other things that we got going around the office and New Hampshire famous for its signage I think they call these totals when he sees big. Sticks with lots of signs on them the finished product over here. And then also. There's this Marcus is a Martin O'Malley official cap. The we have movie. Room Brad but let's let me turn to get her out. So people were talking about is when asked Paramount in the current quarter. We are wrong I see so who is this over here this. That's the cat who were UI. And and you're with an all time us. Somebody's that. About what makes you guys coming here on Friday nights for Martin O'Malley spending time like this white in Denver and watch it start with. I am I hate to partner Martin O'Malley and dad you know I came out here and that's slightly in a series of half of the company. Isn't it is best infantry. All right thank you so much here. And that's where we'll leave you here at abcnews.com. You know we're spending a lot of time this week as we. Go into this very exciting debate season. Taking Iran showing you what it is like to be on the ground. In New Hampshire. And here's one more campaign that is really looking for a big boost on Saturday night. How that streaming right here on ABC news are gone -- obstacle and excuse me you guys I'm so excited sign up here but that he is plugging your candidates. Anyway until next time and ABC's Brett knocking.

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{"duration":"10:35","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke visit the Manchester, NH field office for a poster making and phone banking event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35854597","title":"O'Malley Staffers Get Ready for Debate","url":"/Politics/video/omalley-staffers-ready-debate-35854597"}