Open impeachment depositions to begin next week

House Intelligence Committee chairman announces that testimonies on Capitol Hill will happen publicly.
5:03 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Open impeachment depositions to begin next week
Some breaking news from Capitol Hill a short time ago the top Democrat leading the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump. Announced that next week public hearings will begin in the probe for the first time giving the public a chance to hear from the witnesses. You'll see. Throughout the course of the test when not only their test mode but many others. The most important facts are largely not contested. We are getting an increasing appreciation for just what took place during the course of the last year. And the degree to which the president enlisted the whole departments of government. In and the illicit aim of trying to get you frame. Two dig up dirt on the political opponent. As well as further conspiracy theory about the 2016 election that he believed would be beneficial. To his reelection campaign. Demonstrate our investigative reporter captain Paul there she's up on Capitol Hill today following all the developments Catherine let's start with that announcement. From Adam Schiff this'll be the first time the American people will be able to judge these witnesses their stories and their credibility for themselves a very significant moment. Well that's our and that's what shift. A hit on in that statement there obviously Republicans have been undermining the credibility of these witnesses. He wants them to appear publicly the three that he announced they'll be on Wednesday. And on Friday there significant witnesses and really what this represents is that the closed door. Portion of this investigation on Lee's emphasis. Depositions have been happening behind closed doors were moving in. To a new phase of this investigation these witnesses will appear publicly and perhaps there will be more than these three that's just announced who also appear in a public yet. This this is just the beginning it'll also give it some of us a chance to see how Republicans respond to some of the testimony the damning testimony that these witnesses party for Ford. Who will come first next week on Wednesday and Friday what do you know. It is so you'll have that Bill Taylor of the top diplomat in. To Ukraine you see their photos right there in George Tenet says State Department official now in those two are scheduled to happen on Wednesday and I will get to this an amendment but that the transcript of a Bill Taylor is a closed door deposition has just been released with her which were pouring through now now though the Friday one marine Ivanovic it this is significant because we've been hearing a lot. About her throughout the course of this week there transcripts. That have already been released she was the ambassador that was ousted a from her post in an contest and many in her closed door deposition she describes this. Pressure campaign specifically. By the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani so we'll get more details from her. On that in a public setting as love them. And you did talk about those transcripts captured to remind everybody what is happening this week is Democrats are now. Giving the public a chance to read hundreds of pages. Of testimony from those witnesses which we'll hear from again about why are they doing this in phases like this why are we seen. Both Bill Taylor for example he appeared on the hill he spoke for ten hours to the committee then we'll see him again next week what's this all about. Oh well I do think it's a few things and it represents the fact that ended this portion of it is. Coming to an end that I think is the reason that there if you know releasing these in phases. In his senses because that they. Have a seven day window to come back and make any changes to their transcripts so perhaps as he testified later behind closed doors we won't see those. Four a little bit of time but there releasing his today they've we expect them to release more transcripts as the week goes on it's quite possible that we could see. All the transcripts of these closed door depositions by the time that they begin need a public hearings next week. Pretty incredible stop detailed stuff we. As we tore through those hundreds of pages from Bill Taylor Katherine voters think is so much your reporting up on Are right now you can read the transcripts there for yourself as well they do want to bring in. Are White House reporter Jordan Phelps for one other impeachment related headline. I Jordan because as we prepare for public hearings in this spectacle that the public will watch next week the White House is staffing up. To push back on some of this what do we know about some new strategist they've hired. Yet DeVon it's an interesting because the White House is always insisted and Tom now that they don't need a war room Stephanie Gresham the Press Secretary Timothy said president trump is the war and he's a one man. More ram but this isn't a announcement that they do need help as. The impeachment now moves into this critical public face next week. They've hired Tony sci act Gil has only been out of the administration for a few months he's the former spokesman over at the Treasury Department. They're also bringing in Pam bond her longtime trump ally and of course the former attorney general of Florida so they're gonna help craft those public message as the administration moves into the communications team in place some new public faces to defend the president as well Jordan Phelps thanks for that headline.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"House Intelligence Committee chairman announces that testimonies on Capitol Hill will happen publicly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66803213","title":"Open impeachment depositions to begin next week","url":"/Politics/video/open-impeachment-depositions-begin-week-66803213"}