OPINION: LZ Granderson on Trump's Comments to Black Voters

Trump asks: "What the hell do you have to lose?"
2:58 | 08/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for OPINION: LZ Granderson on Trump's Comments to Black Voters
But. There is legitimate conversation to be head about how the black community is bearing on the democratic leadership but could Donald Trump. There's not interested in having a legitimate conversation. If he Byrd. Not code and rallies are predominantly white suburbs to talk about black people but did trump truly cared about poverty in the black community. He'd acknowledge covered tentacles the systematic racist and continued to haunt us for example. The Wagner act made it legal what you used to exclude minorities and thus denying blacks access to higher wages. Pensions and health care for decades. We should discuss whether or not black helped launch a political leverage right be so loyal to the Democratic Party but trump. A man whose company was sued the Department of Justice for racial discrimination. Doesn't really want to talk corporate. If he did instead of choosing reality TV show bill and to be in charge of this campaigns are. Reached a bright community. He wouldn't look to terror wanted to hundreds of grassroots leaders who have spent their lives trying to close associate economic gap between the racist. Gleefully current statistics sources to Trace from a decline rate. Of like childhood poverty. And poverty and it's gone and no yeah jobs. FDA percent of gay youths unemployed. Protagonists political rivals cannot attract new supporters. This was not supposed to play out this way for the Republican Party. After his twenty toward defeat. Party officials conducted an autopsy and released a 100 page report that among other beings stressed the importance a minority inclusion going forward. New wheels were designated for outreach. Wrote an opportunity project that's when it was call. Four years later the autopsy leaves and are. If you take a look back through discipline policies that promoted equality and opportunity are what bit the black community to switch it's important. And there is an argument to be made that the current due to credit policies do not support equality and opportunity in the most effective way. But Donald Trump the man who proposed the brain and emotions including the U works we. No like it was coming into our country. We have no idea they love us or they hate us we know like if they want to Obama's. A man who began its campaign by saying what Mexico does sentences people. They're not sending their best they're bringing drugs and they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some. I assume are good people. Bob is not the person to make these arguments. Trump has spent the better part of a year perfecting his rebuild rates whose rhetoric but as if there's a piece of art. And judging by besides assuming his rallies for a lot of Americans it is well.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Trump asks: \"What the hell do you have to lose?\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41673931","title":"OPINION: LZ Granderson on Trump's Comments to Black Voters","url":"/Politics/video/opinion-lz-granderson-trumps-comments-black-voters-41673931"}