How the opioid crisis influenced the Pennsylvania election

Recovering addict Kendra Dilascio tells her story and talks about what can be done to help fight the epidemic.
2:56 | 03/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How the opioid crisis influenced the Pennsylvania election
Got a couple of special guest with us right now we're joining us to talk about output of the most political support missions that we hear over and over again it's and it's pretty credible. Publicist comes up a conversation with voters Kendra. Thanks for being here tell us a little about it here you tell us a little bit well we'll talk blown second. It just didn't care about your story what of record eagle Hewlett's because I feel like it's the story this year by silly people it is district around the country. Well I eighty. Weather expert I know lots known. A couple dozen times. I've been and I treatments Henis. Struggled with addiction for quite a few years. And I details that not every and I finally got community thousand miles. And my I think he'd ever since and now I you worked in drug and alcohol treatment I help people to get into treatment and how. Coordinate everything without with some help keep them engaged in treatment. They can have another chance at life in what what are the kind of solutions that people. In the in this community are looking for from Washington what you hope that a member of congress and be able to do. Family support is so needed it family support for iron. Clients that are going into treatment people that are in treatment not if we people coming home. The family is dynamic that it completely messed whenever we send people to treatment and help them get better. But then we're not helping a thinly get letters and family support and recognition and assistance of grassroots campaign that says there's so vital to our community for Vegas though little recognition and assistance. And bricks come came under some criticism for saying that there was not the finding team to deal with. OK crisis is more money need it here in this statement this money is always going to be needed me. Because the assistance is going to be needed means unfortunately treatment infantry for everybody. That definitely we would be my funding thing. To maybe find solutions that don't require as much funding like it here runs the workers who have supported feud. And there's going to be funding required for that led the assistance of nights in support of the Finley the fourth it's something that might be able to be done. On a minimal budget lives. It meant to thank you for being here thank you for serious threat is one unless thought. Seeded numbers and be inoperable Buick deaths is off the charts that parts of the country just like this in Pennsylvania but particularly southwestern canceling. Why is that to your mind at what's the with the nationalist drop. I'm. I'm really not sure. It's. I think been working together. We can all work they can that be if you're an epidemic and I know there's a passing. They paid leave behind a lot sewn its huge. More accidents than allowed him wrap up the treatment. It's how we can work for me kind of combative and at Lothian thanks for being here believe the kids think it. Good luck yankees no pets.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Recovering addict Kendra Dilascio tells her story and talks about what can be done to help fight the epidemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53738807","title":"How the opioid crisis influenced the Pennsylvania election","url":"/Politics/video/opioid-crisis-influenced-pennsylvania-election-53738807"}