Ossoff, Handel face off in Georgia special election

ABC News' Steve Osunsami and MaryAlice Parks talk to voters in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.
7:05 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for Ossoff, Handel face off in Georgia special election
I'm Mary Alice parks and outside Atlantic sure. After all the hype. All of the money spent on this race voters your I eat night today. Well bill secretary Tom prices eat its rate that is just ask application tons of rat. Covering every single one of these polling station not to let the voters just ask her out. Howling at offscreen bloated or on the democratic. It is. But after he spent. On stilts it. Now that significant that there consider undercut the sense that you know this is an area that has been consistently. Republicans so. He is. It doesn't feel like he's and I got in the sense that there's some support I mean this is amazing. It's something that I've been waiting for having lived here for. Been like living and it's just it just seems much attention. Karen Handel their public and it just though it is policies in which she locked out there is a media scrum that looked like a presidential race. It's big race. I happened at that part has been crazy I didn't even know for a while that Karen Handel lived in our you know voting district. But and this morning when I pulled in I was prepared for. All this activity it has been paid in a lot of people are wet ready for at that pace this to be over and I understand it and we're excited. By that night and either way as an ops off supporter I feel as though it's a win because. Activists. That heads just. Been created by you know trucks weighing in November and this race it's wonderful at it it's gonna last. That's interesting you sent back as I actually think a lot of people feel like there's more on the line for the Democrats expects so much money if they can't pull this off. You know art you're going to be more like they can't spend that kind of money every house race across the country and here at half I don't think it. I think people are motivated they note. At this is for the long haul this is changed having lived in north Fulton and in east Kot area. People are. Speaking out that have never speak but it up or I've been you know Gary. Active in social justice issues span politics and I'd be also grateful to now have other people. I'm speaking out for common causes that so it's a win win in that sense I don't think people need demoralized if you didn't close the electoral. So I am lucky enough to Seattle corner my IR ABC correspondent Steve Sasaki actually. Resident and was talking to lately to. A and are. This race for ABC news from day one and lives right here. Steve anything else what are we asking voters today and it hasn't been tight about this risk for so. I think that. You know in terms of the horse race we're looking at. You know voter turnout looking at who's gonna get the vote out that's really who it's about who's gonna win tonight it's who can get more out there people to vote. I think in terms of the issues. You know I'd say for the left the concern is opposition to the president. We're being honest with ourselves that's what's driving the interest on the left. And on the right I think it's a mixed bag. I think there's a sense that this is a Republican district. And voters would like to keep it that way and also there is sense that we want to or that voters here. On the right would like to support the president's agenda and the agenda of the Republican Party. But I I think that you know I I don't know if you'd agree with me but I would think that all the outside influence. Has it been helpful to all soft. Nor do I think it frankly has really made a difference I think in in in in in in in the voters who what do you. And I think it's clear that outside influence. Has come from I think that. Some outside voices. From liberals and Democrats. People that. If you celebrities or pop experienced politicians that is sometimes help. Andrew young and people. Other folks but I also think that it's the references and tie tipping him. See some of these that is being a hasn't been helpful. But ultimately it's that it's that ground. The local after I mean that's clear that it is. I will say in my neighborhood. People who talked about Nancy Pelosi at every time they hear Nancy Nancy Pelosi. People so I live in I live in to cap so I was in the heart of this area that is prop offs off. And people and my neighborhood roll their eyes when they hear Nancy Pelosi mentioned as if she's looking. I will state that you know it. This is of course a nationally importantly these theories so much being placed much importance being placed on this but we're still talking about electing. A congress person to a C. That it. It will have to be voted again on in November of next year that this is you know this is even a full term here you know what you would say that. So much greater going on. I I think at the. End of the day. You know again it's about voter turnout. Early numbers don't really tell us much so. Early voting numbers are elected three times total votes. That took place in the last. But when you look at the company's Cobb County where she's strong. Had a good turnout. To cap county where he's stronger had a great turnout early voting Fulton County were split in it is there's just no way of telling it. Different polls I've seen WSB have a hole in some people say they're made up. But both sides of the Pacific it's a phone call some sort but it had a point 5% difference between the two candidates that's how close they're expecting it. There's some people think that we may be looking at a vote so close that the separation between the U. Is you know maybe several helpful. Andy's I'm Israel and Syria to rat but are you talking attic. If there is going to be that close even talking to your friends and family there conversations about getting kicked off at outlets encouraging him. Contact with my friends that live in the district on all they cancel some media. Going to be reaching out and ninety you know saying anybody did it it may not have voted yeah anything to makes it that the book it's if that's right it's going to be that turnout. Regardless. If some of us like this when win because of it being closed the street but let away. That's you know we're going to be out yet again in the fall. I think your predictions. I'd predict I would love for us it's gonna be close. House and we thank you for taking night attack acting they are are definitely more reporters here at and people like we've been hounding everyone coming into the laws against. There's just so much interest a.

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{"id":48157107,"title":"Ossoff, Handel face off in Georgia special election","duration":"7:05","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami and MaryAlice Parks talk to voters in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.","url":"/Politics/video/ossoff-handel-face-off-georgia-special-election-48157107","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}