Pa. Gov Likens Gay Marriage to Marriage Between Siblings

Republican Tom Corbett say comments were "never meant to be insensitive."
1:40 | 10/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pa. Gov Likens Gay Marriage to Marriage Between Siblings
With the controversial. Remark made by member of your legal team. Comparing gay marriage to the union -- twelve year old saying both are illegal. Which you called inappropriate -- it was inappropriate analogy you know. I think it much better analogy would -- brother and sister W. I don't know -- that's what we've -- that America. Yeah but oddly the comments to you -- your kid but you did say it -- appropriate. Congress has made have been viewed by -- is insensitive. And -- If they've taken that way let me apologize right now they were never meant to be insensitive to this issue. This issue is wouldn't that has opinions on both sides. And when asked that I was actually commenting. On in the brief that we had written before where exit the analogy was inappropriate. I try to give. Me the difference -- to -- the law it is you know. I've always been a lawyer and I think with my -- legal and all the time. -- the politician is second nature not first -- nature and being a lawyer. And made the comment about siblings because those who clearly in the law. A barrier to marriage. I apologize to anybody who feels offended by that. This is an issue for the into the court where the legislature. To make a determination. And my hopes the people will accept that apology.

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{"id":20475804,"title":"Pa. Gov Likens Gay Marriage to Marriage Between Siblings","duration":"1:40","description":"Republican Tom Corbett say comments were \"never meant to be insensitive.\"","url":"/Politics/video/pa-gov-likens-gay-marriage-marriage-siblings-20475804","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}