What Goes Into the 'Partisan' Chocolate at Harper Macaw Chocolate Makers

Learn the ingredients behind the political-pun flavors of 'Tea Party' and 'Flip Flopper' chocolate bars.
3:39 | 11/03/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Goes Into the 'Partisan' Chocolate at Harper Macaw Chocolate Makers
So I think the time has come to talk about these political chocolate side. We'll finally show you know the political chocolate bars so let's see you call it the we get to the Hannah. He's my hat heads that you can't be when he caught the very political collection right yeah I. We actually different things they call it partisan chocolate kisses the whole thing like artisan chocolate. Now let's not let definitely. On the peace with partisan talk with. Our political action if you buy all six of them that wrap it might blow. Called the super pac both. Aaron. And that's really funny I love that. Are right so we have six here riot be of the flip flop or we have what do we have taxation without representation. The left wing. It's full. I. Read it think it. Too many ounces red state Tea Party in the filibuster. So six of them there where the inspiration come from port news. So. You know some of them yeah we had names that we thought would create some of them had flavors that we thought would be made some of them which is extraordinary. Stern and obviously it Tea Party. It had to dark chocolate and it's one of our world currency real patients flavored chocolate and and we sprinkle quarreled rate TVs in the backs of those little more obvious. You know we did not want to a red state blues stay left wing red wings so we did left wing red state so plenty of things. And we we did actually saw with which one was going to be. People Nazi is that one would totally you know but. Yes of the red state he wanted to essentially fact that we were sprinkling. Freeze dried cranberries strawberries that you open it up it's got and move the red days on the back. When we decide to the ones one nuts because one oh for purchase. Different. Types of you know and cities not stands orientations of nuts protesting with signs. You know whether relevant causes that's said is let's because it really becomes almost like a solid one would tell us. Grant wrote that he thought that was cheap to do it. I have to say he's a pretty created yet the red state and of course let's talk about how there's ingredients on the back of the red state is a blend of red berries conservative dark chocolate. And free market capitalism unofficial favorite of the GOP. Filibuster this is beat my personal favorite. Spent hours of uninterrupted bliss with tactical pretzels and procrastinating. Peanuts tree pollen who know what they can't just. Yes so. Again are our friends of red army it's. Estimated it work in New York writers. Out. As. Oak Miami. I can't progress this way the left wing defiantly democratic dark chocolate liberally mixed with socially conscious. And put a guy taxi which is sentiments. Dollar's it's that. Lives there. It's actually not better it's. Both of them. They people think that bidders not bitterness constantly. It's actually quite smooth. Because it's the opposite. Eighties rules engine very fruitful but not me that. It's. Known that.

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{"id":43284697,"title":"What Goes Into the 'Partisan' Chocolate at Harper Macaw Chocolate Makers","duration":"3:39","description":"Learn the ingredients behind the political-pun flavors of 'Tea Party' and 'Flip Flopper' chocolate bars.","url":"/Politics/video/partisan-chocolate-harper-macaw-chocolate-makers-43284697","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}