Will Paul Ryan Be the Next Speaker of the House?

Critics are now pointing out Ryan's voting past, implying he may not be as family friendly as he seems.
3:57 | 10/22/15

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Transcript for Will Paul Ryan Be the Next Speaker of the House?
We're talking about Paul Ryan yesterday you know he's he says he'll be the speaker of the house as long as ample time to spend with his kids. But some critics are playing up at his voting record has not been family friendly friends since. Apparently he voted against the federal employees paid parental leave act and 2009 now. You think maybe he's regretting that a little bit maybe you didn't have foresight to see that he was going to be. As an bobbled his family as he was in out loud it's yeah. You know I was thinking that's right I mean he voted the Republicans are always blocking any paid family leave. In any capacity they don't like get your on your wrong basically is with that coming from a fat. And so he seems like a big hypocrite. To me. My saying something like that on the other hand. I was reading that the guy says this job is gonna take me away from home for a hundred days no paid too little don't paid leave is gonna pay for that lots of in any country you know I think. I was issue right if you wanna go on the road for a hundred days we you know America it's a very sad that in such a beautiful wonderful country we give so little. Respect to our new mothers in the family is. They don't get nearly enough paid time up even as workers for getting having kids. You don't get as much vacation as most other countries and. This world they only developed country that doesn't have gotten what is a guarantee paid family hostage and only developed country and it was so backward and that waves Harbaugh and yet. This is up for that there that the Republicans are all about family badges and yet. They won't pass anything to help families that that's the stupidity we got to sweep at objects we have a I'd have gotten knowing that opponents are really interesting question that does seem like blatant. Hypocrisy in on uncut I love the fact that he wants to spend time with his family but I wonder. Is this isn't an issue ads can say hey it's that I I don't wanna spend ninety hours a week or an eye on the hundred days a week from my family and or verse is. Small and big businesses whereas small businesses. Businesses can't always afford to give the four week paint you need it hurts small businesses so. I think it gives candy to separate nation is it me get. If we look into it a little deeper but I think it it's raising a great question especially for someone that's for and we got is an ethnic and. Evidence finally we have we had allegedly slit artery between its of Lacey act like he's the only one. That should get a work life balance working people don't get that luxury and I got under birth center well that I didn't like the John Elliott right to fight for his family I mean even though it's hypocritical of excess heat went that went to just what this is what I said yes that. From me is if you feel that way then this is probably not the not a ready to take there are other jobs that you can do them in an hour. Democracy which will allow you to do all the things you talk about you wanting to do but the fact that he's he practiced it whipped. They have to give me this or not these groups I have due this. That's what the army had Domi escaped and was still throwing me this morning I'm at an end date that should open a business can you imagine that it can you imagine it if Hillary Clinton said best. I don't want says I have to spend what time of my family they've been like all what she's unfit to where she can't do the job she'd let cares about a family what did she does about the country. But he's getting flat accent that isn't a grade he's a guy who wants to spend time with this family it's about a surprising well not literally plowed at sacred. I've not read and I thought I'm writing that they look commending him that he's interested to spend time with his family and that I think it but ops I give you see the double sandbags you. But you know what I mean a hundred is on the road as long time from what I'm reading it didn't want the job. The important thing to this job and I don't want season they don't drawings is not only slightly ahead let it out there's so why he is yeah. But Helios also an attempt at any minute I did and if the job they should be out on the route 100 days. How do you go on about how even a balanced sat because now you want the everything off because this is what the job this is the thing that makes Greg. If you can't do the job that you want you have to sign a Democrat I'm half a half.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Critics are now pointing out Ryan's voting past, implying he may not be as family friendly as he seems.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34659424","title":"Will Paul Ryan Be the Next Speaker of the House?","url":"/Politics/video/paul-ryan-speaker-house-34659424"}