Pelosi announces impeachment managers

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed next steps in the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill.
10:04 | 01/15/20

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Transcript for Pelosi announces impeachment managers
If this very important day for us. And that's and no one reference temple markers than our founders and our. Poets and others have used over time. Two places and time to emphasize the importance of time. Because everything. Is about time how we used it Kelly nick. How we. Market. And today is an important day because today is the day. That we name the managers. Should go to the floor. To pass a resolution. Just transmit. The articles of impeachment. To the senate and later in the day when we have Aaron Grossman. So that we march. Of those. Articles of impeachment. To the United States sent. As that said it's always been. Our founders when they started when in the courts of human events it becomes necessary when it. Abraham Lincoln for score and seven years ago. Thomas Payne now at the time is of the times that time and souls that concept sounds. Again and again even even our poet. Farm fell. To members listen my children and you will hear of midnight ride of Paul Revere and eighteen to they've fallen 75. Highly amend now live members that famous day you're. Always about. Marking. History. Using tough. On December 18. House of Representatives. Impeach the president of the United States. An impeachment. That will last forever. On since December 18. There been comments about when are we going to sending articles over. Well we had hoped that the currency would be extended that we would have seen what the process would be in the senate. Short of that. The time has revealed many things since then it's time has. Then our friends and all of this because sentiment yielded. Incriminating evidence. More truth. And to the public domain. Since we've passed the articles. Or December 20 its two days later newly Mia showed that 91 minutes after comes phone call with. President to Lansky a top Office of Management and Budget. They'd ask the department of stents to hold off. Funny that K through Ukraine paid. On December 29 revelations emerge about the OMB director and acting chief of several many role in the delay OC. Effort by lawyers funding and administration to justify them away. And the alarm. This is very important that the alarm that the delay times. Caused within the administration. On January 2 nearly un redacted pentagon emails which have subpoenaed and the president aloft. Raised serious concerns by the trump administration officials. By trump administration since they were concerned about the legality of the president's hold on aid to Ukraine. On January 6 former trump national security advisor John Bolton says he would comply with a subpoena. To testify in that he has new relevant information. On January 13. Reports emerge the Russian government hacks and returning. Gas company for its not as part of their ongoing effort. To influence US elections. To support it in support of president trump. And just yesterday. The house committee to a brand chairman here. Chairman. Chairman Nadler judiciary. Chairman and Schiff of intelligence. The chairman Eliot Engel of foreign affairs. And chairwoman Maloney of the government reform. They picked release new evidence pursuant to a house subpoena. That the live harness you know who that is an associate of unruly trying to their further crews the president was in central player. In the scheme to pressure Ukraine. For some own benefit from the Tony twenty election. This is about the constitution of the united sense that it's important to different presidents can now and pollutants you know. The American voter. Voters in America should decide who our president is. Not that it flew to food came in Russia. So today I'm very pro out. To present the managers. Who will bring the case which you have great confidence in terms of impeaching the president. And his removal but this further evidence. Insist that that. And we wouldn't be in this situation had we not waited. Insist that there are being. That there be witnesses. And that we see documentation. And now you see some of that. Change happening on the senate side I hope it does. For the good of her country and to honor our constitution. So today. On the floor will pass a resolution naming the managers as I mentioned appropriating the funds for the trial. And the transmitting. The articles of impeachment of the president of the United States. For trying to influence of foreign governments for his own personal. I'm political benefit. Chair Adam Schiff of California at lead managers kept chairman. Shift. Is as you know chair of the permit such. Committee on intelligence. Is serving his tenth term in congress. She's before congress mr. Schiff was at California State senator and served as a federal prosecutor. In the US attorney's office in Los Angeles for six years. Most notably prosecuting the first federal of CIA agent. Good to be indicted for as did. Chairman Jerry Nadler chair of the House Judiciary Committee is serving his fifteenth term in congress mister rather served as the top Democrat on the judiciary subcommittee on constitution. Civil rights and civil liberties for thirteen years. Before congress mr. Nadler served in the new York state assembly for sixteen year. Chairs so loft and chairs a laughing chair of the house committee on house administration. Which has jurisdiction over federal elections. Is a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee missed laughed and is serving her thirteenth term in congress. This is chairwoman loft things flirt impeachment. As a Judiciary. Committee staffer and the Nixon. Impeachment. As a member of the Judiciary Committee. And the Clinton impeachment and now as a manager. And this impeachment of president. Trumped. Your half came Jeffries of New York chairman hacking Jeffries is the chair the house Democratic Caucus and is currently serving his fourth fourth term in congress. He's a member of the House Judiciary Committee. Before it being in congress he served in the assembly of New York for six years. And accomplish litigator. In private practice before running for elective office mister Jeffries. Jeffrey's church for clerks for the honorable Howard Beyer junior of New York district court for the southern district of New York. Congresswoman valve Denny Deming has a Florida. Congresswoman down dimming as is a member of both the house permanent select committee. On intelligence and the House Judiciary Committee. Mr. hemmings serving her second term in congress. They for a congressman stemming served as Orlando police. Department for 27 years part of that time as first woman police chief in Ireland. Congressman is she's me congressman Jason Crowe of Colorado is a member of the house armed services committee. Mr. Crowe served his country. Arab country greatly as an army Rangers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before coming running for congress. Mr. Crowe was a respected litigator in private practice in Colorado. Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia of taxes councilman Sylvia Garcia is a member of the House Judiciary Committee. Before congressman's can't miss Garcia was served in Texas State Senate previously. She was the director and presiding judge. Of the Houston minutes above system and was elected city controller miss Garcia was later elected the first Hispanic and first woman. To be elected in her own right the Harris County commissioners court. As you can see. From these. Description of the emphasis is on litigators. The emphasis is on comfort level in the courtroom. The emphasis is making the strongest possible case. To protect and defend our constitution. To seek the truth for the American people I'm very proud and honored. That the seven members distinguished members have accepted. This serious responsibility. It. Again to protect and defend for the people defending our democracy. When we meet here at little bit later noon. We'll go to the floor. Can pass a resolution. Naming the managers officially. That I want to say more about them here. And and to save it. Decision. To calm down in favor of litigators. If necessitated. By the clear evidence that we should have. Witnesses and we should have documentation. And we have to make the strongest prosecution not only of our very strong case. But also all the information that has come forth cents.

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{"duration":"10:04","description":"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed next steps in the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68299596","title":"Pelosi announces impeachment managers","url":"/Politics/video/pelosi-announces-impeachment-managers-68299596"}