Pelosi asks House to draft articles of impeachment against Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., made the announcement in a press conference Thursday morning.
9:13 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for Pelosi asks House to draft articles of impeachment against Trump
We begin with major news out of Washington after the house judiciary is first impeachment hearing speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the president's abuse of power. Has left her no choice but to officially draft articles of impeachment. In a particularly tense moment during Pelosi his weekly press conference a check it out. If anything. I think that residents is a coward. When it comes. To helping. Kids who are phrased. It a gun violence I think he is cool where he doesn't deal with. Helping eyed dreamers that of which Rivera got I think he's in denial about the constitute about the yes. Climate crisis however that's about the election. This is about the elect taken up in the election this is about the constitution of the United States. And the fact that Leach as president violation of his oath of office. And as a Catholic I resent your using work hate in a sentence that addresses me I don't hate anyone. I was raised in a way that is still a heart full of fluff and always prayed for the president. And that's still pray for the present a credit to the president all the time. So don't mess with snake when it comes to words like that. Her and she clearly was not. Messing around so right now I'm joined by bin giggles and at the White House we have Catherine folders on Capitol Hill and our own constitutional scholar Kate shell joins me on set. In captain I'll start with you Nancy's words right they're pretty powerful but there's also some new hearings starting next week on Monday. KNX are just moments ago the House Judiciary Committee announced that. Both the Judiciary Committee in the intelligence committee will be a giving presentations are lawyers will be presenting on. On on the facts of this inquiry what they found and it's interesting because it that they include judiciary and here to you remember. Their investigation into obstruction of justice of the -- probe for example so we're likely to hear a lot about out on Monday as we did in that hearing yesterday but that is happening at 9 AM they just noticed and there's likely there might be more parents as well. And so as we mention down the judiciary meeting. Committee holding their first hearing yesterday three scholars called by the Democrats in one constitutional scholar called. By the Republicans and perhaps unsurprisingly. On there wasn't a consensus a take a look at the highlights. He was willing to compromise our security and his office. For personal political. Gain is not an engagement this is just a simple railroad job. And today's is a waste of time. Then starlet Mueller did a telephone call. You know where this started charter were tears in Brooklyn in November point six thing. On the basis of the testimony. And the evidence before the house. President trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors by corruptly abusing the office of the presidency. As I explain in the remainder and balance of my opening statement the record compiled thus far shows. The president is committed several impeachable offenses if you impeach a president. If you make a high crime. And misdemeanor. Out of going to the courts. It isn't a piece of power. It's your peace talks. You're doing precisely which are criticizing the president for doing it. All right so want to bring in Kate shall I advice that our own constitutional scholar and I just want to get your takeaways because that we saw there. You have three people saying one thing and then you have John turley said something totally different yet so the three democratic witnesses. Were remarkably uniform in their presentations and they said very clearly. You know Dave look at the facts and House Intelligence Committee a math and if concluded that based on the constitution's language the intent of the framers of the constitution and constitutional practice over 200 plus years. This conduct clearly amounts high crimes and misdemeanors under the constitution and you know I don't think the even just said that his conduct would justify impeachment I think it said. It required that he would be dangerous for congress not to move forward impeaching a president. On these facts as he said the GOP witness Jonathan Turley to be very different position you know he didn't. Sort of agree with. Ranking member Collins who said you know this is a waste of time in fact he said. I'm not the pending the president's conduct and I do think that under some circumstances. Seeking election interference from a foreign government. Might be impeachable I just don't think the facts are it would that that the facts are just not strong enough yet on this record. For the Democrats to move forward with impeachment in what's your what's your feelings on that this idea that the Democrats are moving too fast but it's the White House who is keeping some of these key witnesses. From testifying in the first place. I think the Democrats are in the tricky position it is on it is doubtless true that they wouldn't like testimony from people like secretary Pompeo. It will be people who were concerned as close as could be to the events at the heart of its inquiry they have been able to speak to at all. And so I think it's right that there are places where there impeachment case could be stronger but of course as you say it is the White House's stonewalling that has prevented access to these key witnesses. And so the White House is in a tricky spot can either try to pursue it. Litigation it could take many months to run its course or can move forward based on the record that has assembled and it seems to have decided on the latter course. Move forward not wait for courts to rule. No there might be some middle ground which is that they move forward and impeachment trial starts in the senate you know sometime in January and if they are pressing forward there a couple of these cases on going if they pressed forward quickly enough there might be some universe in which there's a ruling. Maybe even from the Supreme Court in time to get a witness or to. In front of the senate who wasn't available before the house I don't think it's likely but I do think there's a possible. And the timing is everything and then I wanna go to you because I want you to tell us what the White House strategy is here on the president tweeting this morning that he wanted to move fast he wants to get to that senate trial. Yeah that's right Kimberly that's because he has largely dismiss the impeachment inquiry in the house which is controlled by Democrats. He thinks he'll get a fair trial in the senate which is controlled by Republicans. While the White House doesn't think the house should actually send Arco articles of impeachment to the senate. If it does it the last thing the trump will get acquitted so this morning treated if you're going to impeach me. Do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate and so that our country can get back to business. He also tweeted after a low t.'s announcement this morning that. Impeachment is rarely used and impeaching him would set a bad precedent for future presidents. No one other detail we do know about the White House strategy is that they plan to call live witnesses to the senate if it does in fact moved to the senate. Don't be different from 1999 when Bill Clinton was impeach and hit the trial in the senate when they. Relied on taped depositions the White House has White House has not been clear or offered specifics on who those witnesses might be. And Catherine I just wanna get and ideas of what this timeline actually looks like is this something that we can expect to be. Wrapped up before the new year before we get into that when he twenty election cycle anything. Well at least the house side of you can see that. Chairman Alan is moving very fast here at this he's up by a vote on the house floor on these articles of impeachment in the next couple of weeks we are likely to have. A bold honest you know I December 20 before December 20 hopefully before Christmas and then. Payable quickly then move into a senate trial the bottom line and here that this is moving at a very fast paced. And can I just wanna come back to you for a second because what's at stake here if in fact you know you go through this in a trial but there's no removal via. It's a great question I think that the president's treat today are actually quite revealing so. I don't think the president wants to be impeached I don't think any president wants to be impeached and that is you respectable what happens in the senate so. It takes a lot of time and energy for the White House to defend against an impeachment. And you know history remembers when presidents are impeached whether or not of course they're ultimately removed we've never actually remove the president and yet we know Bill Clinton was impeached. That is for ever associated with his legacy in office. And I think president trump appreciates that so on some level it may be that what the Democrats are hoping to do here is. To send some kind of a symbolic message to the country to the president of the world. That this conduct is in their view unacceptable and that movie you can have the sort of deterrence. Effect of you disincentive I think this kind of conduct in the future. You know incentivizing election meddling. Inviting for governments and our elections if you move forward with impeachment. Even if removal isn't very likely outcomes I think that meeting with driving Democrats that is worth doing. You know maybe for political but maybe for more kind of sort of broad national interest purposes. Even if it's almost certain conclusion absent something to very unexpected change in which should help things can change as impeachment prophecies play out. But that they think there is some independent value even if removal is extremely unlikely. All right Kate solemn mark constitutional scholar we had been -- send. At the White House and Catherine folders on Capitol Hill thank you guys so much we appreciated.

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., made the announcement in a press conference Thursday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67522444","title":"Pelosi asks House to draft articles of impeachment against Trump","url":"/Politics/video/pelosi-asks-house-draft-articles-impeachment-trump-67522444"}