Pelosi calls for vote on war powers resolution

The speaker of the House said they must limit the president’s military actions as “America and the world cannot afford war.”
6:35 | 01/09/20

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Transcript for Pelosi calls for vote on war powers resolution
Today we will have a resolution on the floor of the players put forth by congresswoman. Alicia fox Elisa slot can murder proud of her. Experience in terms of national security. Under democratic and Republican. Oppressive and I'm now a member of congress putting forth a resolution of this week. Last week in our view. The president can the administration conducted. And provocative disproportionate. Air strike. Against Iran which endangered Americans and did so without consulting congress. When I was informed at this. Attack at that they administration took responsibility for it and over the weekend. I said why did you not consult with congress well we held in closely. We've held include casino you have a responsibility. To consult with congress. And really held it close so what whoever. Close means as you see. There has even been some criticism. From the Republican. That that briefing that was that was put forth yesterday. By the administration on this subject. Some have asked. Do you agree that this is the worst. Intelligence classified briefings that congress has received from this administration. Has some of the occurred he said. There's stiff competition. For that designation as a nation worst. So here we are two protect American lives and values we are passing today. The war powers resolution to limit the president's military. Actions the administration must defeat the escalade and must protect. Prevent further violence America and the world. Cannot afford war from the you've heard me say. That in December of just a bipartisan delegation. His 75 anniversary of the battle of abolish. It was just so remarkable to meet our our VIPs who are. Our veterans who served at the battle of the boasts some of them also at Normandy imagine the courage teenagers most of them at the time. But then compelling message. From the veterans whose veteran who spoke for them. Along with the kingdom Belgium in the fight streets of Luxembourg and the president of Germany. The veterans spoke he spoke about the best band of Brothers he spoke about. Allies working together multilateralism. Spoke about the challenges they faced in those winters reminding me really. Of Washington crossing the Delaware man cuss it was. In December and it was snowing and they were it not as prepared. Four snow. And camouflage from snow and they needed to big. But just seeing their patriotism their courage that was he young people. And this letter and coming to speak for them ninety some years old. At the end of this remark. He said I just want one message and I don't know if it's appropriate to say but I will. Pray for peace. Pray for peace that's what we all do protecting American people as our first responsibility. Protect and defend you know we take. Not only about constitutions. But of the American. Thanks for peace that's who we must do and so that would put what happened. And the feel of many of us is not promoting peace but an escalation. Not that we have any confidence. In the goodness. But the good intentions. Of the of Iran. And we certainly cannot respect and I from my intelligence background know just how bad so money. Was. It's not because we expect good things from them. Now we expect great things from offs. When I was preached by that secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs. Over the weekend. Taking responsibility for them. And that the killing. That it was. Disdainful. In terms of not consulting with congress. Dismissive. We had week held closely really. So if you want us to follow joined together let us have a strategy that we worked together. Own mind. I do not believe in terms of what is in the public domain. That they had made the country safer. That what they did. And that is what our responsibility. It is will have more discussion in this on the floor today at some length. But it's really again as I go back to. The battle of the boat pray for peace we must of wage war. And take cavalier attitude of this administration. It is it's it's stunning and the president to sell I am formally by reading my tweets no that's not good relationship. That our founders had in mind in the constitution of the United States and they gave power to the present to the White House. Well to do one thing in terms of our national security. And to the congress. To declare war. And to allocate resources and the rest so to this this is this is at your question is an important one. We've. Again we will have two hours of debate and now we're on the role of two hours on the bill today to achieve to put forth. Some of factual basis about of the concern that we haven't let me just say this. Because you hear the administration say well we're justified because the office of legal counsel said. The office of legal counsel is a tool of the president of the United States. That's who that is so whatever the president wants him to be cleared legal his authorship legal counsel declares itself. So it's it's and it misleading. To the public as to what. The war powers act. Article to the kids the president certain powers article one because the house the congress a certain powers are. That's it it's and it's a very big issue now because it's nothing less. That preventing war as we honor our first responsibility to protect the American people.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"The speaker of the House said they must limit the president’s military actions as “America and the world cannot afford war.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68172427","title":"Pelosi calls for vote on war powers resolution","url":"/Politics/video/pelosi-calls-vote-war-powers-resolution-68172427"}