Pelosi criticized Senate police reform bill

Nancy Pelosi said the language in the bill was “defanged.”
1:38 | 06/26/20

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Transcript for Pelosi criticized Senate police reform bill
We put together. As a result of decades of concern on this subject a please tell. We certainly don't paint every one. Our first responders with the same brush that is sure overwhelmingly we don't. But where there is me to make change or make change. And I think that the press by the ethnic say gated apartment too much credit for that senate bill it did nothing. It took our language. And defense and it. Well why can't you want it well what would you do it. We're saying oh choke hold the president on May be some time since shall we agree on the number two home Rebecca good compromise. That's not the point you're down values. This is not an issue if you ethnic. So if we have to differences of the canyon the president is an. Supreme Court where he thanked people that are purposely to overturn the affordable care. Which is something that the American people need especially at the time of the pandemic. The legislation we can't get the results of decades of work on this subject and that's one. 133. One who rights groups have come out in support it read their letter. Read their letter. Sent have to do better. I doubt this whole thing of equivalents like he or she but can't they don't share our values that did not yet. But I hope that they will.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"Nancy Pelosi said the language in the bill was “defanged.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71479262","title":"Pelosi criticized Senate police reform bill","url":"/Politics/video/pelosi-criticized-senate-police-reform-bill-71479262"}