Pelosi delays Senate trial; Democratic debate recap

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi delays setting a date for a Senate trial, and Democrats heat up the debate stage.
13:12 | 12/21/19

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Transcript for Pelosi delays Senate trial; Democratic debate recap
You can see behind me the stage is set the seats are there are part of this special edition of the briefing room from the National Mall and can anything get done as we head into the 20/20 campaign. Will be restored democratic division. We have the latest writedown in the briefing. Nancy policy passed by Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California the country knows Nancy Pelosi. It was an experience. To the congress expected today to vote on that measure to reopen the government. There's going to be this striking tableau of divided government Nancy Pelosi. Through out his speech. We also have hot and very well source reporters here former Pennsylvania have a routine which covers the White House and congress he just took it to the next level. It's an analyst. And essentially. I mean what struck me about that amazing image. Pills I'm on their faces particularly who I mean I wonder what is going on anything in their minds. Charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could fix it. I just that moment of him walking into the room this morning the Department of Justice was a well factor those emails were hacked. By the Russian government and somehow the ended up and they. So we can he says that he's learned from man affords attorneys and Nissan Levi's have to do with the trump tower meeting one ounce or. On cooperation between an immigrant communities and the police is is there are real fear there that that's gonna be diminished. Well I think that what we've been trying to do all along is make sure that we build better relationships. I think there are a lot of their arguments being made for additional funding for additional fencing or enhance fencing. But that's coming has to go through congress. I was absolutely horrified and sickened by the video. I believe that it was child abuse it was child abuse on video and frankly you know somebody needs to I think was negligent homicide. Have you committed any crimes in the thirteen years you've lived here. I didn't have to nominally the parties and that patent and any people. The purpose of our vision is to investigate and to find out how it got to get spot. Let's innovative. And we'll hurry ring. You have to ask perfect for months listening you know it's. It definitely second. Or the remark there aren't even there it. Earned iron and it's exciting new home. Great line. Took so many industry like. Our own feeling today it sounds like this community has taken one heck of a gut punch. You know we're as a community knew was coming together my good friend and it is so nice to see me. Everybody from the funeral homes. Even people that have flower shops that it immediately they're donating. It's brits where people. Are you a citizen. That that's the question that they that the top administration wants to ask everyone of us. And for a lot of people that's a hard question today thousands of immigrants and their advocates are fleeing. Washington and Madison to Los Angeles today defending the doctor program I don't that our entire. There on the program and we don't know any other country and tell us about your experience. I'm I've overtly back in the day had that's been made against it health care very specifically. Meant to see you a hospital I don't tell the did you hospital here in New York City because that was denied care because I'm trans. I basically I think winning team on. We've got to the corner. He nearly impossible to keep doing now the biggest case in fifteen years involving the First Amendment the religious freedom in this country. I think most people realize if you care this memorial down that's been up almost a hundred years your tube to miles away is Arlington. He had a go at Darlington interior on the large crosses I think most people thought we were gonna win it is to know how big a win. The agency invited us here today to see a tradition that's been going on for twenty years. I've never been seen before by the public you can only African American members. And it's campus. If you moment. Now mama what difference it will this make for somebody LG BT Americans. Let them repeats of more than. All the poor parenting what was your top tip. And I think used to be yourself. And schools look for. Really write your own attorneys should price behavior top priority when deciding which medication detained. Well I think individual patients will decide the role price what we do know is that affordability matters a great deal possible we may never reach a deal would turn. But I don't know I I don't want to predict one way or the other night hopefully. We can use this as an opportunity to impress upon folks who. The safety of vaccinations. And the effectiveness of vaccinations and. Greatest pull factors for families to come here is they know once they arrived in the United States they remain here untouched these other I think. Greater risks to the safety and security of the American people don't at least from up. My perspective against the kind of detention camp they deserve to keep you promised the American people the voters that when you represented president and you speak on his behalf during his campaign which are always tell the truth to invest you're absolutely. There ever been talk about. Denmark selling green lend to someone it seems like a ridiculous concept in 2019 I just. I'm cherries it's ever come up in any coverage woods in any conversation to your to your memories in journalist. No government noted new senators almost six. If you're to give a grade. To the leadership of the EPA right now on this stewardship that they are doing with their mission which is to protect the environment and human health a letter grade. What letter grade would you give the deeds not failing close. You know it or and maybe an F. Yeah I'm Ryan at same category. How dangerous is the situation right now in your view with these chemicals what we we do consider to be very important friends and that's part removing quickly on this. It was bipartisan bicameral he was good old fashioned legislating. That bride and not only those who are focused on the conservation side and those who are focused on I'm just efficiencies with the land management economic benefit to communities. My cultures things that really mean a lot to me could be completely decimated cannot exist in history books. David Beasley clo lower highs. Make a commitment to climate change that those student climate strikers have really inspired me. To do more than I've been doing and so why set I'm gonna get out of my conference. You know it's not easy for me. I've been. Climate activists and I was twelve I'm eighteen years old and I live in Seattle. Is the constitutional duty of the government. Public trust resources on which you all and end to pick us from any damages that may inflict. Right now initial that's really arms what a lot of people pier which is that there. Art and about people impacted by hurricane D'auria. One of the challenges as you mentioned earlier was recovering it was because the storm is actually still. Over Grand Bahama island we haven't been able to get in and officially access all the damages there at this time. Give us the latest on the track is still trending away from the Florida coastline. You know we got right off the coastline finally getting some of that movement moving at five miles an hour for the northwest is everywhere. But hurricane drab building and need to mark. I think the remnants of this crisis will be here for years predicting. It will cross generation. And really because we don't know what that intergenerational impact will he. I can tell you people in the wet midwest don't want outlying area in the White House even if they voted for him. We need. The comprehensive approach that deals with the real issues affecting Americans when you're picturing that future not as a theoretical thing but his part of your life senior preparing for things just come of the world. Differently about different sense of urgency. I think it's just incredibly incredibly important new we'd be very clear about what the plan is now for first off got a call Tom. Everybody does. So I'm Rick continue my course I follow my own stars and or stroke and to move forward and try to get the message out about lamb and where I come from I feel comfortable using my family's experience. I'm being Republicans to add State's Matt voters in the general I'm running for president because I. I believe this country is facing. A national crisis a division need responsible leaders who will do the right thing lead with dignity and respect. Well it's important that I absolutely be prepared to women and I make an effort to win this is not a moment of playing with people's emotions voters of this country. Are most interested and looking at who is the best qualified to serve them and. In fact conduct this interview and headed. Iowa to be with those who will decide the first caucus victory made it very much for doing it yeah. The holiday season. What are you most grateful for this holiday season. I'm very grateful for my family and I'm very grateful for my team I am very grateful. Didn't TV and American homes and only then you know loving our country means fighting for the best we are. Taking a live look at the spin room here there's actually. Is that big I hair there in the middle. Do you think that information. Conduct for the president outside of this Ukraine episode should be included ultimately that's something that the Judiciary Committee. He's going to have to make a decision on. Article. One. I don't believe. That he impeachment bogeys of political vote I think it's. I'm manner of Galena park opens office which is to protect our constitution here in the heart of Columbus and part of Ohio the divisions over impeachment. Are stark before and a little bit it's horrible. This has received the global stage is probably discount. Rich fresh assets. Few people when they could name the Ukrainian president I didn't find anybody here they knew any of the Ukrainian names in this convoluted story they'll never give them please for coast. Since I'm neither right or left a more of early this car over woods and human embryos have got to do now. This route 53 runs north and south through McClellan county. All the way through the heart of this. Critical swing district that I. Classes. They're taking in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs that China is paying for. China does many things could negatively impact moral for example. They steal her intellectual property. I believe our politicians for not listening to Americans who are saying this is critically important. And not making changes soon enough to give us really. If we want changes wrote us a sort of the next generation me as a student and other students here Wheaton Christian office. We're inside the headquarters of the Texas Southern University debate team here on campus to the team's founder. Doctor Thomas Friedman he's been at this university for seventy years he founded eighteen in 1949 dark it's an honor to mutants. You just turned 100 years of drive and how do you do it you know I didn't work without them. The rain hit respect here. If you're looking for a way to help for people especially formerly homeless people again and NASA did for most of us in this country your house or bank this Bob postal. I'm 62 ahead of Berkeley labs were. Now the home how. And I love it. Yankee can you show us how you sniff staff reminds us of loved it and aren't oh. All right so who. Giving Tuesday military Jessica Manfred thanks so much I starting to kind of defense stormy with out. I wanna shout hey get right there thank you so much finally there have got to ask you something that's a lot of people's minds but in this town team unity the Republican president girl who. The democratic speaker of the house. C a leader who is the magic. An enemy of all general.

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{"duration":"13:12","description":"Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi delays setting a date for a Senate trial, and Democrats heat up the debate stage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67860603","title":"Pelosi delays Senate trial; Democratic debate recap","url":"/Politics/video/pelosi-delays-senate-trial-democratic-debate-recap-67860603"}