Pelosi elected speaker for 2nd time as Dems officially take control of the House

The 116th Congress is the most diverse in history and the government shutdown hits the 13th day mark.
22:44 | 01/03/19

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Transcript for Pelosi elected speaker for 2nd time as Dems officially take control of the House
A historic day on Capitol Hill and for the country if the government partially shut down stock market's taking the plunge. New congress is being sworn in the post of first thing youngest ever. An exciting day there's a lot of energy and enthusiasm with in the freshman class people are just her every site if one. The honorable Nancy Pelosi of the state of California. Democrats taking control of the house. Nancy Pelosi re claiming the speaker's gavel they expect. And deserve from us trying to find our common ground and them we can. Political veterans giving advice the political newcomers you gotta be yourself and you gotta legislate that some of important thing I knew Eric in American politics right now. In the brief him. A great to have you with this you're welcome to the briefing room on this the first stand of 116 congress great to have our deputy political director Mary Alice parks here Ben Siegel our hill reporter. You can see behind us the family's newly sworn members of congress still pouring out of the house chamber a lot of history a lot of ceremony happening. Then they're just getting down to business right now actually been the first votes were just cast of this new congress that's right gonna vote on the rules package is set the stage dressed the congress. And they also to devote to reopen the government that's the big issue a did not want to have to do it but now the shut down dragging on day thirteen that's. And wanted to talk a lot more about that coming up shortly Mary Alice though a lot of these days is focused on. The diversity. The rejuvenation of of congress one in the most maligned institutions. An American public opinion but today. It's sort of got an infusion of new energy new optimism a lot of young faces fresh faces. As we said in the open their the most diverse. And the youngest congress ever. A focus on history being named as telling you might there at number of the day 23. The number of women elected to the U ask that house or present is backing 8731. Years ago when Nancy Pelosi was first elected. This year though a 102. No win and there she re takes the gavel. Really an historic unprecedented congress and you saw that energy and excitement over what she would bring. As a female leader back on capitol now. And in just a few minutes ago over on the senate side some new members sworn in there as well ten new. United States senators the vice president was up your Mike Pence doing the honors you see picture there him swearing in Mitt Romney the new senator. From Utah the Republican who just. I'll wash your broadside against president trump in an op Ed it's being sworn in thereby Mike Pence. But over here the focus has been on the house the new democratic controlled house with the majority 235. Seats. Nancy Pelosi introduced by Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California here's a little bit of what they had to say take a listen. The country knows Nancy Pelosi as an experienced leader. With three decades of service in congress. A fighter for her causes and a true true TrailBlazer. Even when we disagree. With one another completely. It is important to remember. That we your pounded together in a common cause our love for America. Let us lead together the show the people that we are truly their voice and their vote. And that spirit in the spirit of a more perfect union. And in the unshakable belief. That America was is. And always will be the greatest nation. On the face of the earth. Our nation is an historic moment. Two months ago the American people spoke and demanded a new dawn. They called upon the beauty of our constitution. Since our system of checks and balances that protects our democracy. Remembering that the legislative branch is article one. The first branch of government co equal to the presidency. And to the judiciary. They want congress that delivers results for the people. Opening up opportunity. And lifting up their lives. We're hearing the voice in the future that there. A huge moment Mary Alice for Nancy Pelosi says she defied the odds in within her own party to reclaim that speaker's gavel the first time in fifty years. And we've had it seems speaker twice. And are now house speaker now the second in house speaker and it isn't cheese and newly liberated Nancy Pelosi. The Republican party of the last decade has thrown everything they have and Nancy Pelosi they ran against her she appeared in every single daddy ran across the country. And let's wants. Anyway and a lot of ways that solidify her power and hurt fooled of the Democratic Party because. It didn't matter that they ran against her she was able to come out on top. And invoking her self with a message of and revoking a message of family unity. Perhaps fleeting bend but you were in the chamber where all the swearing in and ceremonies are taking place. Sony family members and I couldn't believe how many children. Arizona is every time there's a big event how many people they can fit into that room. And when she still took the gavel and I took because you brought up everybody's children or grandchildren of course front and center. And also children and relatives of all the members Republicans and Democrats it was funny to watch the democratic children run to the rostrum. And then very slowly through the small trickle of Republican children being here and help you won't remember that it allows Iraq to visit. New kinds of Nancy Pelosi who's really leaning in to being a mother and a grandmother fish just behind children. And yet it was never really a big. Part of how she talked about her own self and her career but we're seeing in this new era this or second Arab Nancy Pelosi perceived clearly wants to be a role model. Rademan this kids taking over the Russian kids all over the place appeared today a lot of members at their families bringing their children here in fact the US when the new us congress people from the from the state of Colorado John Deutzman the second district. Appeared today with his little four month old baby he's in new data in the outcry. It's caught on social media some pictures have him and his wife they just have moved to town here and I were celebrating also caught up. With Joan Agoos a lot of it earlier today to ask about this experience of coming to Washington as a new member of congress street Louis. Congressman good it's great to have you back in the briefing room things about their join us he has just about to go cast. Your very first vote every member of congress to be for speakers yes if you want Nancy Pelosi. I look I'm excited about the democratic house majority leadership team we myself in Katie hill was a freshman out of California. We're elected buyer cohorts to be representatives to the leadership team and sought had a chance to to see speaker designate soon to be madam speaker. Policies leadership of clothes and I think that. Should really brings a steady balance of leadership that we need right now. I am excited about leadership and. And excited about this next congress it's topple him more about that this is the big moment for you from the family of immigrants first African American elected to represent Colorado. Coming to town your family's series your four month old daughter is here with you what what does this moment like for you personally I took. Credible and night you know it it it gives you opportunity to really reflect them just how great this country is that. Someone like myself who like you mentioned my parents are immigrants and refugees of my fathers here today. I came here over thirty odd years ago from war torn country East Africa and that his son went generation later picked surf in the United States congress is. Quite incredible it's a testament to this country. And of course to the people back home in the second district to put their faith that mean so it is an opportunity for literally it gratefully and and reflect on just how lucky we aren't. This crime advocates to work freshman class this is just an incredible crop of newly members elected members of congress. You know what do you make of your colleagues you've been Ari getting in nickname sort of that the president of the freshman class a few million not a hundred I have now on. App as president of the class they are wonderful. It's pluses obvious it's the largest freshman classes Watergate right so you had. Just in un bridled enthusiasm of folks a lot of historic firsts. I would expect the average religious background etc. there ever ordinary diverse ideologically. It's young brought the average age of congress. Eight. Eyewitness freshman class so I think folks are very eager to get to work accident the want to equally. And I gleaned from. And any conversations my colleagues people are just very very sight it work have you many Republicans. Yeah it's doubled freshman Republicans as well as of course other Republican members my delegation. Current members how hard is going to be at a bridge the first time in in many years we've had divided Washington. Republican senate democratic controlled house how difficult do you think that's gonna be to bridge that. I think we can do boat and by that I mean I think that we can be. Boulder progressive policies something I'd and passionate about this time it means were we don't think that those are mutually exclusive. We've had a number comes it is already public colleagues about places where I think we can legislate. Point its senses some pretty. Vaccine public policy issues I am optimistic of course it's they want we want I want hasta La Saturday visited a couple weeks. And end two more where that you did you shutdown looming over all of this. And you've been involved conversations about that how are you feeling about the prospects so many workers we've been talking to hear the briefing room. Concerned in this town in Colorado to federal workers. What you think they'll go back to work. Yeah I share their concern him but countless workers in my district who are going without pay your federal labs. Folks working national forests and national parks it is observed that the strong shut down its bomb long enough it's why at the majorities so. Passionate about passing bills just later today as you mentioned for Sobel speaker several more votes today will be on reopening the government there's an appropriation bills. And it passed the senate. Almost unanimously. That we are now poised to pass the house help that the senate will take them up. And that we can get them to the president's desk and and shut down and get back to do people were important let's ago got to ask it's it's still New Year's resolutions I guess what's your name and New Year's resolution member of congress you know up probably two keep in shape up to pick us up and it I can tell I hear. A runner of sorts try to run a connection to its credit but I'm taking my. Fantastic generators that you so much and regulations to Ingraham. All right I thanks. Energetic pace as Joseph mentioned hanging over all of this the government shut down partial government shutdown days thirteen guys. Dan. As Joseph was mentioning their just a little while from now the house is expected to vote and a plan to reopen the government this is a democratic plan. That's right they're taking pills that the senate had previously passed before the president decided he wanted more money for the border wall. They are gonna package those one section will fund. A dozen other over several federal agencies after September the other will meet on the Department of Homeland Security. And border security through February. Giving them time to negotiate on this but we don't know how that's can do this on civilian. Any argument from Democrats was let's at least open the rest the government siphoned off the Department of Homeland Security the real question sticking point here is the wall and border and immigration. But it doesn't seem like it's and is willing to take up anything if they're not sure the president will sign and so by the president said this is absolutely a nonstarter for him he wants to get that I so often and. 'cause there's no wall funny and included in the democratic plan as you're seeing there on the screen let's go to the White House now war. A senior national correspondent Terry Moran has. Chasing down some answers force in fact this a little while ago caught up with presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway Terry. What is Kellyanne had to say about how they plan to to navigate this mess. What she says the president is open for business look this is that. A sea change for president dropped the first time as he added his third year as being president that he faces an opposition with real power that democratic majority. Led by Nancy Paulus they're gonna challenge him on policy like immigration and border policy. And with the investigation that could be gaveled this White House how are they gonna do it. And at least today Kellyanne Conway says the president is looking for more conversation he's in. Lighted up Pelosi and the other congressional leaders democratic and Republican over to the White House tomorrow. For another bout of talking about how to get that would they'll parts of the government and are open right now reopened how to. Get rid of some of this this functions they get on some real issues that people care about. It's going to be hard. He is not backing down at all right now on. Five point six billion dollar demand for money for the wall however. I asked Kelly Callahan noticed she said all the walls of four letter word you can call it whatever you want we'll call it border security I shall wait a minute. Is it a wall which the Democrats oppose that wall along every four to the border and Mexico concrete thirty what I big beautiful Walt. As the president talked about or. Is it just border security is that you can have a deal. And she called a sarcastic for sing it millions. Yeah I do think though Mary Alice what Terry is saying that that is where the deal has to be made here over the border security both sides say they wanted it. Slightly down to semantics offense. How much money. Little is I think Terry is exactly right if we're talking about border security you're gonna see Democrats willing to claim all. They would like to get a broader immigration package stunt could help those dreamers that could talked about people on refugee protected in these eyes. They could really come in and have a big package here. But Democrats seem totally dug in and against a symbolic victory for the president over a wall. And you heard it diplomacy today say that the wall would be something that is on a miracle and they don't wanna much on the. Material. What what's happening at the White House it what is the president doing today as this democratic congress. Todd takes a democratic house is saying get setting into motion. How is he spending his days he making any outreach holding any means we haven't really seen him yet today. That we haven't been this public schedule was was pretty bare he's girding for battle but we do know that he did reach out and make that invitation to Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy and other. And Schumer and McConnell in the senate and others. To come over and start the talks again on restarting the government we see. How well that went the last time but there's no question you know one thing about Nancy Pelosi and Donald companies sought is that. Actually have a chemistry. You wouldn't expect it but somebody said to me that that he would much rather deal with Nancy Pelosi the ethnic. Daughter of a big city East Coast mayor who who is that cut throat killer cook political player. Then the boy scout from Wisconsin Paul Ryan probably just as most comfortable. Around Nancy Pelosi it will take all their efforts Howard to find common ground. And what I think the president is really concerned about his once those investigations. Get going and where they coming at him and his administration. And he will fight like all get out against that. All right Terry Moran thanks for your reporting Terry and others say on it appreciates your. Your time we'll see you soon and then Terry was mentioning those investigations. Lot of people wondering are there is gonna get. It's starter right away when they begin tomorrow our house Democrats gonna go after the president right out of the gate. The trial lawyer are reporting suggests that there is no subpoena Canon there's no mass effort that they're now been on court can unleash on the White House what they have been doing is laying the ground work methodically. To get answers from this White House answers at the the administration and every agency we're not we're. But willing to give them when they were in the minority so they've some of the chairman of sound letters deadlines. To hear back and then and they're methodically making the case to the public. That these are answers that people need and we're gonna do whatever it takes to get them. So that's coming coming attraction on you really can now hit. Yeah I still like bright future rhetoric. All of that aside the anxiety up here on Capitol Hill continues to deepen over the shut down a lot of federal workers live up your capital in fact we spent some time with one of them. I just yesterday. Ryan about 34 year old worker at ths a statistician. I invited us inside his home to tell us just how this is impacting him. Nicholas. Davidson's and anxiety when I'm him go back to work. I'd like to know that you repeat DHS senior statistician. In Homeland Security has become the agency's Harris. I guess it is. Yet work a small office on the opposite immigration statistics and I'm union Steward for AFC's like represent my colleagues in an office and that's mostly statisticians suppose I spoke into archer about their next march payment. They're not sure. About their children union and it really depends on each person's unique situation how many dependents if god what there what their budget looks like it's hard it's. Paint brush and say how everybody's dealing with what slogan of the a lot of federal employees and contractors since this again and nobody that I've spoken to has that they're happy to be out of work right now are happy to be working without pay. There have been expressed a lot of anxiety. And remember and and morale is lets you mean this is important are these folks are doing and letting it go. On done is it's really. Kind of a horrible feeling fine by. Not just the federal government employees into contractors impacted to hear that's really spoken to people on the on capitol who have studied this issue gravel lots of federal employees in their districts they say there's no way for a lot of these contractors were paid through private and that he is to get make up this pale when the shutdown is over so there are a lot of people who have this whole and their pocketbooks not felt. Perhaps the hardest hit those contractors the financial burden of the shut down weighing on people also the stock markets. Today as the house was getting sworn in the senate getting sworn in the stock markets taking a plunge of six a live look. At Wall Street right now is the Dow was down but now it's down over 600 points huge. I'll losses in the past month. Apple the tech giant. Leading the way here its worst day since January of 4013. Bob pretty scary stuff let's bring in now an analyst from Wells Fargo mark. Bit nerve who has perhaps some answers for us as to why. The markets are so shaky today mark. And how surprising was it to you that apple took this hit in sales. Brown it was surprising we saw. The announcement late yesterday the the the drop in revenues was was larger than expected that's when the future sold off. And nets it was thought the start of the sell off this morning. Got a little bit worse after we got the ISM report which is a snapshot of manufacturing activity during the month of December. He came in a good bit weaker than expected. She and and that that sent stocks down older more. How much of this market student the terror fight with China. Apple announcing their earnings missed the mark. They talked about the impact in China where sales were weaker than expect a lot people have Apple Stock a lot of people own apple products. And are surprised that they're worried that they've been impacted this way but do you see in your analysis of this. A direct connection to what's been going on here in Washington. Well I think it's more China than Washington. I don't think that that Wall Street seemed. Pay much attention to the switch and government analysis cannot pull whose stocks are more forward looking. And he'd given what the what's happened with apple I think that that other folks looked at other companies that are getting a lot of sales from China us. Antenna thinking of how this may impact them. We really haven't seen and Aaron in modern times or an economy the size of China as soon as has slowed dale. The US has been the largest economy in the world for almost all of the post war period Japan got up there for a little while. But but we've never really seen a situation with the economy this big. Has begun to Sloan a way that China has over the last year. And and it's really hard to figure out what all the repercussions are going to be on US companies. And look into your crystal ball out ball before we let you go mark that mirror. What's in store for tomorrow you think the market to come back a little bit or are we in for another volatile day. Well one part of the government that is open is the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a thirty to come out with you want to report. For the month of of December and I think a lot of give and be looking at that we had an employment figure they came out this morning from ADP. Which look to private sector payrolls they showed a much larger gains. And expect it to 171000. Net jobs so we get some strength there that might bring some confidence back into the markets. But if it's a really hard to car right now there's an awful lot of uncertainty out there. Typically we have uncertainty it's not good for the stop. Market. All right mark that there would Wells Fargo thanks for analysis market's gonna be a wild ride I think the rest of this January on the markets thank you for your time. I backyard Capitol Hill you can hear. Some of the celebratory. Spiritual continuing on the steps that they got the house chamber behind us families coming out new members coming out. Offer pictures side very celebratory atmosphere. Are we want to leave you today with a picture from Michael Beschloss he's one of the historians. I here in town who tweeted this picture of Nancy Pelosi a twenty year old college student Nancy Pelosi with then president John F. Kennedy. Shortly after around the time of his inauguration. An indication. Polo season. Date for John F. Kennedy which she talked a little bit about today guys are affinity for that call to service you really sees herself as being an emblem in that same vein. Anna Conti you'd eat you sit up there and said that there isn't the rader calling to work across the aisle which is pretty remarkable given how partisan this has been. Indeed much younger Nancy Pelosi speaking of the Kennedys though ABC news is airing a special. I'm president Kennedy's son John F. Kennedy junior team type one each party special that a special addition of Tony tornado last days. A JF KJR be sure to check that out at 10:9 central time that of course will be here. Back ABC news world news prime here at 8 PM. For now on given to our meraz parks Ben Siegel great to have you with us. We'll be back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time the way from.

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