Pelosi urges Trump to delay State of the Union address until gov't shutdown ends

House Speaker asks President Trump to reschedule State of the Union or submit his address in writing, citing "security concerns" due to shutdown stalemate.
27:44 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for Pelosi urges Trump to delay State of the Union address until gov't shutdown ends
Day 26 of the shut doubt and no sign of compromise. We look forward to reopening the government to build on what we've done over the last few years we have. One simple message today. The government. Democrats at the White House for the first time in a week is speaker Pelosi asked president trump. To reschedule his State of the Union Address how long can this last as thousands of Americans step up to help their road paver. I didn't think it lasted long and it you know unfortunate happy. Plus ice is claims credit for American casualties in Syria. And at 20/20 presidential field is getting more crowded right now on the briefing room. Hey great to have you with us on this Wednesday on Devin Dwyer in Washington drama Jordan felt so White House reporter what a big day here in town news headlines firing off across Pennsylvania Avenue that the Supreme Court today. Hot Nancy Pelosi is the talk of the town Jordan with this surprise move to send a letter to the president telling them. She suggests that they find a new day for the State of the Union Address which was two weeks from now if the government is still shut down she was citing security concerns at the Secret Service. Who by the way are all for a vote as well. Absolutely but really more than anything this is sort of a power play by Nancy Pelosi showing that she has some power here and the mid in the midst of this ongoing shut down. But certainly deveny would be extraordinary first State of the Union Address to be lever to be delivered with the government's all right there has never. And the State of the Union Address given during a shutdown but again there's ever been when canceled because of a shut down here's a little bit and Nancy Pelosi is letter. That she sent to the president she sits sadly given the security concerns. And unless the government reopens this week a suggestion and work together to determine another suitable date after the government's reopen for this address. Free to consider delivering your share of the union. Or consider giving your state of the union in writing. On January truck tornados and think about that let's bring in how our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce. I was been tracking the developments and and chasing after the speaker Mary. And that's in this caught a lot of people by surprise this morning. It did and it is don't really bold move that is speaker of the house look this is her party essentially the speaker of the house invites the president to deliver the state of the union and she's basically saying to the president although no deal. No state of the union she's not going to give him the opportunity to come here. To her turf essentially and he is the state of the union as a platform. To deliver a link me nationally televised address. Outlining his argument -- Walt now that's not a she said publicly Nancy Pelosi is saying that look this is all about security this isn't about politics. But there's no denying the political undertones here and it isn't ultimately like Schmidt band they're not saying that there will not be a state of the union on the 29 which is actually caught. The speaker downstairs and she says she's waiting to hear back from the president. But the but the message is very clear that if the government is still shut down. There will be no state of the U. And they're how Republicans responding to this move you know as you know from tradition. And under the constitution the president from time to time is is as allowed is asked to give a state of the union opting eight. Hasn't always been a speech that sort of become something of a tradition in this town. Where Republicans saying about the twist endings this year. And that not surprisingly they're not too pleased that this move they're saying that Nancy Pelosi is playing politics with the state of the union admits she is I believe one Republican has said she's sort of this honoring. That the tradition here. Blood but does she have a right to do this is it in her purview absolutely she has the power to do this element is at a incredibly unusual circumstance. To use the state of the union as part of you know account not a bargaining chip and that's kind of what it's becoming your look she is saying Macon dealer does is gonna happen. And one of the things we've been started. Chewing around here on the hill amongst ourselves as what are the present options now right to the governor initials still shut down in two weeks could heat. Possibly deliver an address just on the senate side where of course Republicans are still in control that is not being ruled out. At the moment by their senate Republican leadership but a lot of people trying to figure out what this looks like how this all plays out because the bottom line DeVon is that right now. And there is no compromise on the table it doesn't seem that there's a deal ready within reached. That would reopen the government sometime this week and so it they need to finds an alternative if the president is still hoping. Try to deliver the state of the union or state of the union like address here on the town. Yet I wonder if this letter from Nancy Pelosi to the White House helps things maybe it lights a fire that the president now has to take some action or. Make a move sort to try to come to some resolution so he can give this state of the union. On the other hand I Jordan perhaps it it makes this even of the recriminations on both sides here even a little bit worse. Hop so far not much reaction from the White House. Also we haven't heard from the president and the White House you have to wonder if neither is saying what they want their play it be here I could really see this president using this act and really digging in going out. Somewhere in the country saying I don't need this talk to congress I'll talk directly to the American people and giving. Some speech in front of a giant crowd as Tom Warren Oval Office loves you and absolutely he could use that to you. That we are hearing from secretary Neal saying. At DHS saying he kind of calling Nancy Pelosi blocked clear saying the Secret Service is totally prepared to tease us here she is here on Twitter saying. The department of homeland security and the US Secret Service are fully prepared to support can't secure the state of the union we think this service for their mission focus and dedication and for all they do. Each state to secure our homeland so there. I DHS saying that Secret Service is ready to go. She's saying they're up for the job Nancy Pelosi saying the shut down creates unsafe conditions to hold a national security event on the order of the state of the union we'll see how this plays out meantime. Democrats for the first time in over a week went to the White House this morning to have a meeting with the president these were a group of Democrats. From a group called the problem solvers caucus. In the House of Representatives here's what they said. On their way to the White House today they said if we reopen the government the possibility exists to work together. To find some common ground tackle the country's biggest problems and fix them but that conversation. Can only begin in earnest once the government is reopened. We accepted the White House's invitation today and we brought that message. Two then Mary Bruce you've been talking to your sources catching up with some of these Democrats is they've come back to the hill so what went down there at the White House was their breakthrough. And far from it low lug that thing when members of the the problem solvers cart caucuses that they are not empowered to solve this problem. The president is very clearly going around leadership reaching out to rank and file members trying to detonate his case you know open up some dialogue. And that's great the designs are talking the promise that's not getting as any nearer to a solution. Appear and in fact the president trying to some problems in these gender reach after the Reagan bout yesterday we saw. House Democrats boycotting the president's invitation dismissing it as nothing more than a photo. And so you know I think these members brought their concerns to the president as they said they what I think the White House underscored their. And desire for the wall their argument their case for it. But this is not going to lead to a breakthrough by any means known is expecting this to move the needle a nice chat perhaps but nothing that is going to get us any closer seems to reopening the government. It's time members thank you so much for your reporting we'll see you later on world news prime here 8 PM eastern time and ABC news live Jordan. We are getting some reporting out of the White House though that it actually perhaps one a little bit better than last time Democrats were there. Yet plays into this pounding the table note this Sunday I in this of course plays into the White House is message they Bonnie. You know portray the president as being there ready to negotiate and just it's a fact that Nancy close his incoming to the tape also here are some other Democrats. Coming to the table this kind of plays into their message here Sarah Sanders saying that it was a productive meeting the president and his teen. Hi constructive meeting with the bipartisan members. Of the problem solvers caucus they listens to one another. And now both have a good understanding of what the other wants we look forward to more conversations more like I'm. Your stations but no breakthroughs as Mary Bruce just reported meantime there's growing urgency in this town around the country about the costs. Of this shut down not just for individual families but for the economy writ large all. Americans if you will in fact just today S&P. Did the financial analysts projected but. By the end of next week this shut down we'll end up costing the American economy. As much as the president's request for his border wall think about that as far more than five billion dollars. For some more analysis now on the costs. That were all incurring because of this it's stagnant senior Washington spring Christian Brodie she's a professor of economics at Alabama and and university Christian great to have you with us. I see you've been crunching the numbers and taking a look at the various estimates out there. What's your take on hat how bad this is for the economy right now. So adding looking into numbers you have 800. And apparently. That. I'm hurting that it happened so when you look at those numbers 380000. Employees are hurt them. And another 420. And her currently working without paying. When you look at how much people are making. We're talking about 200 million now. And it's going I would hate for each day. You're married so for securities and exchange commission and those close would be making well how am I am forty rehab. In Dayton. And it's. So don't do so just just underscore that point Christians here saying the average. In this case just as an example SEC worker. 121000. Dollars in for Ron wages just so far in 26 days. Absolutely. And continues that people and not decision and I went to east spending money it lasted into consumer spending. Whistle apparently accurate you mean. Yet and those those workers not spending money at retailers lunch counters. Of course the mortgage payments to rent payments all that wrapped up into that that money is not going out and economy you've actually taken a look. At the White House system and double in the impact on GDP because of this. Yes and 300 originally they just looked at. There aren't helping pay if it weren't considered nearest her number little bar being behavior hostile acts and. So big impacts to the economy writ large Christian Brody thanks so much for joining us from Alabama and M university great to see you. I'm Jordan is as Chris and Hussein all those workers 800000 knocking paid off the job another 450000. Working without pay those people cannot seek federal unemployment benefits which is unfortunate for them even though they're on the job we seen a number of agencies today. The IRS air traffic controllers the food inspectors all being called back to work and yet not getting paid the impact. Is significant are Rachel Scott. I went out around town today to visit a pop up restaurant being put on by the celebrity chef Jose Andreas. He's trying he's one of the Americans reaching out to these workers were struggling right now he's offering them a free meal. Rachel caught up with some of the folks that we're there and some of the volunteers were helping to feed the furloughed workers. We have hundreds of thousands of federal employees who have now been out of work for going on for weeks. They're not receiving a paycheck. Hands we felt compelled to act today we got sandwiches soups holes we have hot coffee we are prepared to serve hundreds of thousands of meals if needed. As long as we can. Here not just. Open your minds here right now slowly it seemed like a really nice I'm Virginia back. And do something with my time lane of any meaningful and hopefully help some people who are struggling I'm going to be here every day day he let me help me get out I mean nice wonderful. I mean I live in. Leaving a halfway through it isn't just about calories you know it's about you're seeing not just the body but also the sole showing that now. We're fellow citizens are here for you will be working hard in doing what we can't support you this trying time. It's great to see the best American spirit neighbors helping neighbors as this drags on our thanks to Rachel Scott for that much more for reporter in an Are taking a turn now to a horrible story a tragedy that employ unfolded overnight in Syria where those some 2000 American forces remain. Even as president trump vows to pull those troops out of Syria and the Pentagon announcing the death of several American service members there ice is claiming credit your scenes and footage here. From an explosion that cost of service members their lives. Already there were four Americans killed in Syria since twenties his team we first got involved. Are Louis Martinez over at the Pentagon has been tracking developments in the attack overnight Louie. Give us that the latest on which are heard about what actually happened here. General we know is that there was a suicide bomber who went inside a restaurant in this town of man major northwest Syria. Four Americans were killed. They include two US service members wondered eulogy contractor and one DOD civilian. An additional three US military service members were also injured in an attack. As well as local Syrian civilians we believe in an additional ten. Say local civilians were killed in this blast this is the deadliest US ice is attack against US military service members inside Syria. Since he said since the return of US troops in 2015. Prior to that or that the last three and a half years we had seen for American fatalities. It's a reminder of the strength of ice is that it may not be a strong enemy on the battlefield. I'm but that they can still carry out terror attacks whether it be overseas or in this case and one of their old hold outs where you which was Syria. And it of course you mentioned the president pushing for the U withdrawal of all 2000 US troops from Syria. That has been modeled over the last couple of weeks since he first announced that. And it's it's unclear what the timeline you'll actually be for now withdraw we're now we know that some equipment and some. Supplies have been taken out of Syria but so far no decision's been made on when US troops the timeline for there and more from Syria. Just horrible and we still don't know the identities and the names of those killed in the in this latest attack for torn. As Louie was alluding to there are the president has expressed his condolences overnight to these families. Opera just it's striking just a few weeks ago he was repeated over and over and over that crisis have been defeated he'd taken of victory lap on this. And yet here we are crisis taking down Americans in Syria. Yet DeVon this story doesn't I'd do anything for the president's message that crisis is defeated. And even today we saw the vice president continuing to hit that message even after we soggy service members killed. I'd take a listen to what vice president had to say at the State Department. The callous they. Has crumbled and vices has bitten defeated. How will stay in the region and will stay in the fight. To ensure the crisis is not rear its ugly head again we will we will protect the gains that our soldiers our coalition partners have secured. But this president has often spoken about his. His desired. Bring an end to endless wars and where the ability to bring our troops home. Bring them home in an orderly and effective way. And Lou we that rhetoric sort of stunning to hear from the vice president after the attack you continue to say the nicest has been defeated. Is drawing fire from Republicans on Capitol Hill Lindsey Graham an ally of this White House today. Took the extraordinary step of saying that he thinks it's in Poland in the enemy and making it more dangerous for Americans. My concern. About the statements made the present trop. It should set in motion. Enthusiasm by the enemy refining. Every American wants her troops to come home but I think all of us want to make sure that when they do come on we're safe. Now what hope the president. We'll look long and hard. For is headed in Syria. And lonely before I let you go Bob what is the latest on the dried out in Syria do we have any update on when troops the troops start coming out. No information in DeVon as to when US troops who come down we know that there are plans in place. 484 and went at least four months draw downs four US personnel if and when that is actually ordered. To be signed by the president that's that it still has to make its way up through the chain of command we know the military planners are the ones who have come up through at this. On the we're talking about lots of equipment we're talking about the safety of US personnel as they withdraw. I wanted to things we need to talk about here is. Why are these US troops in bandages in the western most point in Syria where they operate on they were there essentially is peacekeepers to try to prevent it. Turks. Turkey from pushing in against America's allies this is one of the big concerns about what may happen if the US pulls out of Syria. I'm and for the last almost two years this is what American troops have been dealing in managed because Turkey has pretty much threatened the Syrian Kurdish presence inside that town. I'm because they don't like that it's too close to their borders. And it's something that the US the Russians the Asad regime there are concerned about what goes on in managed so one of the reasons why you have. US troops in this exposed position. It's you made kind of this attack kind of reaffirms why safety first in terms of withdrawing US troops from Syria. And why it may be taken me be taking longer than the rate the president had originally projected. Charter tour for reporter Rudy Martinez of the Pentagon Louis takes so much as always moving on out of the Supreme Court another headline today on this 100 anniversary guys. The we're of the eighteenth amendment that was the one that establish prohibition in this country banned the consumption and sale production of all the hall. 100 years ago today. But the Supreme Court took up its biggest case in a decade dealing with alcohol regulation. How looking at the 21 and then at the amendment pick our writ of prohibition we're joined by Christopher Rihanna he is. Our constitutional expert at Columbia University also the General Counsel for the New York State liquor authority you were in the courtroom today as really I'm credible Jose was an unbelievable scenes of Britain's downforce what this case. Are all about this it is is obviously out of Tennessee yes Tennessee as some pretty strict liquor laws about who can sell and Tennessee. They really do and I think one of the things that's so critical to start off what is the fact that alcohol on the trafficking about calls a privilege and it's something that people sometimes forget. Given the history of probation in this country and the fact that it's the only constitutional product we've ever seen it felt that we ban on beverage that's listed in the constitution. There and it's incredible that after we lifted that ban and we decided as a nation to pass and another amendment changing the constitution again. Taking out the previous amendment the one that we celebrate stated I think hundredth anniversary because I decided well why we don't celebrate it and that's true but I think that's actually part of what makes this so interesting is that. The justices are gonna sit there and they're gonna grapple with something that they don't get to see a lot these cases don't come up very often and and the tweet First Amendment is somewhat of an enigma. And so any time you see your case like this are gonna find a lot of interest in your gonna find a lot of people from the constitutional law world coming to see helping our. So we were there it was exciting there were a lot of there's a lot of debate they're asking the justices this and this is what Tennessee yes you wanna sell beer or wine in Tennessee and actually this involves the mega retailer total wine and spirits if you know the chain. It's pretty popular nationwide they tried to get into Tennessee will Tennessee is these rules that you have to be a resident of the state for something like. Nine years to get a license or renew it and be in the state establish a story they say gosh that's really restrictive it's protectionist. What gives man picked it off and today Chris it did it sound like these justices were inclined to strike at downs in and help us understand. Absolutely and I think one of the things that's so unique but the 21 amendment is that it gives the power to regulate to the states it's very unique in that way. And so states have a natural almost constitutional additional authority. To regulate this very unique product it's not a limited and it is not unlimited and I think that's part of what makes it so interest and a because it's not unlimited the justices are going to have to grapple with questions that arise under the dormant commerce clause that they talked about. And how far can Tennessee go when it comes to enacting these very interesting residency requirements the Tennessee had in place. I think the justices are going to have to draw some sort of line that they haven't really had to do previously when it comes on the 21 in a. And managing its two year requirements who came in nine years is sort of extreme. I don't know what it ended the day if they if they allow somebody like total wind to come in and sister say strike down the state laws which by the way errands. Dozens of state Steelers these requirements. On could mean more options for consumers. Lower prices but you've also argued there could be limited a tradeoff there. I think the big trade off but you'll see is we have almost ninety plus years of history of the State's having an incredible role in the regulation of this product and because of that. If you start to erode the 21 amendment you're gonna road one of the key pieces of what we find under alcohol regulation which is the concept of temperance. The idea that states are promoting temperance that states are attempting to regulate what is a very unique product. And that's when he first mummy gives them a lot of unique tools to work with. I think that's why you saw 35 states including Texas Colorado Virginia New York. And others all join together in a very nonpartisan way to say in an amicus brief today as was argued that the court. It it's more it's less about meeting of residency requirement and a larger concern about state controlled what comes into the 21 man. Valerie. The design houses are gonna have to consider Christopher thank you for being here and Jordan you and I were talking before. You know the other interesting component here is the perhaps Amazon. Amazon application of liquor sales if you will people like to want to order of things this is a case that could lean ground from. Absolutely avenue you know while that I'm an Internet order my wine but DeVon I think we be remiss not to mention that. Pretty covering this today but I didn't realize that we went way deep into our heads with how far back DeVon has been tracking this issue there's DeVon inappropriate. Ten million oh cool okay. Yeah. It's. In the back yeah will win some moonshine and that's an area yeah I'm into our. For Christmas it's great to have. Happy here I hope you'll come back on the justices are gonna not deliberate on this case they will us this Friday that's when it begins and it begins and will be another case Christmas thanks for being thank you. All right guys moving on now finally today we have the X 20/20 kick op is well underway the fuel is getting bigger. Because like every day semi another Democrat is announcing we had. Kristen Gillibrand of New York announced overnight here's what she had to tell cold air but do you have anything you would like to announce. Gas. I'm what would that be madam. I'm filing an exploratory committee. I think I day. All right let's bring in our political reporter Adam Kelsey who's been tracking the field Adam Gillibrand the latest he did in she's Avant some fun last night at all. Senate had unique methods of announcing but give us the lay of the land now for those guys trying to keep keep track at home how many GeMS there and how many are thinking about it. Who was Cummins and. Night. Yes we've got basically to be higher profile folks tour officially in representative a former representative John Bellini of Maryland. A former housing and urban development secretary. Leon Castro they are officially in their running for president than senator Elizabeth Warren. Much like senator Kirsten Gillibrand as we just saw they have I'll launch exploratory committees and is actually funny Stephen cold air asked. Senator Gillibrand how many times he's committees go out and start exploring and come up empty and she laughed and she's and it won't basically means that I'm running for president says those are some of the major names entrepreneur Andrew Yang is also in it I congressional. Democrat who boss' race in West Virginia back in November Richard agenda has said he's running for president as well. Those are some more minor names but. What you said DeVon it seems like every week somebody's making some sort of announcement somebody's going to Iowa or New Hampshire we're seeing a lot of those trips are coming up in the future and another senator in addition to Gillibrand last night Sherrod Brown of Ohio he didn't say he was running or forming an exploratory committee but he did say he is saves you that he's heading out to Iowa. And New Hampshire for what he's calling he dignity of worked war that's gonna get under way in late January. Yet I've I've been struck by Adam how as as all these Democrats have come forward it's and it's going to be so crowded. How they've all sort of struggled it is early but to define themselves against each other they're all so friendly the gloves having come off. They are attacking each other yet of course many of them haven't even fully. And begun a campaign but it trying to be distinctive in this field is going to be a big challenge. Yeah that's right I think at this point though the waters are still a little bit models like you said everybody's being very friendly they all have one target not in mind and that's president trauma they won all. Defeat president trump and whoever can do it they'll all end up supporting that one person but what was interesting about cures in Gillibrand last night as she kind of occupies this interest in middle ground she is not as far left as. He Bernie Sanders the Elizabeth Warren's even the Couri brokers of the world. She is certainly not the establishment candidate that would be someone like former vice president Joseph Biden if he decides to run she certainly not an outsider she's been in congress I and some former the other since 2007. So she actually has something of a unique opportunity to introduce herself to the rest of the country to head out to Iowa this weekend and basically explain what she's all about even know she has that label New York senator. She's not quite so liberal. She comes from upstate New York she was known earlier in her career as a major gun rights supporter she's moved a little bit to the left. Since those early years but I think. That she's going to be able to have to do a combination of things she's got some rural folks cynics if folks in this to her something that Sherrod brown and fellow senator EB Klobuchar have coming from the midwest. But she surely has some ties to Manhattan to Wall Street net fund raising is gonna come in handy if it turns out to be a very long prime. For her to hey Adam Kelsey thanks so much a lot of women a lot of diversity in the democratic field we're gonna. Go through some speed dating here get to know you have the candidates coming up here in the briefing room thanks so much for that reporting. A great to have you with us on this Wednesday for Jordan felt some Devin Dwyer Washington download the ABC news that follow us all we want you to watch as their live as well we'll be back here tomorrow. 3:30 eastern time until then attempted to.

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