Pence cancels trip, abruptly called back to White House

The vice president canceled a trip to New Hampshire at the last minute after being called back to the White House with no public explanation as to why.
25:33 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Pence cancels trip, abruptly called back to White House
Everybody welcome to the briefing room on deaf choir Washington great to have you with us today on this very busy Tuesday of a holiday week some breaking news from the White House we'll get to in just a second. But also we're getting in today some stunning new images from inside this detention centers in the southern border will bring him to be a plus tanks. Arriving on the National Mall here Washington short time will talk about what's in store for the fourth of July. And there's a new poll out on the race for two point one EO want to see this numbers just coming in. Which Democrats got the biggest bounce I've last week's first democratic primary debate but first. Our breaking news from the White House in mystery involving the vice president of the United States Mike Pence. He called off a trip he was on air force two on his waited to New Hampshire this afternoon when he was. Abruptly returned to the White House the White House officials are not sane. What is going on the governor term palm area White House correspondent. Is there terror the and you're hearing that there's no cause for alarm but this is highly usual. He's a very strange and also. The fact that they won't answer questions besides if something came up its. Raising alarm among the press former trying to figure out well what happened what came out what made. The vice president go all the way citi's today's military airport and airline. Get on the plane and then deep plane and go back to Washington. And we're just not getting any answers right now data and I our colleague Meredith McGraw she spoke to the vice president's chief of staff. Marc Schorr and he said that that we don't know it a few weeks. Very bizarre. So with the White House is just not. He is not being straight with us on that's not telling us why the vice president have to come back and why his first meeting with what the president. And he was set to be a New Hampshire today we should say for a whole new way to recovery event in one of the organizers there. Told local media that we don't know why the vice president could make it. He said but he said added it doesn't sound good so this is ray coming out of nowhere even though I were expecting the VP think this isn't good news. Writes I spoke to someone on the ground there at the spokesperson for this granite recovery center where he was supposed to go and speak with. Oh over 250 people about the owe you a crisis in the country and they said there were no obvious could security concerns like you know approached hats or or sense of hostility in the room. So there was nothing no obvious reason to keep. The vice president of course. You know there are. Secret Service had their secrets and they know those kind of things that what may have kept him from going to New Hampshire but the fact that he actually went all the way to Maryland to get on the plane and then. Obviously create the impression that there was something back here at the White House that he needed to be here corporate all we're getting right now. Something came up not an issue not an emergency and there's a lot of smoke there that it. And they're certainly as we don't this White House a lot of unusual activity sometimes means something is up. And I and we know your antennas up and you keep reporting Ter thanks so much we should note that officials did tell us that this was not a national security issue. I'd also not a health issues so it is truly a mystery we'll stay on it. I next on that continued fallout from of the crisis at the southern border in these new images coming and take a look. The crowded in horrible conditions in some of the facilities as recently as this month these are new images. Are from a Department of Homeland Security inspector general report our immigration reporter quit no and is here to tell us more about this when this is. But new confirmation. About the conditions there that we had only been hearing about firm and their attorneys and activists now we actually see it. Right seeing those pictures and yes new confirmation of some of the conditions condition reports we heard from attorneys and immigrant advocates. One facility manager quoted in this report described. The overcrowded conditions as a ticking time bomb a people just packed into these facilities that aren't meant to take people long term. There was reports of a no showers or no hot meals at suffered multiple the facilities. For kids that were being held there. And about a third of those unaccompanied kids that were held in some of those Border Patrol stations had been there longer than the 72 power mandated time lost. Any room only to report stood out to me that some of these children were required to stand. Packed in there and space is designed for forty people they had seventy plus people in there for days. Simply studying this is on top us in new video that we just are receiving today as well from. Texas congressman Markey Castro he was part of that delegation yesterday that went into one of the facilities in El Paso. He'd have broke the rules and shot this video you see women here in blue sleeping bags Quinn. This is controversial yesterday we heard from a congress from here in the show that some of these people were told to drink water from the toilets 'cause the faucets were working. Yeah bit unclear exactly what's being alleged here but lots of strong words from Democrats who went down in toured the facilities CBP hasn't responded to our questions about. What exactly they make of the allegations and and where those allegations were being targeted but a lot of of news coming out of that congress. Hello again simply hard to believe that this is so what goes on here in the United States for detainees are or inmates of any kind we should say that we asked. The department of homeland security and Customs and Border Protection for a guest today they declined. To provide us with woman this statement. From them is in the watchdog report they say that the current migration flow and a resulting humanitarian crisis are rapidly overwhelming the ability. And the federal government to respond they did say however they are committed to of the care and well being of those detain east. We caught up a short time ago with a former Customs and Border Protection agent Jim died she was a senior patrol officer in Southern California from 1995 to 2001. He -- there and her uniform. But she says since left the agency and is now an immigrant advocate she told us about her experience there and wide these images surprised. Jen I think you so much for coming in once you start by getting your reaction. To these images that we've been seen over the past few weeks from this detention facilities along the border. Does that look familiar to you is that something that was commonplace during your time with the Border Patrol. You know I don't used to seeing in detention terror facility at a seeing ER crowded news NM not used to seeing. There for her condition instead they're keeping these asylum seekers in. Is it different demographics thought I was an agent. Yeah I had at that time we as we know from the numbers a lot of the migrants were at single young men now of course. Families a lot of unaccompanied children what. In Europe view though has someone who works with immigrants now was part of the department. Back then how pretty gift this is bad what's to blame for the current crisis down there. I think you know. Sticks its many years are to blame and certainly now this administration there they're taking advantage. I neglected the immigration system. For a long time and and basically they're trying to apply a law enforce its. Models use our daily Dennis outlaw horsemen issued an as a humanitarian. Issue. The fact is this is most of these people are asylum seekers. And nobody deserves ED TB house and yeah like this I personally seen here. Asylum seekers after they'd been released from CBB custody because I volunteer a lot of other shelters done here. And I can tell you got what you are seeing in taxes is the same thing that we're seeing here in San Diego and it is fair nor it's not unusual will be. They're coming into his hands full alliances that children aren't on nerves. And they're we're using closes it and wearing it for weeks and the horse stories that they are telling me. It is like something. From a Puerto country and it's just shameful and disgusting in my dream that didn't. And certainly overwhelming for everybody involved. And you have certainly were written and spoken out about the culture inside the agency a lot of these agents not really equipped. To deal with the humanitarian. Crisis that's right at their hands they're all so. We understand investigating. Some cultural challenges inside Border Patrol might of that FaceBook group pushed for approval cut exposed. In the past 24 hours. What's your sense of that you have used tweeted about that that there were some bad apples. In that apartment even when you're there. I'm not well you know I love him he is that terror NA. Don't want to say again all agents are bad angels certainly Abu diet. The banner the reason why so few emails were in the border transit because the work is aren't isn't because it's challenging it's because they're. Sexual harassment. And the violence that happens I personally was sexually assaulted and raped by a classmate. And I was told I wasn't allowed to go to funeral. The police and if I did all right filed a complaint cannot be fired at the academy in it should be and and I went into the camera just a month. They're cheap pros lets the academy says she. Knows what this is all about and she knows that this is the culture and this is the environment of the Border Patrol. And this is what happens when you continually throw money at an agency and there's your accountability. There is little to no accountability. In Border Patrol. At all. It's a certainly sounds like you're skeptical of any investigation that they claim they are doing right now into the into this episode. I would be surprised and maintenance it's very rare in a Border Patrol gate agent had heard his reprimanded error or fired for any change usually. Whenever. An outside agency seeing media get in trouble we're caliber handgun control or Cher she and then. There's something. His children but. Martyr what work religious extremists can hear what they want management canals that looks the other way has a lot of people unfortunately management. Are the same way and this is something that needs to be yeah I wasn't surprised by FaceBook page. It rings true to what I know the Border Patrol and you know practices we Guinean Border Patrol agents but. It needs to be a lot of cleanup garner of the Border Patrol its. They know who's gonna change. And we do know that those members of congress who are down at the border yesterday said they plan an investigation of their own something they're equally skeptical as you are that the agency itself and clean up from within so we'll see where that goes for gen bod. A former senior patrol officer with the US Border Patrol now and immigration advocate really appreciate your time and perspective Jen thanks for come in and if granted. And there is a glimmer of good news Quinn late yesterday the president signed into law a massive aid package for the border 54 point six billion dollars. Bipartisan deal here here's what is it will this make a difference you think. Well this supplemental spending agreement has been in the works for several weeks now and the term administration actually said they'd have to cut down. On education and recreation resources for kids in detention senators. It's really just a matter how quickly they can get this money. Into the system to Americans. Including all green baby formula hygiene products as we just heard about much needed down there's we do hope we get. That stuff quickly to the border porno and thanks so much for that reporting. Well we're just two days away now from the fourth of July festivities getting under way here in the nation's capital this year though beef from. That in the event is engulfed tuning usual level of politics is generally a pretty bipartisan. A nonpartisan gathering the president of the united states of course inserting himself he plans a speech from the Lincoln Memorial the Republican National Committee today said they are hand you know tickets. To Republicans to sit there the DNC just told us moments ago they didn't get any. And the military is right now trucking in tanks preparing. Fighter jets for fly overs and our Louis Martinez at the Pentagon is trying to track down how much all of this is going to cost. And what's actually gonna happen on Thursday afternoon Louis thanks for coming end. So. Critics are really decrying this as an improper use of the military. What are folks over there at the Pentagon saying about this. Well then what's happening here depending on as if they're following through if you order Z they got the request from the White House the president wanted this type of equipment he want to fly overs. Often in July 4 celebration in he's gonna get them. IE they're getting beat planes from the needy they're going to be planes from the air force even nine aircraft from the marine. Organist and a new version of Marine One which is even actually in service yet. But he's going to be flown by Sikorsky pilots that's the manufacture emirates he Air Force One doing a low altitude flyover over the Lincoln Memorial. But one of the big questions that you raise here is you know is this know of arising and a something an event that is traditionally not involve the military. While it in certain cases in other law the military there's an annual parade every year held along constitution avenue. And yes then that there have been military platoons or participated in marched. High at the head evaporate for the last couple of years. But we've never seen anything like this we have these flyover is above the Lincoln Memorial and that's the thing that's trying questions because one of the things that they're astronaut is how much is is actually going to cost. Com we do have a statement from. That's an ad officials telling us that right now they're trying to determine the actual cost. I'm because they don't know but typically when you have fly overs like this kind let's say or the Super Bowl over major sporting events over and other national events. What rates they even a boy scout jamboree. Of those costs of moving those aircraft from point eight appoint beat. Are are you soared by training costs because it's always in the budget that those military pilots. I'm and that equipment are going to be trained and used for purposes for when they eventually go into. A real life situation. Interest is in the fourth of July could actually be considered a training mission for budgetary purposes how about road quickly. On the tanks a lot of chatter about those huge tanks is a very heavy. They're not meant to be on city streets there being trained in do we know where those are gonna go. Yesterday discussion or hearing right now he's ahead they're trying to locate areas around the Lincoln Memorial to see where. What kind of areas can absorb the weight of a sixty ton ten. For an extended period time so we see these vehicles these tanks that have been moved by rail from Fort Stewart in Georgia. Other going to be moved in ninth during overnight hours to those locations around possibly to Lincoln Memorial. I'm and then we'll we're gonna wake up and see you know war where they're going to be. But I want and we should point out you know the one of the big reasons it's been given as to why there can't be parades with these vehicles are going to be on static display as you're seeing these pictures here. Other going to be there for people to see is that because they care of the roads. Back in 1991 after the gulf war and there was a big parade hundreds of thousands of troops parading along Pennsylvania Avenue. Com as well as tanks some meaning one tank even going over the memorial bridge and Arlington. Well unfortunately the of that day and deadly streets were damaged. By genetics by Ed situation back then in 1991. And that was a lesson learned that's one of the reasons why you're not going to be seeing tanks rolling down the streets. Here in Washington is he on July 4 our economy quite. Spectacle on Thursday Louis Martinez thank you so much not everybody is happy about president trumps salute. To the military on this fourth of July and joined now by Jeremy Butler he's the president. And CEO of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to nonpartisan organization he's joining us. To your face time from Los Angeles Jeremy thank you so much you wrote today in time magazine about some concerns about how the president. Is using the military here in this salute to America tell us about it. Yeah hi thanks for having me on pseudo apologize and clemency from exit corridor Margaret were certain rates but now at red and that is someone of the things that I be focused on is ensuring that our military veterans supported by our government administration. And BA. Department to censor its initials in the substantive way well when we're Gramercy rather than her this sort of military parade is a focus substances are efforts to. Six and support the military and better ways that are in need when he veterans day that who starts we'll get women veterans are receiving the air ports that they need we have a bill would surrender tech recent news reports are talking about and changes in immigration services are going to directly threatens some remarks. Military and veteran members editor and aren't citizens. To result in them being deported this country sort of sort of substantive issues that we are waiting where we legislation that we support. Bipartisan legislation. That we just congress. Aren't and our viewers that you're going to arts are pouring in sending our military this is the best way to. I think mayor. And. And you major views clear directly to the White House at all Jeremy have you had an open channel with them about. Your concerns about this fourth of July display. We maker Beers earners clears and to me interpretations from the ordered them correctly would do that is what we hear poor or your poor organization. Our members our arts and administration. Talk to them the we are more than any harm come to them to share the views not just. Idea stats but 120 art house members we survey every year are members aren't what. Our veterans are easy we would look to share the results of the administration any. Ferrari chairman Butler CEO of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America making an appeal to the White House here on the eve of fourth of July Gerri thanks so much happy fourth of July to you and thanks. Touchy for your service in the service of all of your members appreciate you joining us. I now turning to the race for twice when he we ever political director Rick Klein here political reporter Adam Kelsey and joining us from New York are political reporter Sasha has that she's with us as well guys. A leading to pull out which is kind of exciting this one from quinnipiac giving this kind of this first. Glimpse of the big outs for commonly Harris raucous than the number. Shrek yet that's the big headline news com or harasses faults herself into the top tier contenders as you see in these numbers it's CNN poll is out yesterday as well and I it suggests that tugged as she was the winner of the debate in terms of public perceptions and we're seeing. The numbers begin to support that a balanced kind of drawing the support that we've seen from her. And maybe some softening for the far. I don't know why you are usually surprises for those looking at at the screen here these are the members from quinnipiac basically Biden and Harris are statistically tied. It's the lowest number yet include PX pulling for Biden highest number for Harris I'm sort of stunned by how close that. It's yet in not to get carried away with any one individual poll shows you can you do see a couple of polls that have come out since the debate that you O'Connell Harris definitely had a strong night getting a second look from a lot of folks. I'm not clear that she's taking a wait directly from Joseph Biden but to meet. And Adam win in the spotlight to meet suggests this is a wide open race that this is the front runner that's got some real vulnerabilities. Absolutely I mean what we continue to see in polling and not just over the past week since the debate put the months since Joseph Biden entered this race is that a lot of the folks who say that Joseph Biden is their first choice or at least willing to hear more about. Some of the other candidates everybody seems to know everything about Joseph Biden being vice president for years. Will do that for you but some of these other candidates the ones in the mid tear somebody like Cory Booker come Harris up until this most recent poll even Pete good agency more unknown candidates we're seeing in these polls that. Odd democratic voters those who lean democratic they wanna hear a lot more about them so some of those candidates we've seen keep good agent rise and fall Cory Booker is kind of steadily climbed from one and 2% to three and 4%. I voters willing to hear them out as we go are you. Surprised about how few people watched the first democratic debate at least in the quinnipiac poll 40% of Democrats said they watch it struck me as low. I mean it is very early eighty and we would put that qualifier in their bit these numbers are based on less than. I need a majority of Democrats suffered unify Democrats court the poll is actually Tony Nina yeah them. The ratings were big but to put it in perspective I mean when you talk about even sixteen or eighteen million people. This is a country 390 right you know your to have north of a hundred million votes so people are engaged in different levels right now to see the whole country is there. I this is I think the people are watching hours find the pollsters they're more engagement mussina I think he needs like more likely to vote maybe more likely to vote and also more likely to influence public opinion. Because they are those the people that are that are getting in this in this early but in a lot of campaigns were telling me just last week. That is the first twelve chapters. In terms there. A long way to go and just in the debate season and were already on death watch at least four. One campaign want to bring in now Sasha has neck on this one because she is our reporting on the John Hickenlooper campaign for Sasha you've got some new reporting just coming in now you're learning that his campaign. Urged him to get out of the race just a few weeks weeks ago. Now that's right DeVon major shake up in in the upper campaign we're now learning that six key aides are on their way out or have actually already left that's. Including to communications to after the campaign manager the digital director. As well as the finance the national finance director and the deputy finance director. Hickenlooper campaign still it's not a lot of people on their way out of the campaign. Right on the heels of debate performance that. Sort of he failed to stand out from the very crowded stage as well as. The close of second quarter where campaign fundraising it was during night. I have listened to do everything in the debate spin room and Miami were ahead the first day a bunch of reporters actually mistake John Hickenlooper for member of the press. This is perhaps a sign but why why didn't he take off Adam and why didn't he get traction. Well he's certainly somebody who wasn't a nationally in coming into this and despite the fact that Hickenlooper you think you'd be easy for people to remember even jokes and identities over his name arm but somebody who I think campaigns much better at the local level when you talk to him he always goes back to that first race he ran and to be mayor of Denver a little bit over a decade you know ago and he's really engaged in kind of retail politics going door to door shaking hands he's kind of got I folksy appeal he was known at least out in Colorado for these really kind of creative commercials that used to run. He doesn't have the money like Sasha was saying to start running those commercials to get his name out there are more and unless he can go see him face to face like I was talking out in Iowa New Hampshire. He's not somebody who might connect to moderate. And they won't do that to that point in beating out where the party is right now in terms it is in terms of his politics but. The good of the DNC made a decision to make the recall locations based on getting an upper grassroots donors were 65000 donors the first candidates by the time he sees it becomes round September. A 130000. That means you have to run a national campaign is that when you can't beat. Hundreds or nothing went right checkers or destructive element of money you have to go viral nationally where you have to start campaigning nationally and so. If there's an there's a disadvantage or disincentive to candidates like Hickenlooper gonna try to all around it more retail level. This is what the DNC is trying to do they were trying to force people to start that they expanded national fundraising base early on in and its costs is reporting I think it's telling that they're talking about this relatively paltry number of owners. That they recognize now is almost no chance he may submit. Subpoena just thirteen thousand dollars or some guy that million dollars us senate Russia says as six people are leaving his campaign he did hire a new campaign manager right and what's he saying about the road ahead is he still determined to stay in. Right exactly and as you guys were saying he is far afield of the necessary 130000. Donor mark necessary to hit the September to base he's actually more more or less around thirteen thousand donors right now so it's going to be a really. Uphill battle for him and he he was he appeared on cable network this morning saying. That hit the road ahead for him you know he said it was time we thought it was time to make a change but actually a lot of his staff sort of left of their own accord. Sort of they they were the sources. With who are familiar with the situation told told us that. They really didn't want to watch a slow death march towards the campaign's last ten cents. And it's been to the hard to watch now but he is in it for the bigger better and surfaced. And you'll be narrow fashion has their cry during us from New York thank you so much guys and as we can ahead in Iowa fourth of July always is time for the candidates to show their. Their colors a little bit and you Richie rescinded Biden in Harris will be together in Iowa tomorrow is the first time the faceoff since that habit. Yeah I remember the along the holy cross past I think a lot of reporters let me ask you questions I think this because of that very hard on our guys are last week I think it's going to be a very -- and we'll have some new. Pulling numbers out tomorrow morning 6 am uneasy as Washington Post that fantastic we'll be in the note. You gotta hurry recliner political director Adam tells you political reporter thank you guys for being here thank you for watching us on this Tuesday appearing at holiday weekend Devin Dwyer Washington we'll see right thank you tomorrow. 3:30 eastern time every.

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