Pence Prepared For Debate 'A Little More Traditionally' Than Trump

ABC News' campaign embeds Jessica Hopper and Ines DeLaCuetara talk debate prep with MaryAlice Parks.
7:20 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Pence Prepared For Debate 'A Little More Traditionally' Than Trump
Hi a man's. And we Eric in the night in the final room we are so good we are moment. From that he felt I had a really wrestled the next gen. Our eighteenth feeds. Troopers out there attacking along every single namely these two vice president candidate need to know them better at net and you announced the network that are in number. And so what did he. I meant was imminent on the governor and the I'm the vice president and and that credit in a moment I mean that today. Most entertaining written. Today east. Marla. Hearings actually an airport himself on Sunday. Right in serious harm us and inaccurate. Very little regulatory efforts not his politics. And then they however felt nearby I'm the end of my favorite thing. It's fueled version of the practice. Big black Kama. He then I heard him again. And I'm Harvard law. Barbecue hot atmosphere of arts and barbecue I'm that the guy and he knows that worked out news updates rated. And then they're like have you are a nation that I love I'm. He's not quite dead you know he think that neon kind of rent it worked out this morning flight one earned run it and some of them might. Aaron. And parents and then just now on an average age now and and relax long even. I couldn't normally he moved into the continent fool and I think yeah. Students sharing it lost 1 PM in New Orleans yeah right you mean yeah. And it's back for lack. It yeah. You ask me and her hands yeah. A more formal traditional to the acrimony. Trapped and yeah well. Morning ending an excellent yeah. Assault on hot heads up on the yeah. Her that our former us and it is seeing all. Tomas. I'm it is eaten for the pats and it's early yeah early. Let me read it wrong yeah. But couldn't find this is an area obviously look to meet the needs reading yeah Bobby. We he had yeah. Is there yeah. A team effort on our opinions on lots. Don't know how. I'm I'm completely New York. Last week and CNN's handling aren't formal traditional Ratner yeah mature and when and what about senator. Can't devoted the last few days he looked like some hot debate as well you know. Senate doing a little bit about traditional record it cuts what the Clinton Campaign crossroads dinner and you know he also would do well. Yeah vendors aren't yeah and. And I was really debate materials of study and many my mom like to read. The whole argument room and then won the eight. Yeah same. Attorney Robert Burnett. All of its earnings every an organic anecdotes Ailes and oh yeah. And he actually had. Several Clinton writes yeah. Worked with him and allowing the mine and he was. Britain's. And I also pot. I think you ardent believers feel confident you'll know these things are running for governor and an average cost. You know that are currently one Keene pull he's he's. Sites Mickey is wearing out its problems at the heart listened to own some controversial and. I assume it's. Or about you know and I'm. And when it's it's as you will be I think so you are hearing then. Want to throw the current unsolved style yeah. Exactly teens. Agreements arm. Yeah running mate that uniqueness and I it is and. And lots and yeah passing thing. A record needs to be talked about and who are how hard Egypt it is my. Yeah. Maybe not some you didn't. Yeah. It's inevitable Enron news and yeah. Areas in the first career religion. Here in this. Those aren't as fathers of children in military. East and a medical adding content that both these things can't can't tell you. And you know it's enough money in the beginning when punts for anti bullying him. He talked about a lot I'm not start off and he made him particular yeah. It's not. Italy beat him all the only use and warrant and on to. That's what's interesting and seek we are numerous early this morning at home. Army you know people say. Everest has personal attacks is yeah. Not negative campaigning for any content online album. And in everywhere and staged this being the engines. Never gonna. So we have our ABC in house experts have spent so much time traveling with these two thanks hasn't and it's you know them. Better then anything. And I think it office in depth reporting that these two gentlemen are spending their day so I wouldn't take a second though. With the two of you were missed while granting Guinness sent to them groom started to quiet their partners are starting to like. It settled down in front of their lap dog that got. They're literally just moments away and you really get that sense break here and reporters are excited and I can only imagine it like for the two of them act it. So it walk a little bit back. He can get a sense of of the room and my ticket suck it actually put the camera. And you can see. Okay what he thinks he's standing ready to eat at sea there's a picture from. Neighborhood security camera can change in Haiti just sweet extends well executed ready. All right so we have a little bit of a game face this again in time.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"ABC News' campaign embeds Jessica Hopper and Ines DeLaCuetara talk debate prep with MaryAlice Parks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42572049","title":"Pence Prepared For Debate 'A Little More Traditionally' Than Trump ","url":"/Politics/video/pence-prepared-debate-traditionally-trump-42572049"}