Pennsylvania 3rd-party candidate: No one is entitled to your vote

Libertarian Drew Miller says he may be "the most hated man in America" after receiving more votes than the difference between Conor Lamb and Rick Saccone.
4:52 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Pennsylvania 3rd-party candidate: No one is entitled to your vote
So we are joined now on the phone by a bandit who got more votes than that margin tonight through Miller with the libertarian candidate in this house race. 1351. Cold car. If so mr. Miller thanks for joining us by phone. If you beat too little over and give these votes are what candidate or the other if you can take these thirty that you go to give it to what candidate the other would you do it. Now athlete not the proper method of defense tonight at the the pre part it was liberty movement is real. Think about that. Thirteen hundred people came out like he knew that great to be neck and neck. And they voted for me he voted because they were tired of the plot to fight that has been taking place this country and you want to kick back with Howard you're fact that people. Com and I would not to my vote for me but he likely. To tell us about that doesn't specifically because a lot of people have looked at third party candidates as spoilers that's what you tweet earlier you're gonna Beatles hated dad in America. When people start to look at this tell us the argument for putting your day on the ballot went realistically you know you're not an elected to congress. Well you know people talk about four militant youth but wanted to help people you know do enough for someone to get that but. No candidate is entitled to your fellow opera wants a case number Q if you take a look at that I was the most well I can't be on the ballot. At both of logically and experience that would would branch of government neither of those candy temples of goats. What publicly is that he wanted to approach by methods rusty through a few flute that he tried to suppress. The third party code needed youth that. That's your health needs that your community is a crack he can't recover cracking message I think in the keep them. I'm reverend Ricky cones up both of them. Though. I think the people who might. No came through that message with my effort not to book love you think we're just much higher than the bite country him unpopular with. Use see you at this race is probably get a cut down to a couple. Hundred how would you advise your opponents. Whichever line and Lindsay do you think they sponsor recount. How no they can do whatever they want I think what we think. Republicans. And the Democrats is that your message is not resonating with equally you know the fact it's 5050. Ultimately have a curious Eastman concrete Key Largo log quoting. For can't eat your voting against the canopy. And edited and the nation I think that both these funny people who felt Mir in cute. Change the message to but what but the people want people to not want an authoritarian government in what was it he. The outback and didn't consult the people. Yahoo! club at. And finally Drew Miller third party candidate do you see these votes glowingly it. And yet you got the existing phone calls or text or Twitter messages in the last couple hours I've got to imagine that a lot of people including its leader candidacy for the first five right now. Yes actually I think tomorrow we're on the other few away from the scene the most hated man in America like cranked out. And I don't care actually can't I fully with the plot the path without my methods of putting up their people. Because people looking for eight fiscally conservative and socially liberal can't. I'm with that candidate and I think that that was thought expected what those. Thirteen hundred people need to meet you on the ballot but no firm to remind people that I was six. Ruda from the defeat. But for the media thought he'll begin never really mentioned the fact that how to include both feet. Out media mention being reluctantly number that are up to five for campers you know but I think that that I procurement is keeping. Curb fuel pollution problem. A duplicate election presenting solutions to the problem of repeat bear. Are you ready to declare your candidacy for the for the next round mr. Miller you've got to. New district map that's not coming out as the couple of days for filing. You know what's interesting that people the Frankfort story appropriate but I'll be. From the Tribune review based at that tow the Kennedy through Miller would outside of the key districts many of the fuel ball. Well with him arresting. But it didn't do maps can vote on the land and picks column will be carved out of this you keep mr. I won't be known candy representing it. I think the era in. I haven't decided what a minute you. Which. With which district I'm going to run Albright acting Garrett cute that. This November practically to itself needs to be very interesting. We feet with a carrying can be. With elections general. Drew Miller libertarian candidate here in Pennsylvania to eighteenth congressional district thirteen hundred books and I congratulations on that. And appreciate you you dialing and thanks so much of.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Libertarian Drew Miller says he may be \"the most hated man in America\" after receiving more votes than the difference between Conor Lamb and Rick Saccone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53738888","title":"Pennsylvania 3rd-party candidate: No one is entitled to your vote","url":"/Politics/video/pennsylvania-3rd-party-candidate-entitled-vote-53738888"}