Pennsylvania election officials give update on ballot counting

The Pennsylvania secretary of state provided detailed information on how the ballots are being counted as the race becomes close in the state.
16:35 | 11/05/20

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Transcript for Pennsylvania election officials give update on ballot counting
Thanks for joining me here yet again hammer coming in the home stretch here. That carries had no working incredibly incredibly hard hundreds of thousands of ballots hemming counted so far today. And burn very good shape. But they're still. Still some two counts so they are working incredibly hard and keep canning into the evening. And scam stay tuned. So. Let's see. We have. We've been reaching out living very close intentions all 67 counties making sure that there reporting. On his regular basis is possible. And now all of you everybody. Around the country around the Stater are eagerly awaiting and I can tell you attorneys are to they are really taking their time. Making sure that every single voter in the common las. Has who has cast their ballot is having his back ballots accurately and securely counted. So. You know as you know. We're gonna keep counting and military and overseas ballots I think. Ours coming and those will continue to be accepted through next Tuesday. There are obviously provisional ballots that we'll have see candid as well after the initial round of ballots. And you know I think whatever what ever the outcomes are. I can tell you that I'm so proud to work quest to 67 can easy election officials you're just. Doing an amazing job getting these counted accurately and securely. So I am happy I think with San to take your questions. Yes. My feet marine aircraft. What's gonna pay. He again. Love the country about the late day. So he never asked even talking about for months. Pennsylvanians have more choices and how they've been able to vote this year. And they've ever had in the history of the commonwealth. And no matter how they voted. What's critical here is that we have very strong processes in place that make sure that that voter and that voting integrity. And security. Are constantly. Stuck constantly followed by every county in the states have for example we talked about the degrees yesterday. Voting by mail in Pennsylvania so the process is with that don't though its move and act 77 and that we can although I am now. It's the same process he said we've used for decades for absentee voting so. Voters have to apply their check to can't he do so security database to depend that database. They're check to cancer voter record to make sure they're qualified voter and they are who they say they are. They cast their ballot and then they're checked again when the ballot is received at do you actually add to prove voter. Very secured debt may yet there's there's really like the strength of the integrity of this vote. Is really unparalleled Seaman you've done in person right you have to be registered Yugo and he Scion of Colebrook. All of these things are tracked Aaron voting systems and our database is. Make sure that no voter can cast more than one vote it literally has a hard stop Sid anybody even try. And the counties again as I've talked about the amazing county election a fish does. The eight take this so seriously they are such professionals. So eat out that if I can just say really no matter how you chose to vote this year and so many pennsylvanians have and it looks like it's really going to be great turnout. When we finalize the numbers. That every method is incredibly safe and secure. Yes. Yes but secretary. As you said. If I understand it correctly that it results may be coming in tonight the people that would to him along. Who the winner of the presidential races what's your basis for thinking that he put a finer point on how wrong what makes you say that. So the counties and the counties are continuing to cannot SL obviously depending on how close the races. That impacts witty you. Mocked so do you know. Does the final results are not certified until twenty days after election writes I might be clear there's no final results happening now anyway. What's happening now is having enough ballots counted to actually see who the winner is right farther apart that is. The easier it is to tell. So it's very close in Pennsylvania break there's no question and so that means it's gonna take longer to actually see who the winner is. But I can tell you that. That that there is. Several 100000 ballots remaining to be counted you can track all that what counties it remains and look at our web site. And he'll be allowed to see. How how we get to the conclusion but you know either way I want to be clear. That these are chest Simeon an absentee votes and EM person straight overwhelming mr. liked. I think you know the huge huge majority of the in person votes have been counted. We're in a very good place with an and I an absentee ballots but not quite there yet. But then there's suddenly provisional ballots to military and overseas ballots and so of course are closer the racing's. The longer it takes but I think what I've said all along. Is that the overwhelming majority of ballots will be counted by Friday. I still think that work ahead of schedule are in good Craxi already have counted the overwhelming majority of ballots but because it's a close race. It's not quite clear yet who the winner is so yes. You mentioned provisional ballots a couple of times. How many of those have been cast statewide. And how many have been counted and reported. So very he'd have been candid and because today. That usually happens following that can't counting of the other ballots you know usually said that you won't see caddies are not gonna start that until after they finished with the others generally. So so we don't know yet we've been reaching after the catch NL and that Karen British you're somebody else who asked me boast about additional ballot members and and members of ballots arriving after Election Day after you cannot connect. So provisional ballots you know I think we've heard from. You know maybe two shares at a candy so I don't have a firm number yet missing is we do will be able to report those numbers. You your best. The provisional ballots I think it's still early yet such let's touch base again after I have more then that number that I have so far yes. Yeah it it doesn't it's you know the context the context matters right so I tell you a number that. Rest reflects 41 counties it's not it's it's could not it could be not reflective of the hole because it matters which counties they are so. We will circle back with you. Yes. The youths are. I don't know that you stand by the integrity of feelings so far have you or any of the county's gets investigated any. Specific allegations of voter fraud. Now now I mean I'm not aware of any ME well I should say you've probably heard. Some weeks ago that do is say gentlemen in Lucerne canny who tried to apply for ballot for his deceased mother. I don't know if you heard that but that that was that was several weeks ago. That was the only incident that I am aware ads in this. In this year. Yes yes sir. I that you said a minute ago that you guys counted the vast majority. In person Election Day votes. Can you give us a more specific sense of how many of those are outstanding it's a few words of the remaining male and that is. You if you go to our web say and then supplement all of dashboard. If you look at like the pie chart it's a tiny sliver right it it may be eight and 99% or candidate is so it just but I. Whether it's 99 or ninety queen size. Go to that dashboard and we'll tell you. Or beyond the balance. Now I mean there's a tiny fraction of precincts in aren't counted yet yet it's it's a very very small number. Yet. The other thing. Thank you have all night aggregate. After that. Light said that. The ballots that had been counted so far. Are the ones they came in. By November's shared. So at all academies are going to be segregating any respect came in after 8 PM on M every third through 5 PM on November 6. Yes. Yes him. Very seven precincts in Allegheny County that are reporting anything yet that includes. Election Day in person now you know what's going on there. Her now I don't but I'm happy to check with him afterwards. State and eat and hang I know what's going on some of the other things I don't know what's going on the seventh precinct so thank you we will reach out to them. Yes. You know I'll make him out of the both are right there. Do we know how many on route. No. You Nike tell you that. The numbers I have come in so far are a tiny fraction of what came in after the primary. So I don't I don't think beat and usually mean based on historical numbers. You get the most ballots you know the day after Election Day and then into bundles from there. So I think it I don't expected to be significant amount. Not yet. We will know that because eaten that that we will deny that you know at at at once the counties use that those plant has obviously does voter declarations had to be signed. And I think they'll also below the track. Sad the provisional ballot voters there like that didn't surrender their ballots but that we'll take some time. Thank you. S. Have you and you step taken any state special safety precautions. And should be county workers are doing the count counting be concerned about their safety given strong field. So by safety. No they sure he's really have that are in the best position to assess sediment as you might imagine you know where. If agree coming off very debt lot of diversity Fram you know very rural. County stick Irving canny so. It's really not a one size fits all assessment. We certainly talk to the county is an issue guidance in directives and security. Now developing says stems and a locations and you know all those things. But I think the physical security of the staff I would defer to choose that counties on. Your. I mean we have security we make sure that we are safe and we make sure that where where we are where operations are secure and safe. Yes thank you yes can't. The premiere here about. You write in ballot could happen. And it's idea how many there are faced faced new questions again and you didn't tell CNN. And then we're competing rally from down 200. Feed. Yes I mean again it's it's it's actually it's it's a lower now it's significantly lower number than me side but I think we've we've heard from. I apologize I forget exactly how many carries I was not a full picture yet. But it's a much less less significant number it's like a fraction of what we signed in the primary said in Greece. 60000. In this treaties signed a primary. It's not going to be anywhere near that. So. Once I have the fall again I think I have may be you know two thirds of a canny sense and I just want to make sure beef for a gives. What I said was was true it's been their son Kenny said had zero the day signed and there are some candies that got in the hundreds. You know maybe 500 but. So that's the range that I have now but I just don't wanna give an overall picture anti make sure I have every canyon. Thanks but it it it really is fine yes. Effective double back and child uncounted mail to I think you save your opening remarks that there were several 100000. Outstanding. And we've heard him give varying numbers can you put a finer point on that at all what would. So coated go to the web site and go to the dash story it's constantly changing and so it just seems like. As soon as I given number Derek can do you results to get updated and it's different than what I dissent it's emanating tied with the last as a viewer where. Am I think it was in the 300000 witness CNN 50000 changed but again. As soon as I say that you're gonna go and a dash for it and it's gonna say it's lower than that so. All the yes and thank you for indulgent yes sir yes conduct. So on election night results in Lancaster County were showing. The amount requested it and nearly double the amount explain why it. Can answer I can you repeat that again get Lancaster County on election night specifically. It was showing results for mail in ballots that was well above Vietnam return and yet not let him explain how. Or to. You know I can't remember Lancaster County specifically what I can tell you is that some of the counties the wake. So and Lancaster I'm thinking it Cali had to do so their one and I think the two counties and had heart have hard fanning says stems. Found some of that each voting system vendor has the way they translate with the am and even a web site it's the first year that we broke out. Provisional ballots mail in ballots and in person so. Some of reporting. If the county's files. Were not done perfectly. It might merge to the categories and might put things in the Ron category so we've been working on all those perks. Like and now for example York was off for furlough wild but that is now corrected so that may if explain what was going on Lancaster. Hammered the ages in its most of it is and the county the way they sent testify Alice the deed it was just not in the right place basically have. North and only taking heroin user. There will be. Well it's fixed I mean it's six on the web site and you can also search. I think I've said this in prior. Pryor's Aziz but you can always been counting web sites you didn't look and see you know it's it's easy way to head double check. Yes Dennis. Secretaries have some tweets have surfaced that Italy from a couple of years ago your tweets suggesting negative things about Ronald rob what do you say to people would say. You hear the person overseeing this election that you have clearly partisan views on the on the matter what what's your response that. So my response is look these were four years ago. And at the time I was not an amen castration I was not in any public service are as a private citizen who has a personal Twitter account. Foundered and you know it is so. Said that and then my night she became secretary of state I tip you know Stennis and I second dose. To descend and and protect the constitution of the count the Pennsylvania in the class is in the United States. And partisan politics has no place in the pens Maine Department of State support any county elections office for that matter. May we work for voting rights and for a fact of election administration. And I can tell you that I will do everything in my power. To make sure that every voter every candidate and every party. Have access to a fair free safe and secure election and I don't care what their back and it is now here at my back and his. That's a we do at the Department of State. Thank you.

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{"duration":"16:35","description":"The Pennsylvania secretary of state provided detailed information on how the ballots are being counted as the race becomes close in the state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74048293","title":"Pennsylvania election officials give update on ballot counting ","url":"/Politics/video/pennsylvania-election-officials-give-update-ballot-counting-74048293"}