Pennsylvania official: Expect ‘couple of days’ for election results

Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar discussed how the state is preparing for in-person Election Day voting and an anticipated surge in mail-in ballots.
6:20 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for Pennsylvania official: Expect ‘couple of days’ for election results
And with just 49 days now until Election Day with what take a closer look at how states are preparing for what promises to be an election season unlike any other. Including an influx of mail in ballots so let's begin now. We camped bookmark the secretary of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania who leads the State's voting efforts thank you sound so much for joining us Kathy. Yeah. Still a sense of the numbers that you're seeing on absentee ballot were requests compared to 2016. And of course it's now mid September in Pennsylvania still has yet to finalize its ballad so this state prepared to handle that increased demand for mail ballots in time for the election. Yes absolutely sit we've already received. Just under one point that I can million. Applications for handling absentee ballots. I and district context. Out. 300000. Her snow voters didn't IL rated at seventeen to sixteen primary. So it's quite an increase let her in primary money honey. We are ready and had almost five million voters though I now saddled. It didn't counties have been working around the clock to make sure that they have twenty need to me sources please equipment stat in sports she and they will get it done. And the Pennsylvania NAACP. Sued the commonwealth this summer to ensure adequate polling locations and procedures are available November. Saying the consolidation of polling locations during the primaries disproportionately impacted minority communities. So will there be fewer polling sites in November and can a state insure low income and minority areas will not be disadvantaged. NASA and that case was actually trying to last week by. But I'm happy to say that don't want that covers the chance to marry. Only applied to Jim seconds that we had at 122020. Cast in March change. 98 when he June 2 and it also allowed our base consolidation is so only soared that day it expired that day we weren't in the middle of the surge of the pandemic. Now we go back to the normal center. Every canny is planning on having normal workload and Arnold numbers calling plays his. Voters can expect that this conference is will be in your communities as they always are every year. Now the county commissioners association of Pennsylvania told ABC news last week that some caddies are struggling to find enough poll workers due to the pandemic. Especially is traditionally older poll workers opt out this year so what's being done to recruit more poll workers and to make plans to get to keep everyone safe who does decide to vote in person. So many things and I try in I'd stab at elections as a poll workers and particularly each. Drunkenness. As this is you never feel like you're part of democracy you do when you're helping him every American ex exercise their rights event. So we have been out there working wit. Business is to get there they're pleased today on an urgent to coworkers. And exciting Matt partnerships this year as and a clean elections should sound we had the Pittsburgh Penguins British Hearst National Hockey League team in the Asia and to declare that they would be collaborating my message they're giving their all their staff could not been urging him to be co workers. We just had to Philadelphia 76 years announced where were several other major sports teens should. Many businesses are encouraging they're they're there stats to be poll workers and we have a site at add those PA dot com where we'd been recruiting poll workers to sign out and we just in the last couple months. Tens of thousands of new volunteers shine asks to extend very encouraging each. But intervening forty to forty ax out and coworkers every year so please go to. As you are well aware sure Pennsylvania could very well decide the election so how would you expect it could take for final results to be known. Is there in particular Vick can't be counted until Election Day should voters expect more of an election week instead of an election night. You know an election a couple of days. You know the cameras are working really hard like I said to make sure that if staff and please. And equipment and placed. Pat says he's increased. To count quickly however we know that every voter but most importantly want the votes counted accurately. And on top that counted accurately quickly as possible so. The single most important factor we're very much hoping happens in store state legislature. To allow counties to start treaty and his balance we need for Election Day and we are having children and split the legislature store her pirates. To have 21 days giving counties either Haiti get this done quicker. Still fire that has not come to fruition but there's still timer in this week the legislature T action and passes makes is happy and recognizes this is that's just three. So Kathy with Election Day as we said lesson two months away is there anything in particular they keeps you up at night as you prepare for the election. So yeah misinformation and disinformation. Is one of that its challenges that we have this election officials. At and is voters as candidates and as a nation and you know Twitter and face and social media all kinds Indonesian to eat it. We treat. So we don't accumulate her the national association secretary Steven. Sure any. They asked that the federal voting assistance and damage to make sure voters now. Check your information and good Gretzky dot com or call your county election this collar toll free number. And hundreds PA should make sure the information you're getting. Here is correct. Are believed that robo call so we're really hoping that you Indian media. You all can help us do that is well pretty sure that voters are going to trust and sure we're says election nation. Before they click. Kathy book mar secretary of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania thanks so much for joining us tonight. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar discussed how the state is preparing for in-person Election Day voting and an anticipated surge in mail-in ballots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73035560","title":"Pennsylvania official: Expect ‘couple of days’ for election results","url":"/Politics/video/pennsylvania-official-expect-couple-days-election-results-73035560"}